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  1. Hi, Thanks for your kind replies. To be honest, I'm not sure about the "eyepoint" I don't use any camera addons. Essentially, because I'm in VC mode, I need to be able to see the cockpit in wide screen so to speak - so when the aircraft loads, I go to the FMS and select COLD & DARK - then I set the cockpit view to its widest view by zooming out (using just the "+" key on the top row) and then I re-arrange the cockpit by moving it across to the left, so I can see the ALT window and the CMD buttons (I hold down the SHIFT and the CTRL keys and then use BACKSPACE or ENTER to "move" the cockpit to the left (in the Captains seat). I then use the A key to cycle through the various panel areas that I'll need to use (IRS NAV buttons, top panel, the OVERHEAD panel, the RADIo/PEDESTAL panel, etc,) which I then use the "+" or "-" keys to re-size so I can see them clearly. From this point on, I can then use the "A" key to get to whatever panel I need to use or watch during my pre-flight and startup. Add to this, I usually then resize the outside views as well - for good outside views. As to the "eyepoint" I do not know exactly where that point is, so I don't know if I'm behind or in front of it. I have tried using the SPACEBAR to reset the view. But I then loose the bottom of the flight deck. And this does not re-establish the click spots. So I need a little more help to identify this point so I can try your fix. cheers, Lee
  2. Hi, I recently moved up from FS2004 to FSX-SE on a brand new Flying Computer from Chill blast, a company specialising in high level PCs here in the UK. Running Windows 10, 64-bit, latest update on an i7-7700k 4.2GHz CPU with 16GB RAM, a GeForce 1080ti 11GB graphics card. OS is on a 500GB SSD with FSX-SE on a separate 2TB 7200 HDD. I have owned the FS2004 versions of the 737NG (all variants) and the 747-400/400F and am a long time customer. The 737NGX is installed correctly, licenced and the Operations Centre functions fine and is up to date. The 737NGX is a wonderful aircraft and it has taken me some time to move up from flying on a 2-D panel to flying in VC but now I have mastered it. Problem is that I seem to intermittently "lose" all my click-spots in the VC from time to time! I have researched this a little and it seems I'm not the only one experiencing this anomaly. Sometimes it's all fine, other times I just cannot click anything in VC at all. Sometimes it sorts itself out and comes back. Mostly when it happens, it does not come back. I tried changing the views and the zoom levels. Mostly it does not work. Switching views worked one time, but today, I was flying from Gold Coast in Australia to Coolangatta in Cairns and I had to use the 2-D panel to descend and complete the landing. Then, parking on the stand, guess what? I could not shutdown the engines! The 2-D panel did not help because there is no throttle quad in the 2-D panel!! I tried using CTRL+SHIFT+F1 and I managed to shut down No.1 engine - but I could not shut down No.2! For 10 minutes I tried everything I could think of to shut it down. Using the "E" key to switch from No.1 to No.2 did not work. Neither did CTRL+E, CTRL+SHIFT+E or anything else. Cycling the views did not work and I could not pull the shutoff lever at all. My last effort was to shutoff the fuel pumps. No luck there either. In the end I had to exit the sim. This only seems to be an issue with the 737NGX. I have the 777-200LR and the 747 QOTS II and so far this has not happened with them. Most people seem to reload the sim and sort out the problem. Not really something I want to do during an ACARs monitored flight! So before I go to PMDG Support, i wanted to ask here if anyone had any ideas about how to solve this? Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas to you all! Regards, Lee James West Sussex UK
  3. Hi, I installed a new Airbus model into FS9 - as I have done so many times now - and all works fine. Except - that when I turn on the APU and then start the engines, I get this ...... And this .... The model is fine and the only change I have made is to "alias" the Eurowings Pro panel to the model and also a different Sound set. Note that I have done this many times and I have a number of Project Airbus models in different liveries, all safely installed and working and using the Eurowings Pro panel and various sound sets. I suspected the Aircraft.cfg file and found the Wake and Spray options enabled under the EFFECTS section. Disabling these made no difference - and they are also enabled in other PA models already installed! To try to troubleshoot this problem, I loaded a similar model A320 into the same parking position, at the same airport and gate and the same time and did a start up with no issues. I then loaded the problem aircraft and did the same thing - resulting in the spray coming out from the wheel area as shown. I did, however, successfully fly the jet from SCEL to SBGR with no issue - but with this spray continuing to come out until I shut down the engines. I cannot access the MDL file without and editor and I would not know how to spot any problems, Anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Lee
