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  1. That sounds strange.When you are in spot plane mode, do the elevators/rudder/aerilons move with control inputs?-stefan
  2. Make sure the Standby power switch is turned on. That might be the problem.-stefan
  3. Obvious questions first - Do you have your trim set to something reasonable (around 5.25 or so usually) and is your joystick calibrated correctly?-stefan
  4. I've never tried opening the door, but if you just walk through it with active camera, it works just fine.-stefan
  5. If you're referring to the N1 limits in the rightmost display, there are no specific N1 limits for Descent, so it stays in Cruise unless you do a go-around or something.At least that is my understanding, and it's probably simplified as to what actually happens.-stefan
  6. I'm not quite sure what to put there. All I ever put in there is 5.2, as I believe that is just over an extra hour of fuel.If you know your alternate airport, you can look in the fuel burn charts in the manuals to figure out how much fuel you need.Good luck.-stefan
  7. Both have virtual cabins. You need a program such as Active Camera to go into it. The money that Active Camera costs is well worth it, it's only $15 or so.There's nothing wrong with the B1900s. I'm pretty sure that it even says you need Active Camera or something similar in the instructions/whatever for the planes. At any rate, Active Camera is great, and I highly recommend it.That said, you might be able to find some files on AVSIM or something that will give you wing views and the like. You really won't experience it well without Active Camera in my opinion though.Good luck.-stefan
  8. The default VC view is pretty bad in my opinion.However, if you get Active Camera, you can set some pretty good presets so that it is a lot better. If you get Active Camera, I would be happy to provide you my settings. The $15 or so it costs is well worth the money.-stefan
  9. Unless Ultimate Terrain modified the Halo.bmp, I haven't changed that. If it did modify it, then we have it figured out possibly.-stefan
  10. As far as I know, it does that rotation at a certain point and you can't change it. I'm pretty sure that it always rotates so that north is up. If you can keep that in mind and have checked out a map beforehand, as well as remembering your heading, that might help with orienting yourself.I know of no way to stop that rotation.-stefan
  11. Let me know what sort of FPS you get. I suspect something in my system is causing me to get lower FPS than I should, and it'd be interesting to see how a similar system compares.Ours are about the same with what matters except for I have another gig of ram and I have a slightly faster processor, so we should get comparable results.-stefan
  12. No, the only download from AVSIM I have installed is a few United repaints.-stefan
  13. I got this panel lighting today: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~stefan/fspix/funky.jpgIt's not really a problem, since the only way I could reproduce this is to shut the plane down and disconnect the battery while forgetting to turn the lights off, but the overhead panel gets funky in that situation. It goes back to normal and everything after messing with the lights, so the obvious fix is to turn the stupid lights off before turning the battery off, but is that normal for everyone else?? I'm just making sure that I am not the only one with this "problem" that may signify something else is awry with my install.Thanks!!-stefan
  14. I have virtually the same system as you:AMD Athlon64 3400+ 900MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum motherboard (nforce 3)1GB Crucial DDR PC32001GB Kingmax DDR PC3200IBM 120GB ATA133some random dvd writer, no floppybuiltin sound (ac97)antec 400W powerSome antec caseGeForce 6600GT AGP cardMy settings in FS are 1280x1024x32 full screen, 4xAA 4xAntiostropicMost sliders maxedI have all FSGenesis terrain as well as Ultimate Terrain canadaOther addons that run in flight simulatorFSNavigator, FSUIPC Registered, ActiveSky 2004.5, and probably something else i'm forgetting. I use the FSW Hifps2 clouds. Also all PAI packages. And Active Camera. I'm kinda throwing a lot at it.The biggest hit from anything comes from ActiveSky and its weather.Some average frame rates (these are approximate, i don't remmeber exactly)In a 737-800 with virtual cockpit/cabin, in VC mode (all FPS capped at 20)no weather: between 15-20 average.high AI at an airport, no weather: 10-15 averagelots of clouds: 10-15 averageheavy clouds, overcast conditions: 5-15fps average. Weather can make a heck of a difference, often dropping the FPS in to the 6fps area for long periods of time on approaches into heavily trafficed areas. I almost always use the flat cockpit for approaches because of that, while using VC for in-flight.At any rate, its certainly livable most of the time. Approaches can be awful in VC, so if you use the 2D cockpit for that, you should be OK. 2D mode rarely drops below 15fps for me.I haven't done too much experimenting with lowering sliders because I prefer pretty pictures.Hope that helps somewhat.-stefan
  15. Hey,I just checked out the 747 update, looks like it's going to be pretty awesome!! I'll definitely be getting it.I had one question - Will there be a Pan-Am livery? As far as I can tell, they never owned a -400, but I can't think of a 747 without also thinking of Pan-Am. It would be pretty awesome to fly some old Pan-Am routes in a -400.Just curious. Thanks.-stefan
  16. fsbuild is a great program. I highly recommend it, it's worth every penny. It's great for planning routes, especially if you are going to be using the PMDG. It shames the FS9 planner. My only complaint on it is the map isn't very good, but it does a fine job otherwise.-stefan
