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  1. Andrew Fantastic! Is the A340 also being considered, by any chance..?
  2. Good release date - most people will have just been paid...
  3. Yes, it's brilliant news. I can't begin to conceive of the effort involved. Almost as big an achievement as a bloke running 100m in 9.63 seconds..... B)
  4. Nope, hadn't noticed.... :-) But now you've told me, all the very best for a rapid recovery!
  5. oldbear

    Drone Pilots

    'Tis the future... But if a drone pilot was incapicitated, could you land his drone? :lol:
  6. I'm really quite tempted because London City airport is dear to my heart, and I've got a bit of a soft spot for CLS planes. I'm not sure I can afford to get both this and the QW product though, so speaking as a shameful tight wad I may have to wait for those more flush to buy it and report back! :-)
  7. Bill As you can see, my system is pretty unspectacular yet I can run the NGX fairly well. I use Active Sky 2012 with Flight Environment graphics, Ultimate Terrain X Europe, FS Global Ultimate and MyTraffic Lite. I tend to fly from larger airports, some with payware scenery - mostly UK2000 British airports and a few Aerosoft European hubs (but not Schipol, which is very hard on frames!). Crucially, I have a set of saved display settings in FSX just for running this particular aircraft - no autogen (but very dense scenery complexity so the airports look good), no cars or ships, airliner only traffic at 20 - 50% and water effects Mid 1.x. I also have an unlimited target frame rate. With this, I get about 16 to 18 fps in the cockpit, and at least double that outside. The UK2000 airports are best for frames, and with these you can also remove AI traffic completely and just use the static aircraft supplied as part of the scenery. These don't actually look too bad when you're concentrating on flying you're own aircraft. I think if you're prepared to ditch autogen and AI traffic, and tinker with the other settings, you can get a very smooth experience flying the NGX. It's basically all I fly these days... Hope that helps you a bit. Ian
  8. Three things which have been improved immeasurably thanks to third party developers, of course... Ian
  9. Good post Scott. For all its faults, FSX seems destined to be the great survivor - and also a land of opportunity - for the reasons you state. I'm not worried at all... Ian
  10. Nearest I can get is PMDG 737, UK2000 Heathrow, MyTraffic 100%, Active Sky 2012: 6 fps Smooth as silk.... :lol: Ian
  11. For me it's simply not a problem. There seems to be a constant supply of new, quality products to distract and entice me these days. I've no idea how long anything I'm particularly interested in has been in gestation. In fact, I find it best not to follow a product's development too closely. For example, I'm not really bothered how long there is to go before the FSL Airbus comes out, but I know I'll buy it when it does, and when that day happens it'll be a very pleasant surprise.. There's too much going on elsewhere for me to worry about how long a flightsim product takes to see the light of day.
  12. Yes, it does look good. But at the end of the day, you're still looking at that little computer screen in your spare room. The last few seconds of the video really brought that home!
  13. I got the Vulcan and F-14 very cheap in a sale a year or so ago. To say I was underwhelmed is an understatement. But to each his own... I don't have that many payware aircraft as I can't afford to buy them just to try them out, no matter how many plaudits they get. And I know I'm more likely to get bored more quickly with GA or military types. I've recently re-installed FSX and am keeping things very simple, which means my list goes: PMDG 737 - obviously... Flight1 BN-2 Islander - for some reason the most immersive aircraft I've flown. Waiting for: FSL Airbus A320 and PMDG 777 Ian
  14. The A380 is a superb spectacle. Not pretty, but jaw-dropping close-up. Especially if it's 500 feet above your head.... :shok: It's taken over from Concorde as the plane I have to stop and watch, no matter what I'm doing. Ian
  15. Yes, but last bank holiday it was wall-to-wall sunshine. And technically we're in drought conditions in much of the country. The trend has been very dry and we actually need much MORE rain. Still, moaning about the weather is a good old British obsession, and we ain't going to let the facts get in the way..... :Just Kidding: Ian
  16. Yes. I must say I really like the new front page. And you got all the flags there too! Well, quite a few of them.. That, and the bargain hunters forum is back. :hi: to the head shed at AVSIM! Ian
  17. Yes, bring it back please.The bargain forum was always my first port of call at AVSIM.
  18. Well if you don't, you're either an utter cheapskate or you're not doing it right... :(
  19. I wouldn't worry. Nail this thing and it'll sell like hot cakes. Two or four engines..Thank you!Ian
  20. Of course you won't get a discount. The old one came out yonks ago. And they did give it out free in the Antarctica scenery, which I thought was nice.I'm hoping the new one will be as good as the Flight1 Islander. I'm looking forward to some beach landings at EGPR on Barra...
  21. I have to say DREAMFLEET.I was running FS2002 out of the box. I was enjoying it, but it all seemed a bit basic. And then in PC World I spotted a boxed edition of the Dreamfleet 737-400, complete with a proper manual and VHS of a real flight from London Stansted to Lisbon.I remember being totally overwhelmed by the aircraft's systems and how airliners were actually flown in real life.I read the tutorial in the manual - written by a real FO - and followed the video procedures as much as possible. Gradually I got the hang of it, and started to really enjoy the complexities of 'real' airliner ops.This purchase led me to AVSIM and Dreamfleet's own forums, and I was amazed at how many real pilots were there, the amount of freeware available, and what a 'big thing' flight simulation was.And as the old cliche goes, I haven't looked back since....Ian
  22. Me too. The NGX is all I fly at the moment, especially the 600 which if I keep it light is even my preferred mount for a bit of VFR exploring!But I'm looking forward to a true long distance bird of a similar standard. Roll on...Ian
  23. Good to see you back Al. I was missing my 'Chock-ipedia' articles.... B)Let's hope this time next year you're doing a 'You wait ten years for a bus then ???? come along at once..' type piece celebrating the end of the great A320 dust bowl drought. Ian
  24. If you search this forum using the terms "recommended addons" and "recommended payware" you'll get a host of useful suggestions. Just a bit of effort involved....
  25. I'll answer your question.Go for the BN-2 Islander. It's brilliant. And you get a 30 day refund option if you're not delighted...Ian
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