  4. Hi, I have a custom built computer system for MSFS (customised by the late great Mike Greenblatt of FS-GS) running FS9.1 (FS2004) on a Windows XP Pro SP3 based OS. I do hope to move to FSX-SE in the near future but not just yet. And I want to keep this system to fly until I have the new rig set up as I want it. My NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 2GB Video card seems to be on the way out now. Textures draws are slow now and the screen occasionally "flashes" (only happens in FS, not in normal Windows environment use) and so I want to replace the card. Naturally, this video card is no longer available. Searching the Internet for used or nearly new cards, reveals many available but only the 512MB variety and usually only for the Apple Mac! I really want to keep as much of my settings as possible while installing another card, so I am asking for recommendations as to what card to buy to replace this one. My system is an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 CPU running at 2.73Ghz with 2GB of dual channel RAM. The motherboard is an ASUS P5KPL-SE which supports PCI-E. I have Flight Environment Pro and GE Pro installed as well as the complete Ultimate Terrain series (Alaska, USA, Canada and Europe). I use ActiveSky Evolution (the last version available for FS9) for my weather. I'm not certain exactly how the video card is set up and I'm concious of possible losing all my settings when I get a new card so I really want to minimise this - if I can. I'm also wondering if there is a faster CPU available out there that would fit my motherboard and just give FS2004 as little "boost" as it were. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Lee James West Sussex UK
  5. Hi, Not sure if anyone checks this forum or not anymore but here goes with a question.... I still use Squawkbox with FS9 (FS2004) online with VATSIM, although I will be moving to FSX-SE later in 2016 - and hopefully P3D if the licencing options change to allow me to use it. There are still aircraft (and liveries) that are not available in the Squawkbox VIP model set. For example, the new 787 and the 747-8 cannot be set up under the option to ADD AIRCRAFT in SB because these jets came along after work stopped on developing SB further. I would like to try and see if I could add a 787 and a livery for it such that when I add the aircraft into SB and connect online, the aircraft can be "seen" in MultiPlayer mode by others connected online with me at the time. I appreciate that perhaps any resulting new model that gets done will need to be available for download by others so they can add it to their model set and thereby "see" my new aircraft. I was wondering if there was a tutorial or a method for creating this? Or even perhaps a way to use and existing model (say the current 777) and then adapt it so that it appears as a new model, that looks like a twin jet but is labelled as a 787 - again, so it can be seen. And how do I set a livery for it? There seems to be no documentation around to help me with this idea - so can anyone here point me to some help? I appreciate any comments you chaps can make that might help me to see if this is a viable idea. Thank you, Kind regards, Lee
  6. Hi, Interesting to read this discussion, some of which I understand and some I don't! :smile: I am just now researching a new computer build based around the Intel i7-4790k CPU on a Windows 7 64-bit based system. The problem is the choice of monitor. I currently FS9 on a PC with Win XP Pro SP3 on a dual core cpu and my monitor is an IIyama 19" with FS9 running at a 4:3 screen ratio in 1280x1024x16 resolution. Graphics card is a NVidia GeForce 8800GTS. The new system will also have an NVidia card, possibly the Asus NVIDIA GTX 970 STRIX 4GB Graphics Card My intentionis to carry on with the FS9 system as it is while the new system is built and I work on learning a new way to fly. I'm going up to FSX Steam and also looking at XPlane. That being the case, I'm now going to have to learn to fly FS in a different way after many years of simming. I'm a 2D cockpit man and now I'm going to have to learn to fly using the predominently VC-type flight decks found in FSX. At the age of 59, my eyesight is not what it used to be and I'm not looking forward to trying to read the instruments while having to zoom in and out here and there to do so. So, my question as a first time moving into this new arena, is what type of monitor and what type of connection should I be looking at? The late Mike Greenblatt of FSGS, a wonderful chap from whom I learnt a lot, always said to go for an odd size monitor (27, 29, 31 inch etc.) and make sure you run FS at the same resolution as your Windows desktop. So is it worth going up to a large screen (34 to 40 inches - TV or LED type perhaps)? What effect will that have? I guess it could result in blocky pixels. I have looked at 27 inch monitors which seem to be in the good price range here in the UK but might be too small. There is also the 29 inch ultra-wide which most likely would not really help. And what connection? HDMI? DVI? I would value comments by someone here, taking into account what has been said, that might help me make the right choice. Thank you, Regards, Lee