  17. Basically, set your cruise height and landing altitude on that panel during your pre-flight. Changes can be made in-flight if you get a new cruise altitude for whatever reason, otherwise you don't need to touch it again.If you start your descent early without telling the FMC that you will be descending, the cabin pressurization system gets crabby it seems. It probably models something in real life, but I have no real idea what. Someone else can do a better job explaining I am sure.-stefan
  18. For starters, don't crash!! ;)On a more serious note, do you have any other addons at all? What version of FSUIPC do you have?-stefan
  19. I think what I enjoy most about FSNav is flying around in the Cessna and treating it as my sectional for the area. I am cheap as far as paper goes, so I only have sectionals for my home airport region and one adjacent one. The FS GPS is annoying and looking up VORs and the like is difficult, and pausing and using the horrible FS Map is even worse. I just set up FSNav in undocked mode and fill most of my 2nd monitor with it (along with the ActiveSky Radar for local weather).I haven't really needed FSNav with the 737NG, but it's great doing VFR or IFR practice stuff in a small plane. I guess it's also kinda nice in the 1900s too. I never use any of the autopilot/fly-to-here/fmc stuff with it. I don't like to do flight plans and have the autopilot GPS it, nor do I like the direct to GPS stuff. I'd rather dial in the VOR and hand fly it in those planes...if I want autopilot I have my 737!Personally, if you can find a good moving map that may not be as full-featured with the autopilot and such/flight planning for cheaper than FSNav, get that along with fsbuild and you'll be a happy person. I didn't really look for other moving maps before I got FSNav, so I don't know if there are any.-stefan
  20. Not yet with the 737, but the B1900 joystick controls occasionally revert to only controlling one throttle/prop/mixture. I have a CH Flight Yoke USB. It doens't happen all the time, and I'm not sure how to fix it. The only way to control the unruly controls is to drag them with the mouse.I think it might have something to do with disabling of the autopilot.meh.-stefan
  21. I also use both.I use FSBuild to plan my routes, because the Auto-Generate works remarkably well, it has a lot of built in routes, and first-off, you don't need to start FS to run it. I have been pretty happy with FSBuild for route generation, even if it does occasionally throw in a waypoint 2000 miles off (same name, messed up airway, etc). It's pretty obvious when that happens, and I just cheat and remove the waypoint. Every time it has happened so far has been a random airway point that removing it didn't actually change the flight path.I love the moving map in FSNav. It's great in VFR flight in a Cessna or whatnot if you don't own sectionals for every area you fly in, since at a glance you can see what VORs and such are nearby. The FS map tool requires you to pause, and it can't be up at the same time you are flying, not to mention it's difficult to read. I have a second monitor that I just leave the FSNav map up in. I don't do any flight planning stuff or anything like it's built in FMC or whatever with FSNav so far.FSNav is nice for in flight (especially in the PMDG that doesn't have the wacky GPS that the default planes have to see where you are), but I like FSBuild better for route building.I haven't tried FSCommander, but it seems pretty similar to FSNav. Maybe it will be better since FSNav development seems to have pretty much ground to a halt.-stefan
  22. Make sure your engine generators are on, as well as the engine hydraulic pumps/etc...check the overhead for errors.-stefan
  23. Try clearing your browser cache and trying again - if you don't clear the cache, it won't necessarily download a new copy of the file and will keep giving you the corrupted one it did download.-stefan
  24. Hi,Not sure this is the best place to ask this, but I couldn't find anything.I'm a UNIX systems admin, so I don't work with windows all that often. About the only reason I have it installed on my machine is for Flight Simulator. However, I do know my way around well enough, so pretty much anything you tell me I should be able to figure out.So I had 1GB of RAM, and noticed a lot of swapping, especially in heavy AI areas (I use all the PAI packages) while using the 737NG. Along with Active Sky, I have UT Canada/Alaska and the FSGenesis meshes as well, so I can see why it's sucking a bunch of RAM. All RAM was being used according to the process manager.I decided to get another gig of RAM, so I now have 2GB. Windows sees the 2GB just fine according to the process manager. However, it still starts throwing stuff into the swap file, but now it does well before all available physical memory is used up. I was swapping and thrashing like crazy, and I still had about 950MB phys RAM free.Anybody have any idea how to force windows to use the physical RAM before the swap?? I am tempted to just turn the swap off, since Flight Sim and Active Sky (the only 2 programs that are ever running at the same time) shoudln't ever take up all 2GB.That being said, I'm not so sure that's a good idea either.Any thoughts??Thanks-stefan
  25. I personally can't stand having the FS sight distance set anything below the 150 maximum. I still enforce visibility limits in Active Sky at 59, but without the 150 maximum, the horizon is too low in relation to the sky, so it looks really funny, almost as if you are near a coast on all sides at all times.Turning the sight distance up to 150 shows terrain all the way up to the horizon, yet it is still sort of "greyed out" from the fading from AS. So, it actually looks pretty good and relatively realistic I think.Maybe my situation is unique and it doesnt work this way for everyone else, but high altitude flying with anything less than the maximum sight distance just looked too funny.-stefan
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