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  1. Hi asked on Simforums as well. Iseelooking at V3 manual, install directory still shows thevC:\program files... for install. I dont install in that folder at all. I install programs on my D drive. Is this possible with EZCA V3 now..I hope. Thanks for any info. Best, David
  2. Thanks for the views guys. Found my answer elsewhere. David
  3. Would also like to see the MU-2 updated as well Please. I know it's a rather old product, however it's also pretty popular aircraft to fly for folks as well. David
  4. Folks, let me just say what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm posting in this forum, as I want to use Radar Contact right now. Not, the numerously other mentioned programs I have looked up after being mentioned here. I just want to ENJOY: Using P3D 4.4 1. Using RC4 with Air Hauler 2, flying the FSW Mits MU2 Marquise. 2 While using RC4's ATC interact via voice by pushing a button on my Saitek yoke. IE emulate a PTT button on the yoke. 3. I am flying SINGLE pilot, not MULTI Crew. If MCE will allow me to fly single pilot, it may be the way to go. I've looked at all the other ATC programs mentioned. Also, even looked at Voice Attack. I'm a real world pilot, I'm comfortable utilizing ATC. Not interested in VATSIM at this time. Just want to fire up AH2, Sky Force,RC4,P3D 4.x and FLY! ANY, help appreciated. Right now only interested in trying RC4.3 with voice ATC. Thank You David
  5. Yes, I posted this on FSdeveloper and the P3D forums. When the only way to get support for a product you purchased is the support forum, you would hope someone could answer your question. I guess when you post in a not too viewed area, not too many folks see your post. However, woe be it to you, if you post in the wrong section, irony being you will receive a lot of replies then. Go Figure. So far, no luck. I know some devs view this forum as well, so hoping for an answer if possible. Preferably something a little more than "Yes, you can set that up, I've done it myself" Quite frustrating when your a noob. Hello everyone, I'm trying my hand at a little bit of airport enhancement and modeling. I have a student version of Max 2009. I have installed the latest P3d 4.x and latest SDK. I installed both the 64/32 bit version of 3DSMax 2009 (student). All registration,serial number etc went fine with Autodesk. I then followed the steps here to install the 3ds Max plugins, using the 3DSM2009 plugins. Obviously the 64bit Max won't work with 2009. However, the 32 bit loads up fine. Also, load as administrator. I can see my Aces Tools/P3d tools just fine. However, when I click on each tool, I get a tool not supported message. Did a search here, couldn't find any definitive info. Am I going to be able to create/modify my airport in P3d4.3x with Max 2009 (student) using this SDK? I'm a noobie to all this. If I'm wasting my time working with Max 2009 and P3D4.3, are there any alternatives to accomplish my goal. Just want to enhance my home field airport for my enjoyment, and perhaps learn something about modeling etc. Could it be I didn't have any project loaded when clicking on each tool? Do I have to have something created for the tool to do anything? Any options or input appreciated. Right now I seem to be making EZ Hard for my goal. Some insight please. Best, David
  6. Hi ryan, depending on engine strength, you can run 29.5” all day at altitude. Hovever, you’ll reach a point were the turbos can’t maintain 29.5” anymore. The turbos may be worn some, engine fairly high time that sort of thing. My engines are a little over 1400 hrs, even though I have overhauled turbos, I can get to about FL210, That is having to push up power on climbout, to try and maintain 29.5”MP. When I first had my plane, I could easily cruise at FL250...now not so much. Hope that answers your question. Best, David
  7. Hi Ryan, as a proud owner of an Aerostar 601p, I can say even at takeoff power 29.5” Manifold Press. and 2575/RPM, 3-4k can not be sustained for very long. Typically I’ll climb out around 2000 ft initially whic gives me around 160kts indicated. On this “turbo normalized” aircraft, it is very important to have some sort of engine monitor. I’ll typically use 27” and 2200 RPM in cruise. I set the mixtures to lean back to approx 15gph a side, then check TIT. You want that at close to 1550 degrees. Then she’ll purr smooth and true for you. Absolute blast to fly. Again, on takeoff you are looking for 29.5” MP and 2575 RPM. Have fun. Best, David
