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  1. Please i need a link for the texture,the (avsim) search (or I) cannot see it ... Nevermind got `em over at Regards Stefti
  2. stefti

    FTX Global purchase

    I did buy FTXglobal since I'm using P3D the sales trough the store went flawless (regular cc) Keep in mind the new orbx libs (because of p3d v2.5) One noticeable detail, is the correct autogen placement now you can actually tell if you are at 1.000 or 2.000 feet Beware of the trees ...
  3. stefti

    FTX Global purchase

    Hi Twenty6 I was using a Coupon/reward card(AX) and,found out later only works in continental US I`ve asked few US sellers and the are not permitted to sell FTX at all Souds like monopoly to me Just wander if UTX/GEX could do the same Anyway..Thanks Stef
  4. Hi, Can it be installed in P3D V2.5 Thanks Stef
  5. stefti

    FTX Global purchase

    I`m having problems with the flightsim store is there another site where to buy it from? (US) Thanks Stef
  6. Hi Have you received help from Carenado? Thanks Stef
  7. Hello Is there a patch for the boxed pc aviator version I do not see any update @ carenado Regards Stef
  8. After the switch from sprite to group I get a (No suitable patches were found) Vpach message Any clues? Thanks Stef
  9. stefti

    DA Piper Cheyenne and P3D?

    Works fine overall, only the landing lights illuminate @ 90 degrees (over the wings) Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks Stefti
  10. stefti

    Registration @fs Pilot

    Never mind I had a rough day....
  11. Please Can someone show me how find the link @ the to register the product as a new user.. Thanks Stefti
  12. stefti

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Bingo!! Thanks Jim The magic Spell.... SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft.. For future reference ,you still have to rebuild the bgl files(with the just flight tools) and make sure it matches your older fsx cfg..and be patient eventually it will happen! Now if I only have the time for it.. Regards Stef
  13. stefti

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    And my specs are Home made Mobo asus x79pro(2011chipset) 32 gb corsair 1600 Cpu Intel 7 3930 3.20@4.6 Liquid cooling corsair h80 Gpu nvidia 580 3gb Case Thermaltake gt 10 fsx in a ssd only istallaton Main add ons are hifi (wether) utx,fs genesis,fx traffic Hope it helps Thanks again Stef
  14. stefti

    A "How-To-go-DX10" doc

    Hi First thanks for the informations Paul J I made the switch to dx 10 quite easily,but i lost all the virtual traffic from my traffic x and some airports have the aircraft (static)parked in the grass (not in the ramp) Just flight has the tools to reconfigure the new fsx cfg and i recompile the traffic and switch nvidia inspector profiles Does anybody knows what`s goin on Thanks Stef