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  1. Hi JIMJAM. No problem guy. You have a BLAST! The important thing, the SSTSIM dev's and beta folks are glad you are enjoying this awesome Concorde. That is the only thing that matters.That said, I hope someday you'll have an opportunity to learn about her...and make a realistic flight across the pond..or where ever you choose. All the info and tools are there. Give it a try sometime. It's actually a BLAST flying this magnificent Concorde procedurally.At any rate JIMJAM...you're having FUN! Enjoy.Best,David
  2. Thanks Dillion. Hopefully downline, I'll be able to do more tuts. I fly for a living, so time is a little limited. Glad your enjoying her.Andrew wrote an awesome tutorial, but folks need to read every section carefully...not skip past anything. If folks do this...they will as you said; have a very rewarding experience flying across the pond.:-) I can remember, my first sucessful flight from EGLL-KJFK. I fly b737's in realworld...so this aircraft was a challenge for me as well....But, what a BLAST!!!I have the ITVV DVD on Concorde. I could watch that DVD, then do almost the same procedures in SSTSIM...lot of fun!Just a tip for everyone getting experinced in this beautiful Concorde.When I was learning, to operate and fly her, I would take it in steps...like a building block principle.Start Cold and Dark. Follow the tutorial and checklists. All the way to the point of being ready for engine start. Then repeat it again, after a couple of times...you'll see that you are actually in a sort of flow pattern for selecting switches and setups. ONce you've done this a couple of times. Save the panel state to this point.Now, move forward with engine start...again repeat that procedure. Then taxi...repeat,takeoff...rinse,repeat..etc. I think you get the idea.after that is very comfortable, then practice with different auto pilot modes, so you can see clearly what Concorde will do with that particualr selection.Once your comfortable with that, time to go supersonic!:-) Follow the tut. closely...pause if you have too...to get a good handle on things. Also might consider saving the flight before going supersonic..so you can just return to this phase again. Fly supersonic, using the auto pilot systems...it won't take long to get the hang of it.:-)Also, as things are settling in supersonic flight..take a look at the fuel panel...if using the VFE...see how the VFE is operating the panel...so when the time comes for you to take the challenge, you'll have a better understanding.OK, now your comfy with supersonic.Let's slow down. Follow the tutorial for De-celFinally, when ready for setting up for landingsa...use the training fuel load...set a good point say 15-20 for an ILS intercept...save the flight at this point, so you can repeat stuff. Then use the Auto-Pilot System to fly the ILS in Normal,Land2,Land3 modes. Once you've done these step by step phases. In a few hours, you'll have a good handle on flying this beautiful bird.Lastly, read the AOM Fuel chapter fully. Get a basic understanding of how fuel is transfered in the plane. Once comfortable with the fuel systems, then follow cold dark phases again..this time turn OFF the VFE...try to manage the fuel yourself. It's not difficult, just different and realistic. :-)Finally, once you can follow the tutorial steps and checklists comfortably. Then do the across the pond tutorial....and have a BLAST! Guarantee, if you take a step by step phase approach....you'll have a very rewarding first flight across the pond! Also, by this time you'll have a very good handle on procedures flying this beautiful Concorde.***One last caveat I forgot mention**** Keep in mind, when resetting the panel state...the INS, WILL NOT reset as well. You'll have to enter the coords everytime. But, when training, this shouldn't present too much of a problem.There is also a great forum on www.sstsim.com, were Andrew Wilson and the Beta and Development team...will be to answer any and all questions.Enjoy everybody!:-) Best,David
  3. HI dillion, did you get your stalling problem worked out.Best,David
  4. Georg. What was your problem with the INS. I did the vid tutorials on the INS for SSTSIM. It was my hope, that everyone would be able to follow them easily. Was there something on the tutorial that was confusing to you. In case, some things wern't clear, I could possibly correct them in the future.Thank You. Enjoy ConcordeBest,David