  8. Thanks Martin, I was afraid of that. Most likely it will not happen. Best, David
  9. Hey gang, I would like to add the Flight 1 G500/600 to my MU2. I have the needed GTN 750 complete pkg. Anyway to add this to the Mit's VC panel. Or does Mark have to model something to make it work? If that is the case, most likely it won't ever happen. Can I do a simple edit to the cfg file to make it work. Want to utilize in VC, not as a up up gage. Any help appreciated. Best, David
  10. Hey guys, start a 3 day trip tomorrow. Will look into things upon return. Thanks for the input. Best, David
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for input. I deleted cfg and shaders let P3D rebuild, then flew...no changes on cfg. All was well till final approach PHNL, then things got real sluggish and stuttery. I believe it has to do with the PHNL scenery. With those low P3D settings, would expect things to be smooth. Flight back to PHOG, T/O PHNL, had some stuttering with those low settings. Once out of PHNL area, things returned silky smooth again. Ryan, will work on a higher OC later. With basic defaults from P3D 4.1, I would think my machine could handle it. Not used SODE. Do use FSUIPC latest version for P3D 4.x At least I have something to try and narrow down further. Left msg in FSDT forum as well. Thanks David
  12. Hi Tokitaumelie. Thank You for the insight. I’ll give that a go. I was under the impression, that the FSDT Hawaiin scenery was updated for P3D 4.x. Will double check. Running larest Nvidea drivers. Resolution is 1980x1280 32. I think not at computer as I type this. Best, David
  13. Title says it all gang. I'm new to P3D. Running 4.1 at the moment. Yes, I do know that 4.2 is released. Will look into that version, specially if it fixes issue. Running Win 7 Ult 64 bit, Intel 6850 chip (No Overclock yet), 1080 video card w/ 12gigs Vram. 64GB of Patriot Ram. I took off from FSDT PHOG scenery. Also running the flight sim jewels Hawaii scenery as well. No George Keahogh(sp) stuff. Also, running latest version of REX Sky Force 3D. Everything was fine till I approach PHNL, again FSDT scenery...all updated to run in P3D4.x. By the time I was on final, a total slideshow! Very frustrating. Virus stuff ESET32 excluding folders etc. Same for Malwarebytes. I have read the P3D guides, watched some vids as well. Also, did the flight again, just P3D clear WX...same result. I have FXaa ON, 4xFSAA ON Tried both 33 frames and unlimited...same results. Vsync ON, HDR ON, Meshs etc almost all the way up. I realize I have some tweaking to do, were would you start. Not using Nvidea Inspector at the moment. I thought I had a pretty powerful machine....guess not. Unless I'm missing some settings here. I was flying the latest/last version of Flysimware MU-2 Marquise. I haven't flown around too many more areas, as mentioned..new to P3D. I know I can get smooth flights, just not exactly sure were to start. Most of what I had set, came from the P3D setup guide I believe. Some may have come from forum suggestions as well. At anyrate, just want to enjoy my sim again with smoothness. Any ideas appreciated. What may be the best baseline to start, then increase from there for my machine. Do I need that process lasso to help troubleshoot. Just looking for some ideas please. Thank You. Best, David
  14. Hey folks, just a little FYI re the "heavy feel" on the 737-200. I have over 5,000 hrs both left seat and right seat in this plane. Flew it at SWA, till we phased them out. One of the characteristics I loved on this plane, was a "sports car" type feel to the controls, You could easily fly her with fingertip control. Just a joy to fly. Based on what I have heard thus far of the flight model description, sounds like the flight characteristics are pretty spot on. I don't have the plane, nor XP11, someday perhaps. I am very familiar with the 737-200. When flying the aircraft, it's easier to use Fuel Flows rather than EPR's. If we wanted to maintain 250kts straight level, set 2500 lbs on the fuel flow. If memory serves, I believe once we configured to flaps 30, 2500lbs would work well for approach as well. Flaps 40, seems like I remember around 2800-3000lbs FF for approach. This will get you in the ballpark, if the flight model is close to Boeing specs; I suspect that it will be. We just used EPR for takeoff/go-around settings. If she's like the 737-200 I flew at SWA, you folks will have a blast with her. Another trick we used on landing was the "push" due to the CG location. Just right before touchdown, push forward on the yoke a little, if you time it right.....greaser every time! Have Fun! Best, David
