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  1. misho_TerraBuilder

    FSX SpacePort

    Certainly! Check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TBAdmin While we are busy with developing this sim, we'll periodically make promo videos showing the progress. Cheers, Misho
  2. misho_TerraBuilder

    Orbiting in FSX?

    Not true, sir :wink: . Please check out my post here
  3. Hello all, I've been working on this project for quite a while now, and as of a few months ago, I've overcame a major go-nogo hurdle, so I am extremely excited to announce this: I've coupled FSX with a SimConnect DLL that utilizes a third-party fully-featured physics library to create an add on that will allow FSX to simulate spaceflight through a high-fidelity ballistic astrodynamic flight model. The physics model has highly capable set of features which will allow FSX users to define launch "stack" architecture in minute details, utilizing existing FSX SDK tools to create content and expand on the FSX functionality to push FSX into Earth orbit and outer space. This is NOT slew-driven engine; this is a completely new flight model that overrides FSX's existing flight model and re-defines the object using astrodynamic properties. Major features of the spaceflight dynamics module: deterministic, non-iterative dynamics solver fully-featured, high-fidelity collision engine precise point-force modelling (not just torques applied over major axis) ability to assemble a launch "stack" and simulate launch, staging and orbit insertion ability to build (assemble) and maintain persistent orbital structures ability to dock with other objects in orbit, and to swap user control User will be able to design content with all the usual FSX SDK tools, and expand it with a set of spaceflight-specific features to define it as a spaceflight object, be it payload, manned capsule, cargo, booster, main lifter, mating adapter, or whatever. While the current FSX limitations prohibit venturing too far from Earth (but far enough to have fun :wink: ), I've been exploring ways on how to simulate trip form Earth to other solar system bodies and I've had a few promising results. That, however, is a long term plan. For now, I'll include a few screenshots of the test scenarios I've been running while developing this engine. Enjoy!
  4. misho_TerraBuilder

    TerraBuilder for FSX

    Hi! Thanks for the interest! We've just released TerraBuilder FSX, please check it out at www.terrabuilder.com. All the rest of our products are still available, and we're working on a few new and exciting releases! best regards, Misho
  5. misho_TerraBuilder

    TerraBuilderMoon - Bravo Zulu

    Actually... we'll consider it. The effect should be similar to the floatplane leaving wake behind, but perhaps making it persistent (not fading away)Misho
  6. misho_TerraBuilder

    TerraBuilderMoon - Bravo Zulu

    Thanks Rowan!Yes, an autopilot for MoonHopper would be great, BUT, making an autopilot for a helicopter flight model is a major challenge. There IS a free add-on autopilot in the AVSIM library that we tried and it seemed to work well - if you'd like, I can point it out to you.As for the add-ons, you're in luck: All THREE of the spacecraft you have on your wish list are in our workshop already! Two other spacecraft we're planning are Apollo's One-man LFV (lunar flying vehicle, almost like a flying scooter), which was in the late stages of development and would have been deployed if Apollo wasn't canceled, and Russian LOK, manned lunar lander which would have beaten American to the moon if Russians got their N1 rocket going. First to leave the garage is an Apollo LRV (lunar roving vehicle). Modeled from original NASA blueprints, it is completely authentic down to the last nut and bolt, with animated suspension components, 4-wheel steering and custom instrumentation. Check out the screenshots of the MAX model, work in progress:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185854.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185855.jpgThis add-on will be completely FREE for the TerraBuilder:Moon users!Cheers,Misho
  7. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Fair enough, Sue :)Another VERY important tip is to set ALL of the realism to the simplest settings. This will turn off all of the effects associated with helicopter gyroscopic forces, which rocket engines don't suffer from, as there are no rotating parts, except small fuel pumps whose moments of inertia are negligible. This "tip" has actually been omitted from being mentioned anywhere in the setup or instructions, and we'll make sure that in the next release we adjust these settings by default and avoid users having control problems.Misho
  8. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Thanks Mike,That does the trick, but not all the way... There is still a sliver of blue far in the distance. We're still hacking away at this. Again, this is not happening on all hardware setups.Misho
  9. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Mike, The newest version did not fix the blue polys (that seems to be the hardware issue) but you should now be getting TBMLog.txtMisho
  10. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Yeah, I forgot that in the latest version we create the log file in any case.Do you have the latest version downloaded and installed? It should be 1.00.03, December 11th 2007.Misho
  11. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Yeah - seems to be the hardware issue. Try updating to the latest version - the user above who reported it said it helped a bit but not entirely.We're not seeing this in FSX, btw... (on our beta TBM for FSX)no TBMLog.txt? Are you running Vista? it should have produced it even if everything went fine...Misho
  12. misho_TerraBuilder

    Mars roving to Moon roving?

    Awesome (albeit the images are huge ... hard to see the whole vehicle)Why not taking a stab at it and designing a first free add-on for an add-on? :)Interestingly enough, we have developed a proof of concept buggy for TBM that looked a lot like the open-cage design you have there. It drives great and works very well on the lunar surface - it can climb almost 50 deg slopes... and it can tumble down the grade with the best of them.If you want to develop a visual model w/gmax, we can provide you with the drive model.Misho
  13. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Uh oh, I think the installation and/or the mode switching has somewhere gone awry. You should DEFINITELY be getting the learning center stuff, and the globe of the moon when zoomed out (that's what you mean, right?)During installation, did you receive any messages? Also, during mode switch, were there any warnings?Next, would you mind going to the FS9 root directory and locating and sending me "TBMLog.txt" file (if it exists - if it doesn't then never mind. It gets created only if there is something wrong)Finally, can you take a screenshot of your FS9 directory, main level only? I'd like to see if all the components are in place.Thanks,Mishoterrabuilder@gmail.com
  14. misho_TerraBuilder

    Terrabuilder Moon problems

    Hi,I am not sure about the frame rates... This may depend on any of the add-ons for FS9 that you may have installed previously. As you may expect, it would be very difficult to test all the possible add-on combinations of FS9. All of our rigs run fairly clean FS9 installs and the frame rates are between 30-60.Can you tell me what add-ons you are running?Do you have the updated F9 version?Are you running XP or Vista?The blue polys in the distance are a known issue which depends on the video hardware. One (and only one) of our test rigs has that issue, and it runs a beefy 512Mb ATI Video card. Other rigs with ATIs (256Mb versions) don't have that issue. We've been hoping that this was unique to that rig, and you're the first user to observe this as well. We'll look into this issue - it may be a simple ATI driver upgrade.Misho
  15. misho_TerraBuilder

    Quick multiplayer question...

    Hello all,Does anyone know if there is a limit of users/participants in a multiplayer on-line environment?thanks,Misho