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  1. Did you try deleting or renaming the FSUIPC.ini file to see if that helps resolve the issue?  This can happen when an incorrect entry gets made to that file related to Flaps it seems and deleting it allowing it to regenerate will normally correct the issue.


    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I ran into this today as well.  P3D v3.4, Registered FSUIPC.  I don't have any flaps settings for controls for this aircraft, only others, as I use fs2crew for this.  Can you be more specific about what entries might be problematic?





  2. Howdy! Giving this a shot.  I did the PTA stuff as well as the ReShade stuff and both appear to be working.  I'm using ASCA/ENVTEX so I didn't do the sky colors and the like.


    Doing a flight right now with fairly cloudy weather at S45 Siletz Bay at around 16:20 local time.  The sky and clouds look magnificent, as does the cockpit (unlit J3 Cub.)  However, the terrain is rather dark - is this expected?




    It looks nice, but it's incredibly hard to see any detail at all.  If that's how it's supposed to be in fairly cloudy weather at dusk, then I guess I'd be curious how to brighten the terrain somewhat.  It looks very nice otherwise, so far!




    Edit: I'm adding a 3rd image to the album, should be up soon.  It shows something a bit weird, in that the terrain seems visible where there's not cockpit shadows.  FWIW I went to a spot view to rule out incompatibilities with the J3 Cub in P3D and it's still very dark.  That shadow thing is weird though!


    Edit 2: Adding a couple more images to the album.  I also noticed a weirdness with ORBX Trees HD.  They're outlined in some lighting conditions.  I've put some labels on the images in the album to help clear things up maybe.

  3. FWIW I ran into this exact problem with the Thopat settings.  It turned out that my monitor got put into "game" color mode and was making things astonishingly blue, and the preset brought it out.  I changed it back to sRGB and it looks amazingly better now, in all cases.


    Check your monitor's color settings.




    Edit: Try opening the screenshots on your phone or another computer and see if htey still look as blue.  I noticed when I opened my screenshots on a laptop and was wondering why I thought it was blue in the first place.

  4. Is it just me or are late afternoon winter textures (at least over Idaho) extremely blue?  The cockpit looks great, but everything outside is like there's a blue filter applied over it.  Is this expected?




    Pertinent Addons are AS16+ASCA+FTX Everything+REX Texture Direct 4 for water and a couple other things.




    Edit: Hmm, looking at it on a laptop it seems less blue.  Adjusting my monitor seems to be helping (Dell U3011, it somehow got on Game mode instead of either Adobe RGB or sRGB.  Both of those look fine.)


    Ignore this, I think it's fixed.


    Edit 2: It's still a little blue, but I'm guessing that's expected.  I might tone that down a bit.  IF anyone knows which specific settings to do, let me know I suppose.  Thanks!

  5. Yep, correct, to exploit/attack the server. nothing will happen on your client PC...


    Provided you don't have php installed on your system, which some people will - linux and mac will generally by default, and windows will if someone installs it.  I agree with you for the most part but there's always exceptions :)


    It would be a rather uncommon and strange attack vector, though.



  6. When I went to Orbx forum a file was downloaded automatically be careful - never seen this before - was working fine 2 hours ago - whats up with that 



    Yes, so it does. Can not avoid downloading that mysterious file when one trying to go ORBX -forum. Very strange...





    Dumb file but not good - hope they were not hacked - looks like it 


    As I mentioned earlier, based on the previous server issues they were having, I think it's just a server issue with the MIME handling set wrong, as well as their board is wonked up.  I looked at the source of the php file it downloads and it's just a standard IPB header and is completely harmless.


    As a rule though, it's better to not save these things when you're not expecting them :)



  7. They have issues on the server - in this particular case, my guess is something with MIME types is off and so the server is offering the page for download rather than displaying it.  Their site has been on the fritz for quite some time now.  Don't download the file it offers - it's most likely not malicious unless they got hacked, but it's useless to you.



  8. Elaboration perhaps


    He used "alliteration" when he meant another word and I'm being a snot and alluding to Princess Bride :)


    -stefan strandberg


    1. the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

  9. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical of this since a lot of the screenshots people are posting look incredibly washed out in the light areas and "burnt" in the dark areas, but with some tweaking of the HDR settings and using the "Medium" option for everything, things look very very good.


    For anyone else who thinks this whole thing looks incredibly overblown, I suggest giving it a try yourself and using a bit of moderation with the settings, and I think you'll be pleased with the result.


    Thanks for making this, it's very very good!



  10. I have no idea if it will be of any help, but I've never run anything as Administrator, just as myself (Administrator-level account, but not running as administrator) and I'm yet to see this issue despite a number of longer flights in both the 737 and the 777. 


    -stefan strandberg

  11. Great, glad things seem to be going better!  Keep working on those normal procedures, read the FCTM when you have time, and look things up in the FCOMs when you're curious about things.


    Good luck!!


