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  1. Hi Noel and Martin-W Late reply I know I Got lost in those 7.9 B. for a bit At Least Glenn Gould helps me calm my nerves😱 Happy Sunday to all
  2. How bout a good old chess match! Or dusting off of some of our board games (from the shelf.. and memories) .... Best . Stef
  3. Hi Noel Even Meteor have trajectory (data)based on gravitation Best Stefti
  4. If this matters to us.... I wonder where the raw "Material" come from and who`s owning it Reading about the rush to go all electric and reading about car assembly line being halted because the lack of electrical component even the F35 has problem finding material for the complex wiring needed and the race trying to find other suppliers in different countries . Wonder where the video card dilemma`s place "is" in this stack. Just trying to see the big Picture! Who`s who? And "where" are we connected to all this? (Hope I made myself clear enough) Best Stefti
  5. The computer IP to the router(1) and the router ip to the web(2) I believe you can have 2 different ones,so the outer one only pings But i never had any problem with flight1 Best Stef
  6. Hi Bill Flight1 wrapper is always flagged by MS a.v. I suggest to stop the MS a.v and use a router (dual IP`s) Pat could help you with that How`s P3D V5.1 otherwise? Stef
  7. I didn't personally knew Jim ,but i`ve been at avsim for over 20 years ..because of people like him.. RIP Jim Stef
  8. I Tried all the above The command line gave me errors Total reinstall for me
  9. Could you send the PA-31 Chieftain mod please?,and  a BIG thank you for your work




  10. Goodness,finally a grown up Thank you! Please Moderators make it stick
  11. Same here the REX Advantage Weather Radar module was the culprit (P3D 4.5 1293) Regards Stefti
  12. Hi I`m using the Grado 325 ,maybe more toward the audiophile person but very clear and precise even better with movies..you'll hear all the details And on top i`ll add https://www.redscapeaudio.com/ That, will make your head spin All the best
  13. Same here cannot past the p3d logo re-download and install the 4.4 client and it will be ok Maybe the full install will help... Maybe..
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