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  1. Jonh,thank you for your answer. As me being harsh I agree with you and I apologise. I used to sign all my e-mails with my firt name initial p (paolo), that's the reason why I disregarded the forum rule.I used to receive quick answers from PMDG team too, but that was long time ago.....Thanks again JonhI will try to figure out why FS9.exe calls for that file.Regards,PAOLO
  2. My first msg got completely ignored by the PMDG team. Hopefully this time some of them will spent five minutes to take a look at my problem.Again, FS9 crashes while I am flying the 747 with any livery. In particular using Filemon I found out that FS9 is looking for a file in the following directory:C:....Flight Simulator 9aircraftPMDG747-400texture.lh.datNow my question is: Should such a file exist in the PMDG747-400 directory?? Thank you very muchp
  3. I did try to reinstall the liveries. But the point is that that file doesn't exist any of the PMDG directories.Thanks anyway for the your suggestion.p
  4. I am experiencing a CTD when I fly the 747. Using Filemon I found out that FS9 looks for a texture file called: "texture.lh.dat". In the directory: "C:...FS9AircraftPMDG747texture.lh.dat" (I am using Lufthansa livery). The same thing happens also using other liveries. (In that case the name of the missing file chages accordingly).Any idea how can I fix it? (I don't have the 737 installed, but I have the 747 Cargo).Thank you very much.p
  5. Problem solved! I updated the MB's bios and now it works.
  6. Hi everybody, recently I am having a really weird problem. I load a situation (or I create it), but after around 7 minutes FS9 starts to reload all the textures (airplane, scenery and so on) every 20 seconds. It looks like when you switch the view and you wait few seconds for the texture to be loaded. The problem is that it does like that, even if you don't switch the view. I tried with some diffrerent catalyst but the problem is still there. My configuration is: AMD FX 57, Asus A8R32 Deluxe, 2 radeon x1800 in crossfire setup.Any idea?Thank you very, much.Pap
  7. Where can I find this package?ThanksPap
  8. Is the Boeing BBJ a new version of the Boeing 737-900 serie or is a different plane?Thank youpap
  9. I would like to buy a 737 and I was thinking about the Ariane 737-900 Ng VCe. I read some posts about Ariane and I am even more confuse than before. It seems that a lot of people dislike Ariane, and the activation is a nightmare. Anyway looking at their website the plane looks great. What I found extremely weird is that I couldn't find any english review of the plan. It appears that Ariane company is out of the most popular networks.Can anybody help me to resolve my doubts about the quality of the plan?Thank you very muchpap
  10. I already own the PMDG, but according to the screenshots I have seen so far, the Ariane one looks better. Is the BBJ a new model in the 737 900 serie or is a different plane?The Ariane address is http://www.arianedesign.com/catalogue.asp.Thank you
  11. Thank you for your answer. Now I am less confuse, but still I have few questions:1) is the VC completely clickable (I mean can I fly using just the VC)?2) should I work on the VC resolution to make it readable (usually I paly 1280x1024), if the answer is yes is this difficult to do?I am not a computer programmer and I don't want to buy an expensive product that cause me headaches to intall or tune it.Thanks againpap
  12. No problem your support is really good!! I did it and now it's working. I am gona try the first flight right now.Thank you very muchByePaolo
  13. When I try to load an FS2004 flight plan I get this message:Run time error 713.Class not registered.And it says I have to install this file: MSSTDFMT.DLL.I did it, I have installed it in windows/system.After I tryed again but still I get the same error message.What can I do?Thank youPaolo
  14. Nope I didn't. I will send it right away.ThanksPaolo
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