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  1. daelight

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Not fast enough, obviously.
  2. FSLabs, Flightfactor et al .. 'We are closing in on PMDG bois, we show u da weiiiii...' PMDG... ' Hold my goddam beer...'
  3. daelight

    Guess when Prepar3d 4.2 release?

    They need to fix the 'X-Plane boys are bragging about how great 'their' sim looks / performs / flightmodel' issue. /major /sarcasm /alert
  4. daelight

    Sky Force: credit where credit is due

    What I want to see too - So far I havn't seen anything that the marketing blurb from REX was depicting. Was it all 'enhanced' in the post processing....? I am happy if people can prove this skepticism completely wrong with awesome footage like REX shows in the promo vides!
  5. daelight

    My i7-2700k to i7-8700k upgrade experience!

    Congrats on getting new PC setup and sharing the experience with us. Really appreciated.
  6. daelight

    BBS Airbus Xtreme Prologue 0.87.5 released

    Are these guys competing with Ariane? Never forget...
  7. How is the experience for you @iceman2 ?
  8. Unbelievable. The 'greedy developer' needed to rewrite code in order to support the new version of P3D (which also required a purchase) Do you work for free?
  9. daelight

    PTA for v4.1 available

    Thanks for the heads up, OP
  10. daelight

    Prepar3D 4.1 about to be released?

    That's when you take it over.
  11. daelight

    Flying with live traffic!

    As well as that Kiek.. There's a similar addon over on the FSX forum for Ship AI Traffic.. Once they sort out your 'Commercial' status all should be right again, here's hoping ///
  12. The title mentions 85% increase...
  13. Matt paid several thousand '$$$$' for the code. He updated it and it's reasonable '$' to charge for such a program. He is at least contributing to Flight sim hobby (and economy.. ) But some snowflakes can't cope with that, it seems.
  14. daelight

    Who has been fooling who?

    Its because everyone and their goldfish is an expert in the matters of computer science.
  15. daelight

    ActiveSky 16 close to v4 release

    Thank you for reply Robert - I re-checked my key, I was using ASN 2012 key instead of the ASN 2016 - all good now.