  7. Ok Thanks, We'll see how it goes .... Take care, Lee
  8. Hello Rainerk, Ok I have tried this and I have placed the default Cessna on runway 22R at KEWR which is where I took off from on the second sector. I seem to remember that the runway heading yesterday was showing 205 but now it shows 218 which is closer to the actual runway 22R heading as it should be. I'm going to try to repeat the KEWR-KCLE flight later today to see if this cures it. One more question - do you copy the MagDec.bgl file into the new folder, register it in the scenery library and then leave the original file in SCENERY\BASE\SCENERY folder? Or do you delete the original file from SCENERY\BASE\SCENERY folder after you have copied it? Obviously, if I leave it, I'll have loaded two copies of the same file possibly needlessly.... Cheers, Lee
  9. Ok, I'm at a bit of a loss at this but determined to try and solve it..... Flew Trans-Atlantic yesterday to recreate the flight that one of my work team members was on when she flew From London to Newark, New Jersey then on to Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. The long haul sector was flown using the Boeing 757-200 on United Airlines. The second sector on to Cleveland was a Boeing 737-900 winglet version jet on the same airline (757 was PSS Pro from JustFlight and the 737-900 Winglet was the IFly 737-900, all flown in FS9). The flight was flown entirely online on VATSIM (Squawkbox) and with ActiveSky Evolution for weather. In order to prepare for this and recreate the flight as closely as possible, I re-installed my JustFlight PSS 757 Pro for FS9 and then added the ImagineSim Newark scenery and the CLE2003 Cleveland Hopkins Airport scenery (plus updates) to get ready. Despite a friend very kindly getting the actual route for me, I was unable to use it due to time limitations. Anyway, took off from Heathrow and headed out over the Atlantic. As time went on I noticed that the diference between the track to the next waypoint and the actual heading of the aircraft was massive! For example, at one point the track heading was ->285 and the actual direction the aircraft nose was pointing was some 22 degrees to the left showing a heading of ->263! The wind was a headwind practically on the nose at ->291 at 55 knots. This problem got a bit worse as time moved on through the 8-hour flight and it did not change much even though at one point the wind dropped to around 8 knots. Sometimes the difference was up to 25 degrees! As I descended into New York airspace, it got better, dropping to a difference of say 8 to 12 degrees. On finals at Newark into runway 04L, I was right on the ILS and did a manual landing, following the ILS right down to the runway - but the track showing on the aircraft's Navigational Display (ND) was way off to the left! However, I was able to make the flight and successfully navigate to the airport. Next leg out of Newark to Cleveland, had much the same thing happening except that this time when I began the turn to final for runway 06R at Cleveland Hopkins, I had to manually turn the aircraft as the LOC button, while activated did not cause the aircraft to turn. Before we flew through the localiser, I therefore turned manually and flew down to the runway as a manual landing again, with the ND display showing a track that was way off to the left. ************************************ The last time this happened, after Googling the problem, I re-installed the MAGDEC.BGL file in case it had been corrupted. This made no difference. I tried updating the MAGDEC.BGL file to the newer one available now from a site online but this did not remove the problem so I reverted back to the earlier file. I suspected that installing the new LatinVFR KMIAv2 scenery might have caused it but after removing the scenery, had the same issue. I also suspected a recent Captain Sim 757 Base pack install (was introduced to this by a friend who said it flew better than the PSS Pro version) and I did find that the install had made no Registry entry, no START menu option and no un-install option (Windows XP Pro SP3 installed here on my system). So - I did a System Restore and restored back to before I installed the Captain Sim 757 - and all was well. I reinstalled the Windows Critical Updates that were now missing after the restore back and corrected a few scenery issues but all was fine. Flew Charlottle to Miami (LatinVFR v2 installed back) and no problem. Until yesterday....... ************************************ The more I look at this, the more I suspect that it might be an AIRAC or Navdata issue although I'm at a loss to sort it out. The errors all seem to be shown on the aircraft's Navigation Display rather than in the actual FS world, since I did manage to successfully navigate from Heathrow to Newark and then on to Cleveland. I did a full AIRAC update before flying yesterday's trips - so what to do next? I'd like to avoid another System Restore, mainly because I still do not understand what caused this - and I restore might cure the issue only until I inadvertantly create it again! Anyone here have any ideas on how to solve this? I would appreciate any useful comments.... Very many thanks, Lee