  5. Hi Alex. Yes there is a VFE(Virtual Fuel Engineer). He/She will handle the important flight regime fuel stuff for you. But if you want to dump fuel, etc. Then that you will,have to do manualy. However, there is a great chart that shows the switches used for moving the fuel. ONce you get the hang of it, it's fairly easy.However, I strongly urge at some point to learn to do the fuel managment yourself, down the road.:-) It is very rewarding to move the fuel around on a supersonic flight. Not too mention alot of fun and gratification. Hope this helps answer your question.You can also go to www.sstsim.com,there is a great forum, FAQ,screenshots. Also, a very friendly and helpful bunch of folks.If you are looking for an exciting challenge, and as close to a feeling of flying Concorde...you can't go wrong with Concorde SSTSIM.:-) Enjoy!!Best,David
  6. Hello simmmers.Just doing a little thinking, re the Captain Sim stuff.I see a lot of postings regarding unfinished stuff...707 comes to mind...and the lack of any fixes.Bare with me a sec. I can remember, when FSDS came out ..we had all the awesome cool planes, also FS wasn't quite as sophisticated. Then GMAX/FSDS2 came along as well as FS2004...which really upped the anti so to speak. All during that cycle, I really wanted to try and design planes,panels etc. Gave up, due to flying job(time).But, most importantly. I got to thinking of my computing knowledge, and programming abilities. I see all the time folks releasing patches on things not working right etc.I look at the posts, and ask myself if it was me that released a plane/panel or one of the other....it wasn't working..."How would I fix it?" It came to me. I don't know! I still don't :-)My hat's off to those that do. I enjoy all the fruits of your labor. A Thank You to All.Getting back to Captain Sim, could it also be possible; the person on the 707 that worked on the systems flight model etc..is no longer with Captain Sim. The present developers.....DOn't know what to do to fix the 707 problems...so they continue to kepp folks in the dark, and release unfinished packages to try and sell more. (JustFlight)Just food for thought. The present folks don't know HOW to fix the problems, that the beta testers brought to thier attention..as well as users. Or it could be as some have surmised all along, CS just doesn't care too much. We'll have to wait and see with the Herk, I guess.Thanks for listening.Best,David
  7. Thanks fellow aviators. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.Johan, it could possibly get real interesting if the trim was off, depending on how the aircraft is loaded. The biggest surprise, because you have flown so much at that trim setting, and you expect the performance to be a certain way....and it's not. It will certainly get your attention. As long as the trim is in the green band, she should fly. The problem the other night as I understand, the % MAC was off calibration in the sim itself. So, it caused the plane to be too nose heavy, with the appropriate trim, set for condition and weight. After compensating, almost 2 more units of up trim....she flew as expected. I know the sim techs were looking into the problem. So hopefully the next time I fly her, she be fine tuned. It's one of my favs, because it has the new HGS 4000 system installed. Very nice system. Hope that helps answer your question.Best,David
  8. Hello fellow avaitors. This posting was brought about, after seeing and thinking of the responses re:PMDG 747-400.OK, to start...I was flying the 737-700, with the "Southwest" style gages. IE: No PFD or ND.OK, all set let's get the pe-flight done. I go thru my litany of flows and setups I have done many times before. Let's see were to fly? I know, let's do a fairly quick fligt at night, from KSLC-KLAS...that should be fun. All right panel is setup, let's get the route in the FMC. OK, typed in....Hmm..FMC doesn't want to accept the routing. Bummer, now it's locked up. OK, let's re-set and try again. OK, did I miss anything? No. Good the FMC took the route this time. Looks good on the LEGS Page. Ok, all set, time for push. Start #2...looks good. Start #1...Hmm, #1 doesn't want to light-off. OK, check all the switches, and also make sure no faults induced. Yep, everything checks. Try again, no light off. Well, another re-set. Gonna be a long night it looks like. :-) OK, finally both started, runing normal. Gotta love that little push back tug..pretty cool. The gate area, looks a little bland though.OK, all checks done..ready for takeoff. Power set, picking