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  1. TweakFS

    For android users.

    Thanks olderndirt for mentioning this here. Just to clarify though, it was the IPACS team (thanks guys) that made their simulator compatible with our apps (no change to our apps required) - credit where credit is due. :) This is the full list of apps that can get position data directly from Aerofly FS 2 (no extra plugins required): GMapHD for Android GMapHD for Windows iGMap for iPhone iGMapHD for iPad iGMapHD for Mac iGMap for Apple TV EFB for Android EFB for iPad EFB for Mac
  2. FSWidgets Airports for Windows & Mac The FSWidgets team have released two new apps on Windows and Mac, the desktop editions of FSWidgets Airports which join the Android and iOS apps launched last month. FSWidgets Airports is a handy companion app designed exclusively for flight simulation enthusiasts. For users of FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane (indeed any sim) it provides a quick and easy way to search for world-wide airport, navaid or weather information, and view the full collection of terminal procedure charts for the US. Full details and screenshots available on
  3. FSWidgets Airports for Android & iOS Flight simulation app designers FSWidgets recently launched a new product compatible with phones and tablets on the Android and iOS platforms. FSWidgets Airports is a handy companion app designed exclusively for flight simulation enthusiasts. For users of FSX, FS2004 or X-Plane (indeed any sim) it provides a quick and easy way to search for world-wide airport, navaid or weather information, and view the full collection of terminal procedure charts for the US. Full details and screenshots available on
  4. Utility developer TweakFS has released a new edition of SimSwitch, with version 1.2 adding support for P3D v3. This free tool is a one-click solution to set the Windows Registry entry that records the FSX installation folder and get it to point to the P3D folder instead, without the need for tedious manual editing of the Registry. This can help to coax some FSX add-on installers that are looking for FSX and that are not specifically designed for P3D to install to the P3D home folder. The utility is safe, makes no changes whatsoever to the simulator file/folders and you can switch back to the FSX folder at the click of a button. It can also be used by developers when testing their installers and add-ons. This tool and many others are available from the Free Tools section of the TweakFS website:
  5. TweakFS

    Simconnect Dilemma

    Hi Gary, As KingGhidorah correctly mentions above, the SimConnect.XML file is not present by default. It will only be put there by addons that use SimConnect for networking purposes (or manually, for example using the TweakFS XML Toolbox). All the best,
  6. Bryan, I am in a state of shock after reading the news, so sorry to hear about Maik. I also didn't know him personally but as with anyone who is part of the small, tight-knit FS community it certainly brings the reality of these events home (and it's been a bad year for aviation). My hometown also lost some, the two Aussies on board were from nearby. Sincere condolences to you and the family on the loss of your friend.
  7. Next weekend FSWidgets will reach somewhat of a milestone - 10 years of developing flight simulation products! To celebrate this date the FSWidgets Sale of the Decade will be held on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of August 2014, for just 48 hours. We will take a massive 50% off across the board on all products, many of which are exclusive to our site and iOS apps distributed via iTunes are also included. We would like to express our appreciation for the magnificent support and encouragement we have received over the last decade! We look forward to the next 10 years developing more innovative products and continuing to bring further enjoyment to flight simulation enthusiasts.
  8. So true, and even though many of the real-world apps have disclaimers about not using it as a primary means of navigation, that sobering thought alone means you have to dedicate yourself solely to that one product, that and hire a phalanx of software engineers.
  9. Yes we have thought about it, but there are serious implications in taking that step (aside from technical, that's the easy part). The day we do we will have to dedicate ourselves only to one or two apps (not the 15 we have now). The level of attention to detail and the update schedule required for the data means you can really only focus on one or two products if you are to do them justice. As you mention above, for real-world pilots something like Foreflight or in our case OzRunways is a very small outlay, less than an hour in a Warrior. I spent a small fortune on maps and manuals when getting my PPL, if only iPad had been around then!
  10. Hey no sweat, we're all entitled to use colorful hyperbole every now and then. Thanks for your support though, much appreciated.
  11. Hi Charles, Thanks for having purchased GMapHD for Android in the past, I hope you can still get some use out of it. I also have Naviator and I agree with you, a real-world aviation navigation app will blow its dedicated FS equivalent out of the water almost every time. And there is a reason for it: the sheer volume of the sales in real aviation which are not possible in the FS market. Check out how many current installations he has (50,000-100,000). If most of those have paid at least the minimum $15 to unlock the basic app, and you add that to the fully paid up subscription customer, you get a very serious ongoing revenue stream (potentially millions over the life of the product). So yes, you can invest very heavily in developing advanced (read expensive) features. The integration into FSX/P3D is actually the smallest part of it but it makes perfect sense for them to do it (we have also been asked to help other companies add this capability). I hope one day our FS world enjoys that level of support.
  12. I have a 27" iMac (2010 model) with an i7 chip but only 512 MB of RAM. I think you'll be delighted with how it performs.
  13. Flightsim app developers FSWidgets have issued iOS 7 updates for two of their FSX, FS2004 and X-Plane compatible iPad apps - the iGMapHD moving map app and the native flight plan or FMS file generation app QuickPlan. These new builds are designed to solve some visual glitches and other minor issues when running either app on the radically different iOS 7 platform. The updates are available for free from the iTunes Store app on your iPad or via the iTunes Desktop app. For more details please see the Latest News Page
  14. TweakFS

    Any cool iPad apps for FSX?

    That's a nice solution, however to clarify - the "charts" being referred to here are real aviation charts such as VNC, VTC, WAC, TAC, Sectionals, Enroute Low/High and the like, i.e. digital versions of the real aviation charts used by real-world pilots. Until other countries are as generous and open with their aeronautical data as the US FAA is it will be very difficult.
  15. TweakFS

    Any cool iPad apps for FSX?

    Hi Noah,Without sounding like the "mutual admiration club" I'd just like to say we applaud what you've done with FSKneeboard, from what I understand you were the first to create an FS-related iOS product so kudos for that. :)I have to echo your point regarding the lack of availability/affordability of chart data outside the US. In our own neck of the woods (Australia) we talked to AirServices for over a year when they finally got back to us they said they wanted thousands for a license fee plus royalties on each copy distributed. Pretty much the same goes for Europe or any other country where the official aerochart data provider is a privatized company, we're talking thousands again for a license - per year. That reality puts it out of reach for most flight simulation purposes.We have noticed a slight trend though, from 13 weeks ago to now our iPad app is now selling more copies than the iPhone app but even so, as you well say, the potential user base of FS enthusiats with an iPad is tiny. Let's hope that changes this year because the iPad seems to be the perfect platform for a whole raft of FS-connected gadgets.