    -stefan strandberg


    Edit: You have some alerts on your EICAS for the fuel tanks!  This might be a good exercise to practice using the QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) to see what to do about those warnings.  Let me know if you need help doing that!

  12. Thank you, what kind of program is FCOM2, i cant find it on YouTube...


    Thanks, you mean, when you flying at 2000", and you have to make a Go-Around, the aircraft must rise again, and if you reached TA, again clicking STD, and when you get above TL then you should during the fall again STD press when you cross TL.


    At what time I can change the best approach TRANS ALT in VNAV during the flight?


    FCOM2 is Volume 2 of the FCOM (Flight Crew Operations Manual) that came in the documentation of the plane you purchased from PMDG.


    For now, I strongly suggest not worrying about setting STD on a go-around.  Worry about that later.  Keep redoing the tutorial flight (or do similiar flights while applying what you learned in the tutorial flight) and worry about Go-Arounds later, especially setting the altimeter to STD for go-arounds.


    For now, set the TA on the ground before you leave, and set the TL either on the ground before you leave, or while in cruise.  Seriously, don't worry about the TA again until your next flight.


    -stefan strandberg

  13. After starting of descent i switched of STD




    After crossing TL i pressed STD on again, and also i pressed the B for the right QNH.




    Maybe i'm making still a mistake at 4.) :Nail Biting:


    Regards Jaap


    Yes - you're making the mistake when switching off STD at start of descent.  Leave it in STD during your descent until you're crossing the TL.


    By pressing STD teh second time and then hitting B, I think you're just preloading it in STD mode, which isn't what you want.  I think that's how the 777 works - the NGX would probably put it back.  But hte point is you shouldn't press it when starting your descent, only when you're far enough along that you're crossing the TL during your descent.


    The short version is when you're closer to the ground, you're in local mode, and when you're further from the ground, you're in STD mode.  That's a gross oversimplification, but maybe it will help!


    You're close, though!


    -stefan strandberg

  14. I think something's still not quite right.  On almost every flight, even ones iwth missed approaches, you press STD *one time* as you are climbing, when you are crossing the TA (transition altitude.)  You then press STD *one time* when you are descending, when you are crossing the TL (transition level.)  You will never press it again unless you have a divert with a climb after crossing it, but you shouldn't be worrying about that right now.  Basically it is a button that is hit twice and only twice on each flight.  Don't press it after a missed approach.


    You're doing pretty well though and starting to get the hang of things it sounds, you're just overthinking the STD button.


    -stefan strandberg


    (yes I know there are exceptions to this, but now isn't the time to be worrying about that.)

  15. The T7 is flying now, once i have to change the TA to 5000' for EDDH, i'think during decent?



    Okay, thank you!!


    Don't worry about the TA during descent, it won't be used after the initial climb.  You'll stay on local QNH during any go-arounds, and if you somehow end up going around and diverting that's an abnormal procedure I think which means the QRH would probably talk about it.  It's not something you normally set after your initial climb as far as I recall, so don't worry about it.  Honestly I still think you're somewhat overthinking this for your current knowledge of the plane, but that's just personal opinion.


    -stefan strandberg

  16. Looking at my various charts (including the navigraph lido charts) I only see the TA, not the TL.  For sim purposes when not flying on VATSIM either use the TA + 1000 feet, or use the TA, or if in the US it's FL180.  Right now I'm more worried about getting your flows right than getting the specifics like that correct.  Also, I may be misreading you a bit, but you can set the TL before or during flight.  You don't change anything you set earlier.


    You set the TA on the "Climb" VNAV page, and you set the TL on the "Forecast" page of the "Descent" VNAV page.  A bit confusing, to be sure.  Does that help at all?  For now though I'd worry less about what the specific correct TA/TL are until you get the hang of where to set them and when to use STD.


    -stefan strandberg

  17. RAAS is going to get a bit confused if STD is changed a lot.  Here's your basic flow for the barometer setting in flight.


    1.) While on ground, change the 2 position selector knob to either IN (your pressure would be something like 29.92 for this) or HPA (something like 1013,) depending on your origin location.  Generically speaking, use IN in the USA and HPA everywhere else.  There are exceptions, but that's the short version.

    2.) Set barometer to local pressure via either turning the knob or just cheating and pressing "b"

    3.) After taking off, during climb, press the button for "STD" when passing the Transition Altitude.

    4.) Leave it in STD for cruise and the beginning of your descent

    5.) When in cruise, change the 2 position selector to either IN or HPA if it'll be the different format where you're landing than where you took off (i.e. KORD->EGLL or whatever)

    6.) When crossing the Transition Level in descent, press the button for "STD" again, and set the altimeter to whatever ATC or your weather program tells you (or just cheat and press "b" again)

    7.) Don't hit the STD button anymore, just adjust to match pressure changes during your descent from either changing weather or just different weather at your location.  As this is a sim, don't feel bad about hitting "b" a few more times, mainly when you're starting your final approach.


    Note that I'm only addressing the barometer setting here and not anything with regards to DH or anything.  Does this clear anything up?




    -stefan strandberg

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