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  1. Looking forward, am upgrading computer so will make sure put in 32 gig fast memory.
  2. Mike_KNT5506

    alpilotx HD Mesh v4 Announced

    Yes it is very welcome. Great work by Andras
  3. Mike_KNT5506

    NVIDIA display setting

    Where is the setting please, in the nvidia?
  4. The countdown has started.
  5. Mike_KNT5506

    X-Life Traffic for X-plane

    This is beta release does not need licence. See http://jardesign.org/forum/viewforum.php?id=23
  6. Mike_KNT5506

    FlightFactor Boeing 767 soon...

    Hank. Where are you publishing the review. I am looking forward to reading it. Many thanks for your time and trouble, to help us all choose this 767.
  7. Mike_KNT5506

    FlightFactor Boeing 767 soon...

    Need a review by an experienced Boeing xplane pilot. I had the 767 Level d in FSX many years ago. Am looking forward to flying this 767 if all is well with it.
  8. Mike_KNT5506


    Have just reinstalled and working fine.
  9. Mike_KNT5506

    EADT x737 3D Cockpit Preview

    """Devs are saying before the end of the year."""" Dare I ask which year?
  10. Mike_KNT5506

    Low CPU & GPU use but low FPS?

    Was it better before xplane updated to 10.36 ?
  11. I hope the work is progressing well?
  12. Mike_KNT5506

    Navigraph Source for X-Plane

    New cycle on Thursday 29th may will update all my add on's +X-Plane WOW an all in one for everything.
  13. I have the Jar's one! It is great. Have not got any other so cannot comment on them.