  15. Thanks rightseat. :-) She's a beaut. Looking forward to seeing my girl again. Been in shop since May 8th! Best, David
  16. Will do rightseat. Haven't has a chance to go to SOH as of yet. Hope he's still reachable. No response on the youtube site. Did a nice job, hope I can get the update. Surprised Mark didn't add the enhancement to the MU2. Is that your Cessna in the pic? Nice looking plane. Got mine at the interior shop, getting new insides. Hope it's done soon. Best, David
  17. Aharon, I have looked at numerous flight sequences you have accomplished and posted on the Forum. I have to commend you on being able to fly all those aircraft from the outside view. Especially, your side view landings! Well done! Keep up the good work. You have a good talent. You fly RC planes as well. That would explain your skills of external view flying. Nice Job! Said meekly, I have to cheat a little and use the cockpit to mainly fly. I have very seldom seen any cockpit views in your pics, hence my kudos to you for your external flying skills. Look forward to your next set. Nice Job again! Best, David
  18. Hey, ran across a youtube vid showing this sound upgrade. Very Nice!! The gentleman that did the sound upgrade went by the name of StormILM. I tweaked the internal takeoff sound to make it a little more realistic, instead of the steady drone we had on release. I believe Mark has included that edit since about version 1.6. However, I don't recall seeing anything related to external sound upgrades. It sounds really good. StormILM never released it to my knowledge and search. Does anyone have any updated info? Thanks, David
  19. Hey dualprop etal. she looks good, fine job on the paint scheme. Flown her a couple of times, nice flying jet. Don't know how concerned you are re accuracy;after pushback, towbar gets disconnected, and bypass pin removed. Per our procedures, we have to verify it was removed, and the wireless comm box is disconnected as well. Hope you enjoy her. KMDW is lot of fun in winter or summer on those heavy loaded flights......NOT!! Best, David
  20. other- L188 Electra. Clocks ticking onlast remaining flyable Electras. KBT was fine for its light content David Barnett
  21. MilViz MU2 Solitaire.....Hey I can dream a little. Best, David
  22. But concerning the pics, and this goes out to the seasoned XP simmers in particular, have you ever seen more realistic clouds (atmospheric effects and skies) in X-Plane before? I mean v9 with REX is quite nice. But I really think that, despite all it's problems (in the current state), xEnviro does the best job in representing weather in XP so far. To the above quote: Hello everyone. First off, I don't have xplane at this time. Waiting for the final release to 11, then will most likely check it out. I would like to comment on XEnviro. Granted, this is based on the screenshots and videos I have seen. As a real world pilot flying B737's for a living, with 10's of thousands of hours; I have never in flight sim seen a more accurate depiction as I see out of the window than Xenviro. Yes, I understand the resolution may be low, as well as other issues pointed out to the devs. I believe they will get them fixed soon enough. I will also say, in real world flying, the clouds don't always have a sharp resolution at all. Sometimes they are just out of focus hazy blobs. I believe Xenviro is capturing this look as well as fairly accurate skies as well. Finally, the recent streaming video posted were they shot the ILS, was very realistic looking. With the breaking in and out of the scud layers till the runway was finally visible, looked very real to me. As I have seen it many times on my approaches. I look forward to the many future enhancements of Xennviro. From this real world pilot's limited viewpoint, they have done quite well indeed! Thanks for your time. Best, David
  23. Hey Tanker. The RMI has been fixed. The RCS switches had an issue with shutdown. fixed as well. Should help a lot with can't start issues. Mark as been working diligently on customer reports to better this beautiful plane. Given time, I know Mark will make this the best GA add-on. Little prejudice I know. :-) Luv my MU-2! Best, David
  24. apologies gang. misread my mu2 Marquise manual on shutdown, move power levers to reverse as engine decelerates toward 50% Sorry again for the confusion everyone. Have Fun! David
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