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  1. Hey Jose': I hope you're keeping safe and well: I don't want to hear of you cut down by this insidious plague.

    Just spotted your post: You can add/tie your new email to the old one that is/was used by MS. I have two newer email addys that will work, They are both tied back to my old "pj_3@sympatico.ca" account, which hasn't been used for 10 years or so. MS has an insane way of knowing you by the first email you ever used, and it creates havoc for many people. I've done this a couple of times, and can still log in to all MS accounts - like "OneDrive", Windows 10, or the XBox thingy for the sim.

    Where have I been?  Just watching the ugliness of the mfs 2020 and P3D v5.1 alternative evolve. Testing parts of each now and then. Going thro' all the aggro that you and thousands of others are experiencing. It has fully taken the shine off both flight sims for me - now visiting/using one or the other sim maybe once a week.

    Take care.


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    2. DJJose


      I have to wait a week to switch Alias back to old one.

    3. DJJose


      Just wanted to let you know that it was all sorted yesterday. Support took care of it!


    4. Paul J

      Paul J





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