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  1. Reading a couple of reports that DX12 + G2 yields performance improvements (possibly including using DLSS) with none of the artifacts that MSFS warned about Is anyone seeing the same? I'm hesitant to join the beta because it partially breaks the OpenXR Tool Kit, but good VR DX12 results plus the other VR improvements could be worth the price of admission. 😉
  2. Flying on Vatsim with a full compliment of controllers from departure to arrival is Vatsim (and MSFS) at its best IMO, but I want to put in a good word for Vatsim unicom flying. I've been in many situations where the pilots communicate with each other to "pseudo" control the airspace and they can do a decent job of it, even to the point we can get a string of lights set up on final approach. That aspect can be challenging and a lot of fun and is probably similar to flying into/out of busy, uncontrolled airfields IRL. Even at times when pilot activity itself is light in an area you're flying through, well...a live Vatsim pilot is worth 10+ AI pilots IMO (and I have a lot of experience programing AI pilots).
  3. Same here. No engine vibration on ground. In the air though, the g-force effects are too much for VR (I like them in 2d). I tried to turn down g-force to the lowest level, but it was still too much in VR.
  4. Thanks!! I just wanted to inc/dec heading and alt on the FCP using my X56, worked great!
  5. The EFB seems very creative and that's compared to a very good FBW EFB.
  6. It really is! Their graphic artist(s) have done a professional job creating an accurate VC (along with updated textures and sounds) and that carries over into VR nicely.
  7. Just in that area on my round-the-world trip! Amazing place!
  8. Yes, it is not available via their installer. I download the experimental version from their website: click on "Learn More," then link near bottom. Experimental version worked for me in the SU 7 beta hotfix. Double checked files, build date 12/9. However, if you're learning the airplane, best to use developmental version.
  9. Yes, download the latest version, which came out yesterday I think. I recommend the experimental version for its TCAS support (especially if using Vatsim).
  10. Agreed, similar specs as you except switching between monitor & VR (HP G2). Peak flight sim days for me and I've been here a LONG time. Using FBW A320/WT CRJ/H145/Bell frequently.
  11. Thanks! Yes, generally if there is only a particular function(s) you want to use in AIGround or AIFlow (e.g., in order to let Federico's utility do the heavy lifting), the AIGround and AIFlow .ini file can be modified to turn everything else off.
  12. Thanks! Good suggestion re: 90 deg turns. My prior AIController read the scenery .bgl files and knew the taxi routes out of the terminal area and thus could figure out the correct 90 deg. turn direction. However, AIGround is sort of a bare-bones version of AIController and doesn't read the scenery bgl files, thus the 180 deg turn to ensure the AI doesn't end up accidentally pointing into the corner of a terminal area after pushback. I might be able to figure out a way to reliably do 90 deg. turns without reading .bgl data though, I'll keep looking into it.
  13. Seeing the same here with a different config: 3800x/570/3090/HP G2. The 457.30 is just a lot smoother than 461.33 on my setup.
  14. Yep, especially g2 and AMD X570 motherboards. The problems the OP describe are very similar to the problems I've been experiencing with my X570 board and the g2. I was able to reduce the symptoms significantly by using an unpowered USB hub and finding a port that worked best, which makes me think the problem is some type of timing/impedance issue that the X570 USB drivers can't handle due to the G2's long cord. Hopefully a driver update will come out soon. At least HP is acknowledging it.
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