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  1. Hi @Rob Ainscough , I'm really looking forward to your reviews on both the 2080ti and the i9-9900K... I'm holding off on these before starting to build my new gaming PC!
  2. Awesome! I have added it to my Amazon/Newegg wish-list! I do agree with what you are saying though. Especially when paying top dollars for a very good motherboard and GPU.
  3. Just trying to be like you, @Rob Ainscough! LOL That is a very nice looking case indeed! You prefer horizontally mounted motherboards? Now that you mention that, I have never really given it much thought! Why do you prefer them like that? I really don't want to hijack this thread, so feel free to PM me if you want. Thanks brother!
  4. @Rob Ainscough What's a nice case for this system? I don't mind if it's a full tower case. Just one that can easily accommodate cooling solutions and future expansions. I couldn't care less about drive bays for blurays and DVDs because I don't have any use for those anymore. Just be a breeze to work with and spacious.
  5. WOW, San Juan 2000 and AirPUERTORICO!!! Great memories indeed, my friend! Yes, I will do exactly that. Wait a few more months for all new hardware to come out and capitalize on holiday specials.
  6. Thanks so much for this info, Chock. Being that VR and DCS is #1 on my wish list, I will definitely keep reading up to get myself up-to-speed while new hardware cycle approaches for both GPU and CPU. Christmas will definitely be a fun one for me and my hobby!
  7. That’s the purpose of asking, to get everyone’s different input. One of the suggestions was to purchase one from Jetline and I simply said that I could probably save some money by building it myself. I really don’t see “why you are wondering why ask in the first place”. Isn’t this what the forums are for? Ask everyone’s opinion and go with the one that suits you best or a combination of many suggestions.
  8. Yes, I will definitely wait a bit before committing to a purchase. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up as well, I can definitely get some good deals and hopefully on newer hardware architecture.j Thanks for the heads up on VAS. I for sure will stick with P3DV4 and X-Plane. How about DCS, is that a 64-bit application?
  9. Huh? What are you talking about? Where did I say I was out of the loop? I said that after a 3 year pause, I am ready to get back to flight simming. I really don’t understand your comment.
  10. Thanks, Elaine! Happy to be back! Yea, I see what you are saying. Maybe it's just that I've been building my own PCs since the early 90s. Actually I have never purchased a pre-built system! I love tinkering with systems and screwing them up. LOL Thanks for the suggestion though, I really appreciate it. That is something I will definitely be doing. See what they have to offer and use that as a baseline for my build.
  11. Thanks for the Jetlinesystems suggestion, guys. I will check them out indeed, though I am a builder myself. I think I can benefit from purchasing the parts and buidling it myself. What are the advantages of going with Jetlinesystems, over building my own?
  12. Hey everyone, after a 3 year pause, I am slowly getting back to my beloved hobby and boy have things changed! In a nutshell, I moved to Orlando, FL, got a new job and just have been settling in with hardly any time for simming. As a matter of fact, I don't even have my simming PC and peripherals anymore! Basically starting from scratch again and I am completely lost! Even my website, livedispatch.org closed down. With that being said, I have a ton of catching up to do and I am seriously thinking about going the VR route with DCS and P3D. I have started doing research on a new PC build but with new CPUs and GPUs coming out in the next few weeks and Black Friday / Cyber Monday around the corner, I think it would be best for me to wait a couple more months before I commit into purchasing hardware. Any suggestions on what should I get for my new simming PC? Remember, I want to focus on VR usage along with DCS/P3D and perhaps X-plane as well. Looking forward to your suggestions and boy it's great to be back! PS: Here is what I currently have saved on my Amazon shopping list. How does this look so far? https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3CP4MES8AYVV1 Efrain Ruiz (BimmerCop)
  13. No, you cannot run VoxTC over a network.
  14. I manually removed what I thought were the BGL files that display the bridges but they still showed up. After further experimenting, the bridges themselves are tied into the terminal buildings BGL. Of course I did not want to get rid of the terminal buildings, so I am stuck with the elevated bridges, until this is fixed. T2G did say that it is impossible to do but we all know other developers have been able to create 3D bridges that have AI traffic taxi over them.
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