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  1. Just an FYI for any other windows that are "stuck" over there:right click on the item in the task bar, and click "move"then, press one of the arrow keys. Do not press a mouse button! After you do that, the window will be stuck to your mouse and you can drag it anywhere without clicking any buttons.This should work in pretty much any version of Windows I think. Although I'm a linux person who only has a Windows install for FS9, heh.-stefan

  2. Hi,I've read through the forums and done many searches with no luck. My system specs are pretty good:Athlon 64 3400+1GB RAMGeForce 6600GT120GB HDAs I only use Windows for Flight Simulator, there is nothing else on that particular drive in the computer. There are several SATA drives in the computer, but Windows ignores them as they are all ext3 partitions.My FS9 Settings:Visibility Distance 60Cloud Draw Distance 603d Clouds 100%, Maximum cloud coverageMost other sliders are maxed out, and AA/AF are turned on.FS Addons:Active Sky 2004.5, Active Camera, FSGenesis (all of it) and all PAI airlines. Also the PMDG 737NG.I realize it's a pretty big load for the machine. However, I have my FPS capped at 25, and if there are no clouds around, it keeps up just fine, staying at 25 the entire time except for the occasional dip to 16 for a half second.The problem is when ActiveSky is running and has put a bunch of weather in, Frame rates drop down to about 4.2 FPS. The catch is, they only drop that far if clouds are visible on the screen. If I point the view in a direction that it's only terrain or only blue sky, the FPS immediately jump up to 25. As soon as clouds are visible, it's right back down to 4.2 FPS. This happens in any planes, from the default Cessna 172 to the PMDG. I have tried the FSW clouds, with no real help. Maybe bumps it up to 4.6FPS or so.Things I have also tried:RenderToTexture on/off: neither setting makes a difference.Changing resolution from 1280x1024x32 to lower settings: Minimal difference. Changes from 4.2 to 6 or 7fps or so.Cloud Layer Limits: Currently limited to 3, but limiting to 10 doesn't make it worse.Turning off Overcast Enhancements: Not much difference, maybe up to 5fps.Lowering all sorts of visual sliders: Minimal difference.Turning off Anti Aliasing: Minimal difference, jumps up to about 6.2 FPS.I'm kinda at a loss here, my machine should be able to handle this fine I think. Nobody else seems to be complaining of drops this massive, especially with all the settings I've tried.If the only solution to this is to drop res to 640x480 and drag all sliders to minimum, there is something wrong, since my machine should do better than that.As I said, the problem only occurs when actually drawing clouds on the screen. As soon as I change the view so that clouds are not being drawn (e.g. completely off the screen and not just hidden by a VC) the FPS jump immediately up to 25 and stay there.Any ideas?Thanks.-stefan

  3. I've just decided to give up on it, I've tried almost every setting. The problem is somewhat mitigated when not in VC mode for some reason (maybe it knows not to try drawing behind the cockpit) but VC works fine with the normal clouds.Meh.I ended up setting visibility distance to 150 miles in FS9 (that way you don't get the "sky-below-the-horizon" thing where it looks like you are always surrounded by water when at altitude), cloud distance to 60NM, and visibility restricted to 59 miles in Active Sky.It works well enough and I'll just suffer the MASSIVE frame drops I guess. Oh well, maybe Active Sky 5 will be better.-stefan

  4. I bought both yesterday, so I don't have a lot of time with either one yet, but so far I have preferred the 1900C. The D uses some instruments from the King Air (I think) and they aren't very good and drive me nuts. The Artifical Horizon and the Heading Indicator are the two that are reused (if I remember correctly, I'm at work right now).The C runs just as well as the D, and the only drawback is the lack of liveries so far, but that will probably be remedied eventually.I would go with the 1900C because it doesn't reuse any instruments from the King Air.I might be wrong about that, however.-stefan

  5. I also picked up both 1900s yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised with them as well, especially the 1900C.Due to too many problems and no support, I've stopped installing any freeware aircraft on my machine, so the only planes I've been able to fly were the 737s. Well, that and the 172. I picked up the 1900s, because I wanted to fly something a bit less "large," and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I had imagined.That said, I'll probably only be flying the C, because I simply can't stand the King Air instrumentation on the D. I don't have the money to get the reality XP gauges, so that's really not an option. If anyone knows a way for me to alias the C gauges over to the D, that would bring that plane back to life for me.Great job, and I'm looking forward to the 737!-stefan

  6. No anti virus running or even installed. Nothing else is really running besides the stock stuff. I might try that freeware app to kill off unnecessary services before running FS, but I'm not expecting much.I'll try the 32 bit FSW clouds and limit to 3 again, but I think I had tried that and not noticed anything great. I'm hoping to get them in the 15-20fps range. I don't want to lower detail sliders, partially because they don't really make much of a difference, and partially because the FSGenesis mesh will be kinda a waste then, hehe.The only thing that has affected FPS in a really negative fashion is ActiveSky so far. I'm hoping we'll get it fixed without losing the benefits of it.Thanks for the help!-stefan

  7. using the "gray and rainy" theme at KMCN (selected because it has a similar weather pattern at the moment) on the ground with the PMDG gives between 17 and 22 FPS, with it around 19-20 most of the time.Active Sky Weather with METAR of KMCN 302233Z 00000KT 10SM BKN025 18/16 A2986 AO2 RAE03 P0001 gives FPS of 7 to 15, with it hanging around 10 most of the time. If it was actually raining in Macon in AS, it would be much much worse. I can't find a city that's actually raining at the moment, but this gives an idea.AI traffic at an airport (Heathrow or something) doesn't have much of an impact. Only the AS clouds do.If you'd like me to try a different location/weather combination, let me know.Hope this helps, maybe.-stefan

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