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  1. Nice Landing, -10 points to the controllers for the second plane on the approach!!Wasn't sure he was gonna be able to slow down by glideslope capture, he was coming in pretty hot there on that descent to 8000, hehe, then again I'm used to the US and my 250/10000 restrictions.Looking forward to my own EPR gauges!-stefan

  2. As far as I can tell, the green arc doesn't show up if your climb/descent rate is less than a certain amount (500fpm? I'm guessing here, I don't remember at all).I'm guessing your approach descent rate is less than the rate required for the green arc to show up. It shouldn't be a problem. I don't remember if I see the arc or not on descents, but I'm guessing not.-stefan

  3. Hello,I have a dual monitor setup. When I fly, FS is in my Main monitor, and my second monitor has my FSNav map, Squawkbox, Servinfo (occasionally), and of course Active Sky 6.FSNav makes itself dark after a set time, Squawkbox is black to begin with, and I can define custom colors in Servinfo (or minimize it, since I don't use it that often). I also have a custom windows color set that I use during night flying.While this all sounds very silly, having the second monitor be very bright (even with the room lights off) completely kills my night vision, not to mention my main monitor gets a bit "glarey" for lack of a better term. If I turn the second monitor off (or have everything in "night mode," my view on the main monitor drastically improves.Unfortunately, one program hinders this - Active Sky. While 6 is better than ASV and ASV enhanced, it's still rather bright.Would it be possible to create a "night mode" texture, with something like dark red background with black text or something along those lines? Obviously it would be mostly unreadable during the day, but at night with the lights out it would be pretty easy to read.I would be able to quit minimizing it all the time, and keep it open where it is useful to me.Is this possible for you to create? Or, maybe I missed an option somewhere where I can set custom colors/background image or something?Thanks a lot,-stefan

  4. I'll second this, using 1.10 update. Center pedestal, including FMCs and the lower EICAS display are completely black during dusk.Anybody have a fix? It's really annoying, especially when flying west leaves me in dusk for a long time to have to switch to the 2D cockpit anytime I need to use the FMC or COM panel.-stefan

  5. I'm not so sure it had just refreshed, honestly...Here's the ini://ASV configuration file Build 325[General]WindowPosX = 28170WindowPosY = 7845DefaultWeatherFolder = F:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9ModulesASVSuppressionCeiling = 4000SurfaceWindLimit = 10FS9Path = F:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9CloudLayerLimit = 5LocalSuppressionRange = 100MinimumVisibility = 0MaximumVisibility = 59AutoVasFrequency = 40AEStartupMode = 1IncreasedWake = FalseDisableWindsAloft = FalseDisableRandomLightSelect = FalseFavorCumulus = FalseUnpauseOnReadyStatus = FalseForceTstormsWithCB = FalseAutoSetFSTime = TrueAutoConvertPlanFiles = TrueAutoRefreshAI = TrueDisableVisGraduation = FalseAutoSaveAETheme = TrueOfflinePlayback = FalseEnableVAS = FalseAutoGenVAS = FalseForceDestinationWeatherZone = FalsePreventIcing = TrueOnlineUpdates = TrueExtendedDestinationWindsForce = FalseDisableAllGroundUpdates = FalseGlobalWrites = FalseDepictFS9HazeLayer = FalseExtendTstormLayers = TrueDisableDirectWindControl = FalseVoicePlayback = FalseLocalSuppression = TrueStartupSound = TrueDisableGroundUpdates = FalseUseProxyServer = FalseFogLayerGeneration = TrueUpdateSuppression = TrueOvercastEnhancement = TrueIgnoreFSReadyStatus = FalseFSUIPCWindSmoothing = TrueLimitSurfaceWinds = FalseLimitCloudLayers = FalseAutoGlobalWriteToggle = TrueRainWithTS = FalseDisableUpperLayerGeneration = FalseVisibilitySmoothing = TrueDisableMessages = FalseAutoTimeZoneDetection = TrueUpdateInterval = 10VATSIMData = FalseZuluConversion = -5AloftPredictability = 100WindDriftRate = 0MaxCloudThickness = 10000MinStratusSeparation = 7000TAFProcessing = TrueEnforceVisibilityLimits = TrueWakeTurb = FalseStartPaused = TrueUseSystemTime = TrueDisableCAVOKClouds = FalseProxyAddress = NONELastPlanFolder = F:Documents and SettingsstefanMy DocumentsFlight Simulator Files

