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  1. As far as I know, the ERJ do not have an autothrottle system.Setting an airspeed during climb only makes the autopilot adjust the climb speed according to your power/throttle settings.Example: You set 80% N1 throttle and an airspeed of 270 knots. The aircraft climbs with the calculated climb speed it can climb with without falling below 270 knots.As soon as you reach your top of climb the aircraft will stop climbing and will increase speed as your throttel still set to 80% N1.I repeat: There is no autothrottle function in the panel nor is it in the real aircraft (as far as I know, of course).This is the reason, why your airspeed increases above 320 knots.To solve your problem you'll have to control your power settings during the whole flight.
  2. Hello Flightsimmers,Announcing today:"Garuda Indonesia" 737-300/-400/-500Repainted for Jon Murchison's ARNZ-AIS aircraft.First screenshots of the 737-300 will be posted in the screenshot forum at about 20.00 UTC today and tommorow.Regards,Robert
  3. well, it would already be an improvement if they would drive a bit faster on the taxiways.you can imagine it is a bit boring to follow an aircraft with about 15kn in EDDK (my home airport) where they usually hit 20 to 25kn as the main taxiway is dead straight.but first of all i've got to make this small programm work. as said before: something is obviously missing.
  4. thanks, i found the file (not here, but at flightsim.com).unfortunately it does not work...it says "runtime error 76: Path not found!"have you ever had this error? what is missing? visualbasic runtime environment maybe?thanks for a quick answer.
  5. Hi,I am looking for a way to increase ai aircrafts taxi speed.I know there is a tool for fs2002 but I cannot find one for fs9.Is there any way to change the speed?I think it is quite important, as with a lot of ai traffic I am also getting a lot of go arounds at the moment, because aircraft do not leave the runway quick enough.Robert
  6. >None available, as I beleive, do to circumstances>beyond PAs control the aircraft is Not allowed to be legelly>repainted for distrubution. Though, yes some are doing so>anyway. Strange, because several virtual airlines use the flight modell and they must have used a repaint kit.I've seen some threads in the screenshot forum, that show new photorealistic repaints. I could as well try to do my own repaint kit, of course ;)
  7. Hi,I am looking for the repaint textures for Project Airbus' A320.Can anyone tell me where I can find them in the library.If they are not in the library, where can I find them then?Thanks,Robert
  8. I'd like to see a piaggio p180 avanti.I guess I'll have to make one myself.Actually, I had already plans, but little free time stopped me from beginning to model the aircraft.Piaggio Aircraft Company is not very cooperative.I send an email to their italian headquarter last year. I am still waiting for an answer.
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