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  1. I found the solution to my problem. ==================http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=4647&page=2==================John,Success but for a different reason!I had already re-installed everything, including FS9. Yesterday I noticed the same problem on another 3rd party plane, thus changing everything.After hectic searching discovered it was the memory usage settings:-System-advanced-performance-settings-advanced-memory usageChanging this back to "programs" rather than "system cache" and fixed everything.Thanks for the help.BL==================
  2. As above, I have installed nothing other than MS2004, Patch 9.1, and AirbusPro. I have in the past added liveries and had the same thing happen.I am finding it with all three plane types and all varients. Sometimes when I load the game I can spawn and all textures are available until a few minutes have passed. It begins, typically, with the internal cockpit textures not being available, when I look externally the wheels and a few around the engines and/or wings are gone, after a few more minutes all textures are gone and it's just the grey plane.The last time I started the game all textures were missing even in the preview screen before launching into the arena and the plane showed up null in the game.It's pretty clear to me that there's a texture loading or clearing error of some type as the problem is degenerative, and it's not actually related to the file call since the program does seem to be able to find the files at some point to get the textures right.Incidently, just for fun I was running my temperature probe on my video card and motherboard and that's not it. The problem occured with the same basic pattern regardless of temperature and did not occur with other planes.
  3. I don't doubt that all I should have to do is run the installer. I did that as my last post described in detail. Yet I'm still having the problem. I also brought this problem to you four or more months ago and downloaded and installed the lastest AirbusPro. I uninstalled and reinstalled MS2004, got new drivers, etc..So once again, I have done all that typical reinstall and drivers stuff and am looking for the next layer of tech support.As to why I copied the PSS/Textures directory, I did so because it's the directory that I'm getting the error message that the directory can't be found. So I'm placing it in various places where it could be found.I reference this thread for you:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=search
  4. I think I should go through this in more detail.I have uninstalled and reinstalled MSFS2004; in between I deleted every single setup file including the hidden directories; I have downloaded the latest PSS files (as of Thursday July 7th); I have checked your other posts where you ran through the files that should be there and they're all there; I have copied the missing directory to my main directory, to Program Files, to Microsoft Games; I've removed and reseated my video card; I've downloaded my new video drivers (and tried multiple versions of my drivers); I've fully upgraded windows. Nothing has fixed this problem. It doesn't manifest with any other planes other than the PSS Airbus Pro and 330/340 that I have purchased from you folks. I have not added any new planes other than yours and I haven't modified the game in any way whatsoever other than installing the 9.1 patch. That includes no installed skins.Let me know what further information you need to diagnose this issue and provide me with a fix.
  5. I was just doing a forum search on this problem and I have the exact same problem. I've reported it before without resolution.Does anyone have any ideas here?
  6. It's not "slow texture loading", it's "textures not loading at all". Wheels, interior cockpits (other than the panels), engine fans, engine mounts, and wing textures are just not loading. They're not even present in the little preview window you see when selecting the plane. After a while of flying the entire plane stops loading textures and it's the bare 3d model. The panels are still there but there are no textures.I've tried bottoming out the settings (did it just now again), including traffic, and selected 10 FPS (and then 32 FPS) and saw the exact same thing. As I've said, I've done this with completely fresh installs of FS9 with nothing in FS other than the patch, PSS, and the PSS panel click patch installed.
  7. I'm still stymied by this problem. Any ideas?Incidently, it's the PSSAirbusPro I'm having problems with.
  8. I have the same problem. I haven't converted from one game to the other, however.I've reinstalled both FS9 and AirbusPro software from scratch with everything previously deleted.It's not all the textures that are gone, it starts off as just the wheels, engine mounts and wings but after flying around for a bit it because the entire plane. It doesn't matter which plane I use the same thing happens.The problem occurs with a clean Fs9 with only the 9.1 upgrade and PSS added. Some quickie specsIntel 2.4 Ghz1024 ramRadeon 9600XT (256) - latest drivers (April 7, 2005)Fs9 upgraded to 9.1
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