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  1. Mike I don't like GA aircraft very much in the sim because I've flown them for real and it all just seems very flat by comparison. I much prefer airliners, and the more automation the better. Why? Because to me it seems that reality and simulation come that little bit closer. Of course, you've just as much of a gulf between hand flying a real airliner and a sim one, but the fact that in many cases the real things are flown fully automatic from climbout to landing by basically pressing a variety of buttons in the right order means that you can at least simulate that particular aspect with some degree of realism. I don't sim that much these days anyway, but I do still like the fact that I can load a well designed and very accurate simulated aircraft (lately the NGX) and take a plane load of virtual passengers to a foreign destination using more or less the same procedures that a real flight crew would use. I usually fly from the UK to European destinations. My favourite bases are London City, Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton and Edinburgh. Destinations might be Lisbon, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Oslo amongst others - places where I've got some decent scenery as default airports are a definite no-no! Like Rafal though, I much prefer the Airbus and I'm hoping to use either the Aerosoft or FSL product pretty much exclusively once they arrive. Naturally, that doesn't appeal to everyone, but that's where I find myself right now! All the best Ian
  2. I'm pretty underwhelmed by the news, to be honest. Like others, I've never needed MS support for anything. And we've known that FSX is the last of an illustrious line. But I'm sure this will be the cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth, for a week or two at least.
  3. Here's my card. There's someone I think you should talk to.... Nah, love it really. We're all bonkers... My usual flight time till boredom sets in is probably less than an hour. Ian
  4. In the interests of fairness you can find horror stories about every airline. Just Google 'Aer Lingus' and 'complaints' for example.... That said, I wouldn't fly Ryanair either. Ian
  5. Oh I don't know. As long as you've got at least one flightsimmer among the passengers with PMDG NGX experience... B)
  6. That's most of the world, isn't it? B) I've been exploring the fjords of Norway from places like Trondheim-Vaernes and Bodo - now that's a part of the world that would respond well to Orbx treatment! Another favourite is island hopping in the Atlantic between places like the Canaries, Cape Verde, Azores and Ascension. And since I've got FS Global Ultimate I also like flying from Quito in Ecuador south to explore the volcanoes of the Andes. Ian
  7. Well, I'd like to propose a toast to the good old C172. :Party: For some reason I still like flying it...
  8. Yes I have, and excellent it is too. It's not exactly light on frames but it was almost unflyable until I followed some forum advice and de-activated the Aerosoft EGLC, which is included in the package, and was bringing the frames right down. Thereafter it was much better. So I think VFR London with UK2000 EGLC is the best option. I have to say too that UK2000 London City gives you quite a few of the neighbouring docklands buildings in Canary Wharf, including One Canada Square (the really big one!), so even without VFR London installed you get some excellent realism on approach or climb-out. Ian
  9. Zach I'd also strongly recommend the UK2000 EGLC. I have used both and I found the Aerosoft one is a lot worse on frames. Gary's looks much better too. Ian
  10. I'm getting Oslo, as I'm keen to extend my flights into Scandinavia. Maybe Stockholm too.
  11. Just remember that his footprints will remain on the moon for millennia - long after all earthly trace of us has gone....
  12. They come in over my head to EGLC all the time. I'm definitely getting this one, but annoyingly I have to wait till payday because I spent all this month's pocket money on wine and women..
  13. Hmmm, I think Aerosoft may have already taken a bit of a dent in its reputation over their original Airbus because a lot of people had major problems with it. I mothballed mine because the FDE, derived from the FS default I believe, was terribly flawed. There were also throttle problems and CTDs. Some people reported smooth operation, but I have to say I don't remember an Aerosoft product being quite so controversial. I don't blame them for the decision to limit its FMGS functions to the very basic, because they never made any claims that it was realistic in that regard. But it was so frustrating to have such a good looking aircraft behave so badly in so many ways. I really hope the Extended 'Bus finally delivers a reliable product that hand flies properly AND enables us to navigate realistically - laterally and vertically! The new FBW is supposed to be a major improvement, so I can't wait to try that. So, good luck to Aerosoft. It will be great to finally have a reasonably 'state of the art' Airbus, and hopefully it will fit nicely alongside the forthcoming FSLabs bird, which as we all expect will offer something much more comprehensive systems wise. I shall definitely get both as the Airbus famine has gone on too long, and it will be nice to celebrate. B) Ian
  14. Don't worry mate. He may be less abrasive after he's had a good night's sleep...
  15. Oh, you're right Ryan. But of course it's the visceral, scary experience of real flight that can't be captured by a computer simulation. At least not an amateur desktop one. I had a go in a Level-D 747-200 at LHR, including a night landing at KSFO, and that WAS an incredible experience, because the illusion of flight was almost complete - something I personally can't hope to feel sitting at a desk in a bedroom. Like Sean, my real GA flying made FS seem very, very tame. Maybe that's why I tend to stick to airliner sims these days. The more 'computerised' the plane, the better! And for what it's worth I never finished my PPL either as I just couldn't afford to continue - not at £160 an hour. I get my kicks on the bike these days... Ian
  16. Yes, it's hilarious at times. And with a real world A330/320 skipper present, I reckon it's best to rid oneself promptly of any such delusions... :lol:
  17. Try this one too: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html Ian
  18. Yes, but there's no comparison. Sadly.....
  19. Bit of a (Air)busman's holiday for you, I would have thought...... ^_^ Ian
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