  10. Actually.... Forget it! I have found it! Silly me ... Lovely plane though - just wish there were more repaints. Take care, Lee
  11. Hello, Sorry if this has been covered, but I cannot find a post about it. I have the Cessna 180 Skylane II package for FS9 (FS2004) and may I say what a lovely aircraft it is! Sounds are beautiful and she flies really well. For the life of me though, I cannot seem to find out how to set any frequencies in the top VORDME instrument (NAV 1). It seems disabled. Only NAV 2 works. Any ideas? Thanks - and thanks for a very nice aircraft that I have only recently discovered. Regards, Lee James West Sussex UK
  12. My God! What a shock! Like othes here, I am deeply saddened by the loss of the amazing man. He was a true specialist. I remember the time I began to have issues - most notably the dreaded Out-Of-Memory Errors - with my FS9 installation. Many of our members over at British Airways Virtual and others outside of the Organisation mentioned Mike and his services. On the first email exchange, I was sceptical. However, ultimately I allowed him completely free reign when we began the task of "unifying" my PC to get the best of FS9. Mike knew things about FS and Windows that even the experts at Microsoft didn't! Wow, what a difference he made! People said he was capable of miraculous things with Flight Simulator - well, he certainly was! The change was truely dramatic. And I was going to consult him about moving on to FSX one day soon ..... I'm kind of stunned really. I never knew about his illness and I suspect many others didn't know either. Such an aggressive and dreafful disease that took him from us. I never met him although I had planned to on one of our trips Stateside. But it never happened. I believe Mike lived in Long Beach but originally came from New Jersey. *********************** British Airways Virtual will dedicate OverNighter 11, our October overnight long haul event, our last one for 2012, to Mike's memory. A tragic loss! Our sincere condolences to his wife and family - our thoughts are with them. "Cleared to Flight Level Infinity and Beyond - Mike, take your place among the heavens my friend"
  13. DJ, Thanks for your kind reply! I was obviously looking at the wrong file! I added ZULS to the Complete_Airports_List text file because it was not there, thinking that was the problem. I actually flew out to ZULS yesterday from VHHH but could get no weather for ZULS when I asked AS6.5 to fetch ti for me. I clearly missed the wx_station_list.txt file which must be the file I need to edit. I just tested again after removing the ZULS entires from the Complete_Airports_List text file and found that ZULS did report weather and the Fetch function began working again (asked it for ZUUU which was there). Can't understand why I did not get it the first time. Thanks for your help. I bought AS 2004 and AS ver 5 from Simmarket and I have the records for that - but I believe I got the 6.5 upgrade from HiFiSim because I cannot find any record of the purchase in Simmarket. I did send my purchase email address to one of the HiFiSim staff when I enquired via email about re-installing ASv6.5 (I lost the install file) and they sent me the install file, presumably after verifying the email address against a purchase. Now with the new ticket system, I cannot email them anymore..... Thanks very much for your kind reply. Lee
  14. A bit more on this... I have now seen the file COMPLETE_AIRPORTS_LIST.txt in the ASv6 folder below MODULES and looked at it. I took the data for the Chinese airport ZULS and added it (I added it in alphabetical order - although the AIRPORTS.DAT file lists it by LAT/LONG decimal co-ordinates) and then ran FS9 and positioned the Cessna at ZULS. I then ran ASv6.5 and it found the weather for ZULS! However, now when I use the FETCH WEATHER function it does not work any more and comes up with the message, "cannot fetch - system is busy re-setting data" or similar...... Looks like I might just have to go with ASE if I cannot solve this - although ASe does not have many of the these airports, nor the facility to add them it would seem. Lee
  15. No takers? Pity.... I purchased ActiveSky 2004 way back from Simmarket, then bought the upgrade to version 5 and then the 6.5 version. I have the order numbers and confirmation of sale for versions 2004 and 5 but cannot find my details for the 6.5 version. I did email one of the staff some time back when I had my machine rebuilt and unified by FS-GS, so that I could obtain a full download of the install file which I had mislaid. I gave the staff member the email address associated with that purchase and he was able to confirm my purchase and that I was therefore an bona fide customer and send me the file. Now, with the new ticketing system, I cannot even contact one of the staff via email - and without my details I cannot register. The staff member I contacted last time no longer work for HiFiSim so i'm looking for an answer here. Any help would be appreciated. Lee James