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  1. Hi, I've created a simple VS to carry out the handoff  to the AP on climbout with one command rather than the several it would take if it was carried out using conventional commands. I have the FO turning on the AP, turning on heading hold, turning on altitude hold. All of that works fine. What I then added was 'set altitude five thousand' followed by 'set vertical speed up 1000'. These two commands are never actioned as part of the script, although they still work if just spoken straight after the VS is called.


    The purpose of this is to get the aircraft in a stable climb while I sort out throttle and prop settings since there's only one of me (aircraft is the A2A B-377 in FSX - colour me old fashioned…) Just turning on alt hold levels the aircraft out with a concommitant speed increase I'm trying to avoid.


    So, after all that lengthy twoddle, simple question….is there anyway to build the climb instructions into a VoxScript file?



  2. Just to close this out (and to apologise for my tetchy response previously), I should add that I have resolved the issue by the simple expedient of uninstalling and reinstalling I can't say that there is any noticeable reduction in functionality but a huge improvement in stability.

    Basically, I no longer have any problems. Probably not what you want to read, but dem's da facts, guv'nor.



  3. USB headset. I know that the attenuation routine is supposed to address the issue. For me, it doesn't always - to repeat - it's inconsistent. But I guess if nobody else has reported a probelm, mine must be entirely imaginary.


    FWIW, I have discovered that if I terminate the mic level check after only a couple of runs of the Peter Piper thing, it seems more reliable. Since I have the mic check to run automatically on startup of MCE, I'll see how it goes if I disable it. Since I am suffering alone, I presume you're not bothered if I fix it, so I'll leave this here.

    Still love the software, though.



  4. Gerald,

    Apologies for the late response, but as I mentioned, this is an intermittent issue and I wanted to be thorough in determining if it is fixed. Sadly, it isn't. I played around with mixer settings, but none of that made any difference. 

    To be clear, the issue is that the sound volume varies during a session. It'll start fine, fade, come back, rinse and repeat.


    Any way to revert to an earlier version? I never experienced the issue before upgrading.



  5. I upgraded to the latest version a few days ago and since then I've suffered an intermittent issue with the FO voice fading. It will restore itself after a while and them repeat the problem. The software is going through it's startup routine of ensuring the comms is set to 'no change'. I also have the mic check implemented durimg startup. Been using MCE since 2013 and never had the issue before. Oh, this is with FSX.

    Any clues?


  6. Hi,

    I'm an FSX:SE user. Having upgraded to a new machine, I'm forced to use W10. I'm also a committed Scenery Fixer and Cloud Shadows customer, running the latest versions. 


    Given that SweetFX doen't function under W10 and Steve councils against employing ReShade with Cloud Shadows, is there any available post-processing tool that provides the same functionality as SweetFX with the following combo:

    - w10

    -nVidia 1080ti

    - FSX:SE 

    - latest Scenery Fixer and Cloud Shadows?


    I really miss my SweetFX...






  7. Superb! Yeah, I was aware of some of them. I was thinking along the lines of the many passenger types which proliferated before jet travel shrank the planet, as well as the everyday tramp steamers, colliers and early tankers that plied the oceans back then. Still, as you say, what is there is an excellent place to start learning how to build the routes and schedules.





  8. Henrik, allow me to join the legion of grateful users who have, with great justification, heaped praise on you and your fellow team members for this outstanding achievement. I've been using your models and routes since your first upload and just never fly without them enabled now.


    While I imagine that you have zero motivation to work on this any more right now, and just want a break from it, can I make somewhat off-the-wall suggestion for a future project? How about classic steam-era vessels i.e. ships from 1930-1960? These could be used on the existing routes, but would be a welcome alternative for those of us who like to fly classic-era aircraft and routes. I know there are a few in the existing project, but there's scope for many other variations.



  9. Were you under the GS? Usual procedure for any ILS interception is to capture the LOC first while you're well under the GS and only select APP once the LOC is captured. Check the manual for AFDS operation and the following is helpful.




    What are the Flight Mode Annunciators on the ADI reading when you're intercepting the ILS?


    Without more info or a screenshot, it's hard to know what you're doing wrong.



  10. ...which is the command to, er, disconnect the GPU. Except that when I try it, following a successful "cockpit to ground dialogue", the only word that's recognised is "Disc" as in the power lever setting. Accordingly, the command to the ground crew is never delivered and I have to remove it manually. I'm probably missing something fundamental, somwhat am I doing wrong?


    This is with 1.5 BTW.



  11. I was referring to the PRO version replacing the panel.cfg rather than FS2Crew. The PRO install overwrites whatever panel.cfg you had before the install. One effect being that there are now no longer any FS2Crew entries. The PRO version is released...I'm flying it now. My question remains; does 1.3 work for the PRO version in FSX:SE without modification?



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