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  1. Ever thought about a career as a diplomat or health care professional, Airhauler? ^_^ I was just going to order, now that most of America is going to bed, but I may hold off a little longer while they sort things out. JF are one of the best for service, they've probably been at it constantly and it is Sunday now. I do know the feeling, but I'm sure you'll get sorted out very soon Per. Ian
  2. Where's 'Ctrl E' when you need it, eh? B) Can't wait to try this bird for myself. Just waiting for the rush to die down.. In the meantime I'm scribbling down the tips being posted here!
  3. I really like the aircraft. I had a lot of fun with the old PSS one in FS2002. And that FDE info is really intriguing. And it's NOT another Boeing. BUT can I cope with trying to learn yet another aircraft properly? Especially as I'm holding out for the FSLabs A320? It's a difficult decision. And I thought the nurses had it tough... Ian For a training tool suitable for real pilots? Seems like the deal of the century to me...
  4. Visiting a flight deck isn't inherently dangerous? Of course it bloody is. That's why 911 happened. They got on the flight deck. That terrible event taught the world that sadly the flight crew were vulnerable. It shouldn't be up to the captain to decide. He can't assess the mental state or secret agenda of a complete stranger who just fancies a look see. Learn the lesson that was so expensively taught.
  5. Maybe because admitting it in public marks you out as a sad, delusional misfit with a tenuous grip on reality? B) In flight, I don't want anyone on the flight deck who shouldn't be there.
  6. I'm quite alarmed about this. I've not flown for ages. My last trip was about 7 years ago on a BA A320 to Rome and after we'd landed I asked if I could see the cockpit with my lad and that was fine (except for the camera batteries choosing that precise moment to give up the ghost!) But I'm not so sure I would want anyone being given access to the flight deck during the actual flight. Especially if he claimed to be the CEO of a virtual airline!! I thought it was a blanket ban, and I didn't know policy in Europe varied between airlines. I'm happy for that cockpit door to be firmly locked, and I'll be sure to choose BA and avoid Thomas Cook in the future. Ian
  7. Happy Birthday indeed. I wasn't there at the birth, but I do remember you in short trousers. Why don't we all make a donation this Sunday - just a little contribution - and then AVSIM can buy themselves something they really want! Call it MAD (Make A Donation) SUNDAY.... B) Ian
  8. You've failed at least three of the Resiliency Practical Applications right there! Collect your coat on the way out... ^_^ Seriously, if everyone had our (very understandable) attitude, humanity would never have achieved anything. Fortunately there have always been a handful of truly talented, inspiring and incredibly courageous individuals prepared to risk life, limb and sanity in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and understanding. One or more of them will be standing on Mars one day. Ian
  9. Of course it's a game! A computer game that lets you pretend you're flying a plane. If it was more than that, the airlines wouldn't need to train anyone to fly the 737NG. They'd just put a recruitment announcement on AVSIM. I'd agree though, if you want a 737 you may as well get the PMDG or iFly.
  10. Quick question - do you pronounce it 'Megs' or 'Meegs'? I've never heard it spoken... Ian
  11. I can't be bothered anymore with any tweaking. I remember when I gave up trying to spot real or imaginary imperfections and chasing a few fps. I just use the sliders in fsx and turn them down until it works. I can run most things ok and it looks ok. If not, I don't care. Try it. It's very liberating. :-)
  12. It's a funny old expression isn't it? Bless the RAF...
  13. Well I've been simming since before Pontius was a Pilot, and I've also ditched the Aerosoft bus. Fair play to them. It's ok and looks very nice, but it's a bit too buggy for my taste. I would have thought the heat is off FSL a bit now, as they don't really have any opposition left. I'm only hoping it'll run ok on my system, which is long overdue for replacement. But if not, this may be the perfect excuse for an upgrade. Ian
  14. But he makes the point that Chicago "has nothing around it for 300 miles (482km)." I know other big cities will have busy airspaces, but I was wondering if there is anywhere comparable to London, where you have FIVE airports in close proximity. I'm assuming that London is unique in that respect.
  15. Thought this was interesting: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21195765 With Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and City it's obviously a very crowded airspace. Are there any comparable ATC areas elsewhere in the world, or does the London area take top prize? Ian
  16. Good video. Absolutely awful racket in the background..
  17. That's very close to where I work. I'm very familiar with that road, and it's often packed. Tragic though it is that anyone died, it is a miracle more people weren't killed or injured.
  18. Thanks. I've just discovered this forthcoming avionics upgrade: http://metal2mesh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=39 Looks interesting...
  19. I love this aircraft, and it's about all I fly at the moment, but I'm having a small problem that someone may know the answer to. How do you change from BARO to RADAR as the altitude source? It's the only bit of the AP menu on the UFC that doesn't seem to work. And without it the aircraft can't follow the terrain properly on autopilot. Is it a known bug? Maybe it's not even modelled, although the manual does mention it, albeit not very clearly. Also, is there an alternative support forum somewhere? The IRIS forums are unavailable. Thanks Ian
  20. I'm curious. I love GEX USA but avoided Europe because the textures looked so pale and washed out, expecially with regards to northern European landscapes which are much darker. I just looked at the GEX website and things don't look that different. Maybe they haven't updated their gallery images? Edit: sorry, this doesn't really belong in a ORBX thread but I wouldn't mind knowing where to find some up-to-date screenshots Ian
  21. Last time I crashed I denied myself sex for a month. The wife didn't notice, but the girlfriend was so cross she dumped me... But that's FSX for you. Ian
  22. Well it's already high enough for me. I was trying to land the IRIS F-15E last night after downloading the update, and I was all over the place.. :lol: Congratulations, though. Accu-Feel is on my very short list of essential FSX addons. Ian
  23. It's not quite the aircraft you're interested in, but now that I've worked out how to follow a flightplan and use the AP correctly I've started to do medium and long hauls in the IRIS F-15E Mudhen Driver. I use the long range tanks and there's an option for refuelling in the air anyway, so I just pretend I met a tanker en route. It's amazing how quickly you can get around in one of those when you don't have to worry about fuel. ^_^ In fact that aircraft is also my short haul and scenic VFR plane of choice too. It's superb. :wub: I recommend trying it. Ian
  24. Good God, what are you riding?? :ph34r: Ian
  25. I use Opus with Flight Environment X textures, which I feel give a more restrained and realistic look. Opus is - for once - a product that deserves the hype.
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