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  1. This looks very promising ILS37. I would get DEVICE_HUNG error within 60 mins no matter default or addins used. With this, have completed a 4 hour, 4 leg flights without any trouble for the first time. On the last 1 hour leg, I increased autogen distance and loaded in addin airports without restarting the sim and still went without issue. Fingers crossed, this could be the workaround some people have been looking for!
  2. Running .2004 Win10 and this driver with several popular flightsims for last few days. No breakage seen.
  3. Next hotfix due 'in a couple of weeks' according to LM. In the meantime, I find if reduce all settings to normal / low it will run 2 hours or so before ctd. Perhaps if I didn't use truesky it might be a bit more stable, but then may as well use 4.5 in that case , lol/
  4. Stock 1080ti , 8700k at stock, RAM at stock. P3Dv5 crashes, not only DEVICE_HUNG but also kernalbase.dll. With my 20+ years of Windows desktop and server admin, I'm quite sure its not 'pushing' the hardware thats the main issue here. Google other AAA DX12 based games and you'll see the similarities of the crashes being experienced. MS have included developer-side tools to trace DX12 issues so LM should be able to iron the bugs out in due course. https://microsoft.github.io/DirectX-Specs/d3d/DeviceRemovedExtendedData.html
  5. Nowt to do with your 8GB card, it crashes with 11GB cards too. Not for everyone, of course. The crashes could be due to LM code and/or compatibility with certain addons, or combination of addons. It could be DX12, could be AMD, could be Nvidia, could be Windows 10 1903, 1909 or 2004. Or it could be the solar cycle is causing slightly out-of-phase inter-cosmic flux to cause our highly sophisticated personal computers to just give up while we are on short final after a over the virtual world.
  6. Its an LM issue, just the same as happened to many high profile games that suffered same DXGI errors upon release. And just like those devs, LM will get around to squashing the bugs in due time. Whether they should have sold the product in this condition is also a can of worms some people have opened. But it's the way every single software (Operating Systems included) are released to market, let's not try to kid ourselves otherwise!
  7. Chaps, is there some trick to getting runway lights to come on in v5 during daytime? In overcast, low vis situations, they do not come on. As I type, perhaps due to truesky (beta)?
  8. Yes, its going to take some time for LM to fix the issues. So most people have found that reducing the settings, after trying every other workaround mentioned, gives them a few hours of dxgi-free flying. Its frustrating but people are just trying to make the best of it they can.
  9. Yep settings are too high. Try 1K textures, AA et al off .. start from the left with sliders and go a notch to the right and find that balance. I have 1080ti, 32GB, 8700k , no crazy OC settings on those either. But need to run 1K textures , AA off (!), medium scenery and autogen .. especially if want to use enhanced atmospherics with medium cloud resolution. I also run AI traffic. Maybe if not using AI or EA clouds I could use 2k textures? It took a week for me to get the settings where I could reduce the DXGI errors to almost zero (it does happen once in a while even still). LM have will optimize / balancing things out in the near future. The sim runs 30fps and smooth as silk. Looks still much better than 4.5, I just enjoy flying this sim so much now. Good luck!
  10. I had trouble initially. I was trying to log straight in on the first dialog that appears. I was being too hasty, I had to click the link just below the password to register an account (counter intuitive wording I think given I thought I already had an account from v4) but the new dialog asked for key and order number and it accepted it ok. I was impressed that it worked given I had an upgraded key all the way back from 2016! Am sure they will sort it out for you, they are a great developer.
  11. Wow, wonder how much more pressure that will put to VRAM
  12. Its not yet certain but it only uses 650mb, so for now I'm leaving it there at least. As for ASCA, there is SP3 version to download so it is compatible with ASP3D
  13. Finally, in bext 24h it will be available. Looking forward so much! https://hifisimtech.com/asp3d-announced/ Key points (in my words, from the link above) - It's free update from ASP4 - but for a limited time - so download and register as soon as you can. The beta schedule is expected to last 2 - 3 weeks but this could change, so let's see. Will work for both EA (Enhanced Atmospherics) and 'standard mode' weather. ASCA will continue to work in the standard wx mode but of course no ASCA for EA mode as its a different rendering technology. I expect HiFi will develop the truesky injection as the product matures, as they have done with all previous products, much to all our appreciation. No mention of the high-level wind chaos we currently experience in v5. Only known issue mentioned is a rare color corruption of nearest cloud sprite, and have notified LM about that.
  14. Fingers crossed it will develop that way. It doesn't seem to be a big issue for anyone. FPS is king !
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