up speed...V1..rotate...nice steady pull.....hey....she doesn't want to fly...what is the deal. OK...re-set end of runway. Hmm, trim is set correctly. Well, let's try 2 units more than required. OK, rolling...good she'll fly this time. Allright cleaned up and cruisin..FL290. Let's put in a little tail wind to accelerate the flight a little. OK, let's go direct to the IAF KLAS....Hey what happened to my FMC fixes on the LEGS page! OH, well no problem...I'll just use the DEP/ARR page and reenter my STAR for KLAS, get everything reset. OK, got her set....OK final vectors for the approach...got a visual on KLAS...both beautiful 25l/R runways in sight. :-) Say, were's the strip and the airport terminal. Man, these graphics are kinda sucky. Landing uneventful....but, were's the terminal?Hmm, let's go back to KSLC. Try some Low-Viz approaches. OK, got the WX set up...remember to adjust trim to compensate for flight model.OK, increase thrust....Hmm #1 is flaming out again! Well, that would sure make a V1 cut easier...to have it happen at 50kts instead. :-)OK, let's re-set end of the runway again. Good to go. INcrease thrust, #1 flame out again! Double check for any failures...nope everything looks good. Re-set again. Great, now were locked up. Have to do a re-boot of computer this time. Think I'll take a break while it's re-booting.All right, everything is up and running again. Looks good. OK, take-off normal....everything is good..let's do an approach. OK, checks done all set on final...hmm...were's my flight director? Good thing, I set up a flight on final so I don't have to completely re do everything. Re-set...Ahh there it is. Flight Director normal again.Good approach and Go-Around...truck on runway. :-) OK, time for another ILS...Hmm what happened to my flight director again. Re cycle, Ok...working OK now. All right landing uneventful. WX really Low CAT III stuff. Been awhile since I've done some airwork. Let's take off....do some steep turns, then adjust the WX for Winter...do a low viz approach in the blowing snow...should be pretty cool. Steep turns going nicely....get's the scan going, that's for su......HEY! What happened to the view? Everything just went totally black! I lost my visual! OH well, let's re-set back on the runway again. Hmm, still no visual. OK, let's try a re-set all the way back at the gate..when I first started. Man, still black as night. Everything else is working...just no visual outside the windscreen. Sigh....Guess it's time for another re-boot. I think It's time to call it a night.Now, at this point...I guess your saying to yourself. Man, that dudes flightsim is screwy. Or perhaps, I had some MAJOR BUGS in my PMDG 737-700?If that was the case, I would agree with you. Folks, the above events and situations, did not occur using FS2004 and PMDG 737-700.NO....they occured during a 4 hour sim session I had, at the training center for my airline. In a MULTI-MILLION dollar, full motion, full visual simulator..less than a year old. My instructor hadn't set up any of these failures, they just happened.Granted, some of the low-viz stuff was using the HUD, which in itself can present problems. The missing terminal, strip etc. in KLAS...was missing because there is no airport terminal graphic...just the runways. It's like this at most of the other airports too. Also, while flying, some of the textures will pop into view all the sudden, especially if trying to draw other things as well. IE: Hollywood sign for example. You'll just see a blurry white area, till almost on top of the sign..then it will pop into view.It had also,just undergone a software upgrade recently....IE Patch! One of many the 737-700 sims had undergone in the past few months. These sims have been running for over a year, mine was the newest, so less than 1 year. But, the same type as the others. Why would they even need a patch?What's my point? I guess, it's to point out...nothing is perfect..particuarly when it comes to computer, software and even multi-million dollar simulators.We as FS2004 users, are blessed with some great 3rd party add-ons..a good stable core program in FS2004. Admittedly, it's great to be able to sit in an actual cockpit mock-up, flip switches, move levers etc. But, when nothing seems to be working a portion of the time...sure takes the fun out of it. A re-boot on the simulators, take close to 45 minutes..that is is everything boots up properly. At times, I'll think...this doesn't happen on my PMDG 737 at home. :-)As a real world pilot, I feel that BOTH the PMDG B737-700 NG's and the B747-400, are beautiful pieces of work. One type I fly for a living, the other I fly for fun. ON both of them,I'm able to use real-world procedures to fly them. Are there some anomalies in the PMDG 744...yes, as acknowledged by the developers. Also, in the process of being fixed as we speak..most likely. However, with the limitations of flight sim, I think overall...they have done a #### good job! Given time, the 744 will be rock solid, I truly believe.Folks, All in all. I feel we have it pretty good. Especially, when you see how far we have come. :-)Thanks for listening.Best,David
