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  1. 145 kts?You must be talking about the turbine version, Howard...It feels like mine does 45 kts on a good day. :Just Kidding:Ian
  2. Hello and welcomeI'd certainly recommend UTX Europe, but I wouldn't bother with GEX Europe. It bears little resemblance to the real landscape, at least not in northern areas anyway.Might be worth having a look at some screenshots, but in my opinion you're better off with the default or some photoscenery.Ian
  3. IS the market for FSX addons dwindling? Anecdotally, I get the impression it's quite bouyant. Do the figures tell a different story?Ian
  4. Brilliant idea!Is there a recommended upper word limit? Ian
  5. I think a lot of people are of that opinion. I'm not impressed with Flight myself, but can see that it may well serve an important purpose long term if it does increase awareness of other products. After all, I'd never heard of X Plane before I got into MSFS, nor several other flight platforms.Mathijs Kok at Aerosoft has made some interesting points in this regard in this thread on his forum:http://forum.aerosof...s-flight-topic/Ian
  6. I don't like the flying car thing either. But don't forget MS swapped the Cessna for the microlight as the default aircraft in FSX. Maybe the Icon is the natural development of this philosophy - let people take their very first steps in the least 'aeroplane-like' aircraft, and they'll be more happy to try a more conventional set of wings later?Ian
  7. Yes, I have to say I was expecting much better graphics. It's a lot less polished than I thought it would be.So thanks MS for the opportunity to try it, but it's not for me. No way near..To be honest, it makes me appreciate FSX all the more.Ian
  8. Check out what Aerosoft is currently up to:http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/47118-yekaterinburg-x-preview/Ian
  9. Aerosoft Airbus X ExtendedFSL Airbus A320MS FLIGHT Extended Redux The Serious Flightsimmer's CutIan
  10. I'm with you mate.I think recording time spent online is a meaningless waste of time. As you say, it just encourages a few individuals to have their 'fun', although I expect they'll tire of it eventually. Maybe Tom's banking on something more useful coming from it, but as it stands even the scrapping in the Flight forum was less futile and depressing than this.Anyway, 'congratulations' to Ben or whoever it is who's top of the league table at present... :Loser:Ian
  11. Did it. Love it!And..er..I ended up at about 30,000, still with the door open.... This is getting ridiculous! :LMAO:Ian
  12. Just spent an enjoyable half hour banging the default C172 up and down on paved runways and grass strips, just to hear the squeaks and rattles! And anybody else been flying it with the door open?Nice one A2A!Ian
  13. Aargh, no!It's too close to 'I get nervous on the Scarebus'! :Nail Biting:I've got it. How about:"Whatever the aircraft, as long as it's been well maintained and there are two or more highly professional and very well trained pilots up front - preferably including Capt Sully - then I'm going"It just rolls off the tongue, wouldn't you say? ^_^Ian
  14. Well help me out here. I'm trying to think of an Airbus one..'If it ain't Airbus I'll go by..er..bus'Doesn't work does it? :Party:Ian
  15. Don't worry Rafal. The tediously unoriginal 'If it ain't Boeing...' remark will always appear at least once in any thread about Airbus. It's a traditional and cherished part of the AVSIM forum world. :rolleyes:Do you think anyone has actually put it into practise? "Excuse me, but can I get off please. I've just realised I'm on an aeroplane made by Airbus Industrie.." Anyway, great post. Happy birthday indeed. I love the A320 (but my fave is the utterly beautiful stretched A340...)Ian
  16. Aren't you LESS likely to get discounts from developers on Feb 29, if they see everyone working themselves up into some sort of collective spending frenzy?Ian
  17. I'm actually complimenting Tom on his decision. About bloody time...The Flight strife was boring me to death. I'd love to have my finger on the AVSIM 'nuke button' occasionally.... :LMAO: Ian
  18. Well, all I can say is thank you Tom! Actually, while you're in Stalinist Purge mode, can I suggest a couple of other AVSIM forums suitable for wiping out? No? Oh well, never mind.... ^_^Ian
  19. Hey, that sounds very interesting Benjamin. Will you tip us the wink when it's out, please? I don't frequent the other forums much.ThanksIan
  20. I'm just SO BORED with 'Flight Club'...I did what you said and had a look, and it makes my brain ache wading through even a fraction of it.Good or bad, I'm sick of Flight already and it hasn't even appeared... Can you imagine how much worse it's going to get? There, that's my pointless grumpy post on the subject. :Phbbbt:All the best. :Kiss:Ian
  21. No it didn't. US Navy F6Fs did.As others have said..
  22. You're absolutely right Ron. The programme does serve as a reminder, which has to be good.But I think that if you're going to bother to produce a programme on Bomber Command's war, at great expense, why not attempt to provide a bit more substance, so that people are educated and informed as well as entertained? Why not make it a little more comprehensive, wide-ranging and accurate?For example, I'd have explained when and why Bomber Command switched to night bombing. I'd have had a bit of background on how important navigation and blind bombing aids like Oboe and H2S were. I'd have actually mentioned 'Window' in the piece about Hamburg etc etc. Like I say - just a wee bit more relevant information. But I suppose this would have cut into the time showing Ewan firing a Bren gun and reading poetry written by someone in the USAAF! And did they manage to get through the entire programme without mentioning any of the other aircraft types? I missed some of it, so correct me if I'm wrong.Yes, it's always nice to see the BBMF Lanc in flight, and it would be churlish to complain about anything that serves to remind current generations of the sacrifice made by the aircrew of RAF Bomber Command. But personally, I think we do them a disservice if we don't occasionally at least attempt to tell the story more fully and intelligently. And on the subject of World at War, I was referring to the single episode on strategic bombing, which I think shone out particularly... Ian
  23. I did, and wasn't impressed, I'm afraid.I thought it lightweight and superficial. The subject is far too complex for that style of program really. But that's what you get these days. Get a celebrity to 'have a go', wheel in a few veterans to add a bit of gravitas, and make sure it's written by someone with only a tenuous grasp of the subject matter. The 'World at War' did it much better, so many years ago.. Ian
  24. I'd recommend FS Global Ultimate, especially if you fly outside North America.I think this is one of the best improvements you can make to FSX, as it gives you an accurate relief 'mesh' over which all your other scenery textures and details are draped. Hills, mountains and valleys will be correctly reproduced.There are two products in the series so far - N & S America and Europe & Africa. They're reviewed here on AVSIM. They're not cheap, but worth it in my opinion as they improve such a large part of the FSX world.Ian
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