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  1. 23 hours ago, AnkH said:

    Could it be that this "tool" affects AI globally resulting in totally unwanted behaviour of road traffic and waterplane AI? What happens to road traffic that basically "sinks" into the ground due to a tunnel entry? Will this traffic then simply continue above ground, resulting in road traffic crossing airports on certain sceneries where road traffic was moved below ground without using this DLL? How well did you check those "side effects" of the AI.dll?

    I checked this at PAKT, and it works well - the downside is if you have RTMM sceneries and Tongass Fjords installed it completely borks the ai floatplanes and boats - probably because they are carry overs from  fs9.

    Anyway they don't like the dll.

  2. Hi Simbol,

    Big apology is in order...

    I should have done my homework (checking) before posting this.

    Like I said, I have been using this program for years/decades..

    I don't think it is still for sale over at simmarket, although I  was able to redownload the last version I bought And checking his forum over at simFlight it doesn't look like he has been active for over a year.

    So  stop what you are doing to incorporate this into the professional version as it is no longer available as far as I can tell.

    The other more embarrassing thing I think he stopped using the effects I listed a few versions back - I deleted all reference to them and still have ai_sounds.

    Looks like I inadvertently caused a bunch of unnecessary trouble




  3. Been using this add on for years to enhance ai sounds .

    Problem is it adds to the Lights section of the aircraft.cfg that is over written by fslr.

    for example:

    //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit
    light.0=3,   1.60, -66.30,  7.65, fx_navredm,
    light.1=3,   1.60,  66.30,  7.65, fx_navgrem,
    light.2=3, -58.30,   0.00,  6.10, fx_navwhih,
    light.3=2,   1.60, -66.40,  7.65, fx_strobeh,
    light.4=2,   1.60,  66.40,  7.65, fx_strobeh,
    light.5=1, -48.50,   0.00, 29.50, fx_beaconb,
    light.6=5,   1.90, -22.60,  5.50, fx_landing,
    light.7=5,   1.90,  22.60,  5.50, fx_landing,
    light.8=5,  12.90,  -7.10,  1.50, fx_landing,
    light.9=5,  12.90,   7.10,  1.50, fx_landing,
    light.10=1, 0, 0, 0, fx_TS_Lturbo

    the last light (10) is added by the sound program and is overwritten by fslr

    Is there any way this could be avoided?



  4. OK Simbol, here's one for you to chew on...😀

    I have a 4K screen, so I applied the 4K configuration.

    After a day of being very happy with your prof. version I discovered a problem that after a day of sleuthing I tracked down to the 4K setting.

    On several of the older boats (Tongass Fjords, and some of the RTMM scenery boats) the wakes are really screwed up by the 4K setting.

    After I reverted back to the P3D default configuration they were back to normal.

    I don't even want to talk about how long it took me to figure this out, but suffice to say I was some what shorter of hair...


  5. Got it running in p3d 4.1

    Looks great.   Only downside for me is having to set:

    Special effects details set to maximum. 

    Special effects distance set to maximum.

    This brings up the dreaded shoreline waves that I hate and have kept the special effects turned off as I can find no other way to turn those rascal waves off.

    I'll have to put up with them as your reborn ai lights are too good to pass up, unless you can find a way to turn them off.



    Oh and I'll be buying the pro version when available...

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