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    Retired (2016) after 40+ years in the cockpit both fixed and rotary wing. Enjoy flying as much now as when I started. Did nine years forest fire suppresion in the CL215 & cessna 310 birddog. Regional airline before that - SF340 & HS748. FW six endorsements. RW also six endorsements. Enjoy flight sims lots. P3dV3 & DCS.

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  1. I’ve got 1500 hours in the real world C310r and the MilViz one is very good.
  2. dbw1

    Under the Hood: Part 1: The Instrument Scan

    I used and early version of flight sim in the later 1980s when I decided to add an interesting rating. The proficiency level I acquired from using the flight sim literally saved me the cost of the computer at the time. I have used Microsoft flight sim for years to maintain IFR proficiency. For about 10 years (2001-2010) I flew fixed wing forest fire suppression and while most of the flying was VFR it was necessary to be IFR certified. In this job I'd come back in the spring after not flying for 6 +/- months, get 3 to 5 hours in the aircraft and be expected to go out and do a ppc and IFR renewal ride. It helped that I came to the job with a solid IFR background. I generally had little problem in the spring and a few of my coworkers noticed this and got into flight sims themselves. As an interesting sidebar the "company" eventually built a Canadair CL215 sim (procedural) using Xplane with 5 50" plasma screens for the visuals. They did the same for the Cessna 310 bird-dog. Both aircraft could be flown together in the same environment at the same time and practice working together. It was very helpful even though as being "unapproved" it could not be used to log time. Xplane was pretty squirrelly so you had to be right on with your scan. Today's P3d with all the high quality add-ons is a platform that works really good for training and proficiency in some applications. Plus it provides a great deal of enjoyment for us retired guys.
  3. dbw1

    FlythemadogX just released SP1

    Thanks Ed. All the best. Dave
  4. dbw1

    FlythemadogX just released SP1

    The install intructions don't mention anything about uninstalling first. Is it okay to just install over top of your existing maddog? P3dV4.3. Thanks.
  5. With included standard shipping this is a good deal. How is the Microsoft store for returns? Dave
  6. Anyone in Canada find a deal?
  7. dbw1

    RCAF Repaint for 747-8

    I'd like to see these two as well! Dave
  8. Apparently there is a new version of the 1060 coming with the 5X ram as opposed to the basic 5. Supposed to be a nice improvement to the 1060. Dave
  9. Missed this sale. Would have got Phoenix. Next time......
  10. dbw1

    P3dV4.....new computer

    The disk has only P3d on it. The laptop has three drives so I took one exclusively for P3d. The o/s is on another drive.
  11. My video card on my gaming laptop just failed. The warranty I have stipulates that the machine is to be returned, fixed, in five days max or the machine will be replaced. So in three more days I may be getting another machine. I have a question re p3dv4. I have one drive dedicated to P3d. Would it work to simply have that drive installed in the new machine? Are there other procedures to follow to make it work? Thanks for any replies and guidance. Dave
  12. dbw1

    Canadian Airports

    I had Simaddon airports for years. They are reasonable complexity but not flytampa level. That said they are well done, cover the airports great, low impact on fps and when on FSX I never had a OOM from them. Now on p3dv4 they are great. I’m a pleased customer. Dave
  13. dbw1


    I'm looking....
  14. dbw1


    Posted on your forum.