  6. I am having 180 degree wind shifts over the atlantic as well, and they definitely don't take 5 minutes to complete.Winds will shift from an 80 knot tailwind to an 80 knot headwind over the span of a minute or so. This causes some crazy overspeeds when it shifts to a headwind, and almost makes me stall when it shifts to a tailwind. I was watching the wind indicator on the ND of the plane, and it rotated slowly (took about a minute to go 180 degrees) but "smoothly" i guess.I was watching the Active Sky display, and nothing indicated that the closest station was ever changing, and no winds at all should have been the direction it was pointing.Here's a screenshot, sorry about the width. This was during a relatively stable period of a vague headwind, which is why my speed is normal, but it would shift from a direct tailwind to a direct headwind pretty often. It was pretty crazy.http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~stefan/fspix/wtfwinds.JPGThis is using the latest FSUIPC (non-beta), and happened to occur with the PMDG 747. FSNavigator also confirmed the wind shifts.-stefan

  7. Yeah, it doesn't happen all the time. I wish I could come up with a reproducible case for it - there's a good chance that the GS capture was my own fault for setting the FMC wrong or something, but I'm not sure why it didn't start screaming about terrain and sink rate or something, much less callouts.I'm incredibly pleased with the plane otherwise, these are just minor annoyances that I can get around by just grabbing the yoke myself.-stefan

  8. Hey, I went through the trouble of making an Active Camera file for the 747 before I noticed that PMDG had graciously provided their own ;);)Mine is quite a bit different - and I feel obligated to explain that the numbering sequence of the views really makes no sense. The reasoning behind that is because at one point a while ago I configured the buttons on my yoke to conform to various views on a particular aircraft's ACV file. I just kept them as that and modify my active camera view settings to conform with the keypresses my buttons are making.That being said, here's my "setup." I have a CH Flight Yoke, and almost all the buttons on the yoke part are for different views.Button 0 (Left "trigger" button) Press: Ctrl+0 - MCP viewButton 0 Release: Ctrl+1: Captain's normal view (I use this for normal flight)Button 1 (Right trigger button): Ctrl+4 - Left FMC/Lower EICAS/Right FMC (Left FMC is the active one, I use the EICAS controls on the right FMC to change the display on the EICAS)Button 2 (Right side yoke "left toggle" thumb button, below hat) Press: Ctrl+5 - Look about 90 degrees leftButton 2 Release: Ctrl+7 - Look about 45 degrees leftButton 3 (Right side of yoke, right "toggle") Press: Ctrl+6 - Look about 90 degrees rightButton 3 Release: Ctrl+9 - Look about 45 degrees rightButton 8 (Left side of yoke, upper red button) Ctrl+8 - Overhead view. Shows all of itButton 9 (Left side of yoke, lower red button) Press: Ctrl+2 - Radio ViewButton 9 Release: Ctrl+3 - Throttle viewThe left yoke toggle I use for trim, and the buttons on the base are gear up/down and flap controls. I'm not gonna get into what the numerous buttons on the Throttle Quadrant do, hehe.At any rate, the file for this is at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~stefan/fsac/pmdg747.acvIt takes some getting used to, but I like the setup - it allows me to do pretty much everything view-related easily in the VC. Holding the buttons down becomes pretty intuitive quickly and works well since the only ones you ever hold and need to click at the same time are the MCP one (doesn't take that long to change your altitude setting) and the radio one (again, doesn't take long to flip the passenger signs or change freqs)Feel free to tell me it sucks!!-stefanedit: s/left/right

  9. I can vouch for this. I was in a stable cruise at 37000 and for no apparent reason the plane started climbing and descending at around 3600fpm up to about 40000 and back down to 35000 without ever stabilizing again. Speed basically would go to overspeed during descents and 50kts low during climbs.My fix at the time was to disable the autopilot and autothrottles, manually level the thing out at 37000 and manually adjust my speed. I then turned the AP back on in VNAV mode with the A/T on as well, and it worked itself out.I've also noticed some strange behavior on approach - it got itself stuck in a 1800fpm descent and drove itself into the ground (i let it, just to see what would happen) on a different flight. Never gave a terrain warning or any callouts. This was going into LAX from the Ocean side - not really any terrain there... It didn't even try to hold the glideslope.Along with that, I've noticed sometimes my #1 engine gets stuck about 40% N1 Higher than the rest of the engines - My last approach into KORD was too crazy with that engine basically doing whatever it wanted, so I disabled A/T and did the throttles myself. Not really a big deal, since I don't mind using the Throttle Quadrant that my girlfriend got me recently, but it is a bug nonetheless.Maybe I shouldn't lump this all into one post, but they all seem vaguely related to the Original Poster's problem.-stefanedit: oops, forgot to sign...

  10. If they work, I haven't been able to figure out how to make it happen. I would say I am 95% sure they do not work.That being said, I still recommend the 1900C. I fly it almost exclusively over the D now, and the instrument panel is a significant improvement over the King Air gauges on the D. Plus the cargo flights are a lot of fun!-stefan

  11. Probably not that frustrating - in real life a pilot would have a map with all nearby VORs on it, and generally you are only using them for secondary navigation and reference I would think.The pilot needs something to do, so might as well spend 7 seconds tuning the VOR in.-stefan

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