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  1. Is your route entered into the FMC correctly? If you accidentally entered a leg on the wrong side of the earth, that could easily do it. Step through the route to make sure it looks OK. Also, did you maybe set a very high fuel reserve?-stefan

  2. Hi John,I'm mostly going off of memory here, since I haven't been able to fly the 737 since I switched to FSX, but I'll try to help here.1. IRS not simulated - yeah, pretty much. Honestly other than starting the plane up, I don't think you'd notice it.2. EICAS screen switches "inop" - As another poster said, I think you need to go into the PMDG options and set a carrier option for it to be active. I know for a fact that it works, because I used it all the time. I forget the exact name of the carrier option.3. no cold & dark function - I think there are a few options here. The first option is to start your flight with the default cessna loaded. Kill the mixture, the avionics switch, the mags, and the battery/master switch, and then switch to the 737. I think the cockpit will then be in a cold & dark state. You could then save the flight, I suppose, but I recall that loading the default cessna first improved performance for some reason.Good luck, hope that helps.-stefan

  3. Hi,I did a search and read through various threads, and didn't find a solution other than "Run Windows XP, not Vista." Well, I am running Windows XP :)This is a brand new, fresh install. MSI P35D3 Platinum Motherboard, Intel E8400, 4GB DDR3 RAM. I just built the machine yesterday. It has a slightly older Sapphire Radeon X1900 XTX for a video card.FSX is installed on its own drive, with the following addons, and nothing else:Ultimate Terrain X - USAGround Environment X - USAFlight Environment XActive Sky XFSGenesis US National LandclassPMDG 744 FSXLevel D 763 FSXFS2Crew for Level D 763FSUIPC 4.25Other FS related programs are:FSBuild 2.3and if you count CH Control Manager, not running in the background because I do mapping with FSUPIC.Testing stuff out today, I did a flight from KMSP to KATL in the 744. Got to final approach to RWY08L at KATL in autoland, probably about 3 miles out from the threshold when I got the fun and exciting "Out of available memory" error. I know I'm running a fair amount of scenery here, but part of the fun of FS for me is pretty scenery, so I'd prefer not to get rid of any of it.If there's a solution here that I missed (I also checked PMDG OPS) please let me know, I'm up for trying about anything. About all I use this machine for is flightsim.Thanks!-stefan

  4. Chipping here as I was looking for info on this same topic. In the LDS 767 at this very moment, nearest station of KHRO enroute between UJM and OSW I have been having very significant wing swings at FL360. It's gone from a 40 knot tailwind to a 50 knot crosswind to a 60 knot headwind and seems to be shifting around alot as far as the exact direction of the headwind at the moment.-stefanedit: for clarification this is ASX running via SimConnect on a second computer.edit2: at 22:02 GMT right now at location: N36,14.42 W93,31.58 I just had an immediate swing from a 52kt crosswind bearing approximately 270 to a 52 knot crosswind bearing 090 give or take. This shifted abruptly in approximately one second.edit3: And several seconds later it shifted back to 224/52kts. The plane is getting thrown about quite comically, heh.edit4: final edit, as I think the point has gotten across, heh. N36,23.43 W93,47.82 at 22:07GMT the wind immediately shifted to 343/50kts. So, something's up.

  5. I decided to pick up the LDS 767 a week ago as I was also tired of not having a decent heavy plane in FSX. So far, I have been very happy with it. I highly recommend it, coming from PMDG planes prior to this one.The quality is different than the PMDG style but still excellent.-stefan

  6. Hi,I'm running Windows Vista Business RTM, and trying to run ASv6.5 with FSX. After AS downloads the weather, it pops up a dialog box with the following:Error accessing internal components (Unencrypt step 4 - . Please run the 'Repair' option via the ASv6 setup.exe to replace required files.I have tried the 'Repair' option to no avail.Is the some permissions issue with Vista's security?It seems to work well enough if I just hit "OK" on the box, but task switching to do that every 15 minutes becomes rather annoying, and is likely to lead to some instability I fear.Any suggestions?-stefan

  7. >Still looking for a utility or way to have autogen on only><150 agl-then magically turn it off-I think that would make>everyone happy? I do like those beautiful trees at ground>level/low level.>>An idea for a patch from Aces?!Oh God, the last thing I want is my frame rate to drop on short final when FS loads the autogen (causing a stutter) and then the bad frame rate for the remainder of my landing.Sounded like a good idea until I thought about it for a minute, heh.-stefan

  8. Seems your awesome system owns my gaming rig...My System Specifications Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 2210MHz Display Card ATI RADEON X1900 XTX Memory 2048MB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Free Disk Space 160.93GB Display Card Memory 512MB Display Driver Version DirectX Version 9.0c Optical Drive DVD Sound Card SB Audigy 4 [D800] To save your system specifications for later visits, create a free Game Advisor Account My System Performance 29% of the systems scanned by the Game Advisor rank higher in performance than your system.

  9. Not to be a whiny jerk, but just verifying that PMDG is still looking into this - right now the plane is unfortunately pretty unflyable for me. Not a huge deal, as the pax version is fine, but i'd really like to start hauling some boxes around.I'd be willing to do any debugging/whatever necessary to get it fixed.-stefan

  10. I can vouch for that as well. C&D is fine, it begins dropping once IRS alignment starts, and then gets progressively worse. I have it locked at 20 fps, and it stays at that until IRS and then drops down to about 10-14fps.Non-detailed System specs:Athlon 64 3400+nforce3 motherboard2GB RAMWindows XP, latest patchesNvidia GeForce 6600 GTDual Monitors, but only one is used for FS, in windowed mode, maximized at 1280x968LOTS of fs addons, including: UT USA/CANADA/EUROPE, FSGenesis mesh (all 76m resolution at the moment + buffer meshes), FSUIPC, Ground Environment, all the flytampa airports, Active Sky 6, FSNavigator, Active Camera, FSPassengers (not running at the time), and a bunch of payware airplanes - no freeware ones. I have a rome freeware airport, but no other freeware airports or sceneries. I have replaced some runway/taxiway textures, as well as some water textures with freeware ones from avsim. I could post a list of what I did if needed. Oh, I also have Misty Fjords.Random setting summaries from FS9 config file:texture bandwith mult 200terrain vertex level 199.5/4.5 terrain radiuses (radi?)everything else pretty much maxed out.I can provide any more information needed that PMDG might want if needed. I'd like to get this fixed, as I hate flying from the 2D cockpit - I like to look around with my active camera presets too much for the 2D cockpit (spatial awareness or soemthing, heh)-stefan

  11. In the LEGS on the FMC, click the LSK for the waypoint *after* the waypoint you want to skip, and then upselect it to the LSK for the waypoint you want to skip. Then you'll have to hit EXEC I believe.-stefan

  12. In pretty much every real plane, you brake by pressing down on the toe-portions of both rudder pedals. I'm not aware of any plane that you brake with a button.Some of the buttons on the yoke are for communications, and I believe there is also an autopilot soft disconnect button (maybe an autothrottle one too, not sure).I'm sure someone else will be able to explain every button on the yoke!!-stefan

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