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  1. Hi Marius,

    I have the Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick and really like it.  I had been using a CH products yoke but the pots became very spikey (did have good service for a number of years though) making straight and level flight a challenge.  The T.16000M utilizes Hall effect sensors, the joystick really allows for fine adjustments to the pitch and roll axes.  I do have a separate set of rudder pedals so cannot comment on how well the "twist" feature works as a rudder. 

    I was also a bit skeptical initially of the joystick's quality due to its price but have been using it for approximately a year and have had no issues so far.  IMHO it does not feel at all like a low priced product.  Additionally, as you mentioned, there are lots of programmable buttons so no worries there.  Hope this helps you in your decision.

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  2. On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 3:38 PM, NismoRR said:

    Here's the Thrustmaster info I just got in an email.


    Thrustmaster is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of FlightSimExpo!

    As 1,000 of the most loyal members of the flight sim community prepare to take flight into Las Vegas for the inaugural Flight Sim Expo, Thrustmaster is also gearing up for what will be what may be its most exciting year ever for flight simmers.

    In the next week, Thrustmaster will announce three new flight products designed for the elite sim gamer. One of which will be a total game-changer for simmers looking to recreate an accurate in-home cockpit experience. And attendees of FlightSimExpo will have a global exclusive first chance to try it for themselves! 

    Thrustmaster hardware will be demonstrated at the following booths:

    Aerosoft (Booth 504): The Hotas Warthog and an exclusive chance to try our brand-new elite flight hardware.

    X-Plane (Booth 501) and MilViz (Booth 307): T-16000 Hotas

    Watch for an extra chance to win your own Thrustmaster gear from FlightSimExpo!

    This event is the first stop on Thrustmaster’s Summer of Flight. We’re thrilled that FlightSimExpo will be the first stop. Follow the official Thrustmaster social network for more hardware details the week before the event. Happy flying!

    Hi Nismo,

    Are you aware if Thrustmaster actually announced / demonstrated at FS Expo any new flight sim products as they indicated in the email you received?

    Thank you.

  3. On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 1:09 PM, KTU said:

    So I like Xplane 11 and how it flies. The only let down is the default scenery or lacking of it. When I fly over Atlanta, nothing resembles it, nothing. When I fly in Fsx or Fsw, I can instantly identify certain buildings and scenery where I live. I've been researching Ortho scenery but it seems it is very involving to add and use. Is there any easier solution for this? I've been playing fsw for the most part and would like to start using Xplane so that it wouldn't be wasted money. Thanks

    I also agree that the default scenery is a bit lacking, however it is default.  I recently downloaded AI Pilot's HD Mesh V4 Scenery and it really improves the default significantly.  Great work and contribution!  If possible, t would be great to have some significant landmarks depicted such as professional sports stadiums, unique buildings (i.e. the space needle for Seattle), prominent golf courses, etc.  Maybe there is a limitation in the landclass / objects representation for X-plane scenery or conversely a significant amount of work involved.   Also, am not seeing white sand beaches, multi-colored water in various coastline areas - maybe there is an add-on to purchase / download?


  4. I will be purchasing X-Plane and would appreciate any comments as to whether it is best to order the DVD's or purchase the download version (I do have a pretty fast internet connection - 100mbps).  My query mostly pertains to whether it is necessary / desirable to maintain a "back-up" of the program and if so which format is the easiest / most preferable to do so.

    Thank you very much.

  5. I would like to thank each of you for your responses. I do enjoy both GA and airliner flying....was hoping to buy some good payware aircraft in both genres. It appears that the primary differences between the sims are a bit more eye candy in FSX vs. an enhanced FS9, expecially for low and slow GA flying, but with FS9 having superior system performance over the range of aircraft / scenery. System performance is important to me, so it looks like I should give FS9 a bit of a facelift with some good payware and see how it goes....maybe will even extend the life of my current PC a little.Thanks again everyone!

  6. Was wondering if the opinion of most users is that they would like to migrate to FSX but are remaining with FS9 due to PC limitations and / or their current investment in FS9 add-ons. My current PC specs are: P4 3.6 mhz, 3GB ram, with an ATI X800 XT 256MB vidcard and a pretty basic FS9 installation. I would like to purchase some payware aircraft and scenery enhancements (UTUSA, GE Pro, FS Genesis mesh,etc.) but am not sure whether the investment in FS9 add-ons is worthwhile if I plan to upgrade my PC in approx. 12 months to a more FSX capable machine.Thanks.

  7. I just purchased the 76m mesh for FS9 for the US and say it has a very good balance without airport on plateaus etc. Not saying you wont see some (such as KDEN) but overall I'm very happy with my $9 purchase for the US at 76m.I had purchased the 38m for FSX but the plateuing was just too much for me so I uninstalled it.Just my $9 worth of infoSean
    I just purchased the 76m mesh for FS9 for the US and say it has a very good balance without airport on plateaus etc. Not saying you wont see some (such as KDEN) but overall I'm very happy with my $9 purchase for the US at 76m.I had purchased the 38m for FSX but the plateuing was just too much for me so I uninstalled it.Just my $9 worth of infoSean
    Hi Sean,Thank you for your reply....sounds like the 76m mesh is a good compromise at a great price. Jeff

  8. I currently do not have any scenery enhancements for FS9, but would now like to purchase a select few. I have read previous posts regarding FsGenesis terrain mesh and for the most part have found very favorable responses. However, there appear to be a number of flightsimmers who eventually removed the terrain mesh due to its resulting in numerous elevated airports, lakes, etc. A common thread seemed to be their utilization of the 38mm terrain mesh. Has anyone utilized a lesser detailed mesh from FsGenesis (i.e. 76mm, 153mm, etc.) to determine if there may be an optimal balance between improving the FS9 default mesh while also minimizing the elevated airports, lakes, etc.?Thanks very much.

  9. Gentlemen,I was considering moving from FS9 to FSX however my system specs compared to Mike's are downright embarassing. Is FSX basically unusable with the below system (i.e sliders only half way, etc.)?Processor - P4 3.6ghz HTRAM - 3GBVideo card - Radeon X800 XT 256 MB Operating system - Windows XP proWould most likely add the Level D 767, UTX and GEX.Thanks for any advice on whether to move or stay put.Jeff

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