  9. >well just tried and having some problems>>started 'cold and dark'>set parking brake>set ground power to close>set batteries to on>>at INS>set to stby>power came on ok>set to pos>entered current pos>set to align>set to dsrtk/sts>after a few minutes for warmup>the 9 changed to 8 which indicates alignment has started>>however it stopped at 6 and ater 10 minutes still at 6>never got the green ready light>pressed the hidden quick align button but nothing changed>>didn't however get any bat warnings>>will try again tomorrow>>>>>>John >PSS SUPPORT>support@phoenix-simulation.co.uk>>http://www.avsim.com/pss/phoenix.jpgHello John. On the CIVA, make sure after entering the Parked coords. When switching to align/dstrk/sts...you don't get an error maessage. It's pretty common on the CIVA. If you get the red warn light...just hit the Auto/Man switch, untill the light goes out. It should then align just fine. Usually when it stops at 6..there is an error somewhere that needs to be cleared. Hope this helps. Also, wanted to say; like Concorde very much; however, unfortunately I'll just be a daylight flyer.....can't stand that bronze lighting at night. I'm not sure why you developers keep insisting on this color; but, to me, if something is colored gray and you put a light on it...it will still be gray. Oh well, I'll still enjoy her immensley in the daylight. Thanks for a good product.Best,David
  10. Hi Ray. Thanks again for the helpful info. Based on your input as well as JD's and other's. I think I might just wait for version 4's release. I fly proffessionaly, so it will be nice to come a little closer to real world.Best,David
  11. >David,>>Firstly as JD say's - RC won't cancel your ATC flight unless>you tell it too.>>I've flown Concorde (not the Koch offering) a couple of times>using RC. Taking EGLL-KJFK as an example you would file FL280>as your cruise altitude into RC. You need to do this otherwise>RC will clear you higher before the Accel point south of>Cardiff. By filing FL280 you'll reach that well before the>Accel point and can then request higher. I normally request,>and get, FL550 or thereabouts. FL600 was possible in the real>world but it did depend on air temperature and if the Koch air>file is as good as I've heard it may not be possible to reach>FL600 on that route without suitable air temps. Providing you>maintain a minimum climb rate of 50-100fpm RC won't tell you>off.>>You will get told off by RC if you start descending when you>should be climbing. We don't yet have a version of RC>specifically for Concorde so you have to stick to normal>flight rules. ;) If you restrict your climb rate above FL430>to around 100fpm you should be able to maintain Mach 2.02 and>not need to descend to maintain that speed.>>Concorde didn't have step climbs. Instead it had cruise-climb>where it would climb slowly but continuously once above FL430>maintaining Mach 2.02 only descending where the TAT exceeded>127C. >>Hope that helps,Hello Ray and JD.JD, Ray gave me the answer I was looking for. :-)Ray, Thank You. That is exactly the info. I was seeking. Yes, the Koch Concorde is very sensetive to changes. So, that is good news re rate of climb. That is all I needed to know, in order for my descision to purchase.Thank You.Best,David
  12. I like to fly the awesome Altitude Concorde by Koch. I try and use ATC; but as soon as the plane starts a slow climb...I'm cancelled shortly thereafter. RC seems to be the ticket. So, would this work OK for Concorde...as depending on temps etc....when in Max Cruise/Climb mode..the plane may actually descend again to maintain speed as the real plane does. IE; Step climbs. Getting tired of ATC cancelling...so just wanted to see if RC handled this particular situation well...without ATC hassles and or cancelled flightplan.Thanks for the info.Best,David
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