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  1. The https://flightsystems.ca/ doesn't seem to be in business anymore. At least I cannot rich ANYONE from there for a week now! Even the phone number listed on their site is inactive now.


    I bought a computer from them a couple of months ago, and while it's working fine so far with prepar3d and NGX (knock on the wood), having a company gone missing in action like this without any prior notice or any acknowledgement to my requests is scary!


    I would caution anybody thinking of purchasing a custom built PC for flight simulation purposes to explore the alternative companies.



  2. Hello fellow simmers and PMDG crew. I just want to get a confirmation that the development cycle for A320 is still in-progress and it hasn't been discontinued. If that is the case, I would be very glad and will start saving for my new hardware (I'm pretty sure that I have some time as obviously we would not see a release of it in 2007) :-)Thanks a lot in advance for any info regarding the Airbus family.Regards,Dmitriy.

  3. Can you please do the Continental: Thanks,Dmitriy.>>These are simply a few of the repaints that I am sure would>be>>well received by your users.>>>>I understand that you may not want to tell us the final list>>of repaints at the moment, that's fine, however please keep>>this in mind and let us know whether you would ever consider>>doing this.>>So far I've made a point of only doing airlines that have>committed or are dead certs on committing (with the exception>of a couple of purely fictional freighter), However, I fully>aware that those airline are not to everyones taste, and I>intend to do a handful of 200LR's and 300ER's as appropriate>for airlines who currently operate only the 200/200ER and 300.> >>So you can count on a fair few 'fictional' yet real liveries,>if you get my drift. >>Haven't a clue yet as to which but I'm hoping doe a fairly>well distributed list when it comes to geographical>location...

  4. There is a company on the West coast (Long Beach, CA) called Alteon training (a Boeing company) which advertised the sim rides for civilians for $150 an hour. For starters I booked 2 unforgetable hours. For some reason their web site is down today, so I can't provide you with a link.I've actually mentioned the PMDG and they said that folks form the PMDG team were there, taking pictures, sound recordings, etc. in the MD11 sim. for the upcomming MD11 package!Dmitriy.

  5. Hey guys and gals. I just want to share my wonderfull experience in the full motion 737 NG simulator I had yesterday!All I can say is WOW!!!!! What an adrenaline rush when you sit behid the controls of this bird! Well, first of all, thanks to wonderful product form PMDG, I felt "right at home". What a great feeling when (almost) everything looks familiar and you know what to do, you go through the checklists, set up the overhead, FMC, flight instruments, etc.!I must say, _THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE_ from the PMDG bird (or any PC-based flight simulation for that matter) is the physics of the flight and the feeling. I mean despite relatively sophisticated flight dynamics engine in the PC simulator, there is no way in the world you could compare it to "the real thing". You simply can't feel the bird on the PC - period.It took me a couple of circuts to get used to it a little bit. One big thing is to properly trim the aircraft. Once it's in trim it feels (to me at least) a little bit more stable. And actually you have to apply quite a bit of pressure on the yoke as it feels "very heavy". And also it is very pitch-sensitive and feels unstable. Is it like this on the real bird?Also, during landing the bird had a tendency to roll wings back and forth and during my first landing I almost flipped her upside down, but managed to put her down (hard) and safely stop and the far end of the runway! (the instructor was very impressed)Also, during take off (no winds) it always had a tendency to roll wings after the initial rotation so I had to do some extensive lateral yoke movements to keep her climbing straight forward.Again, real NG drivers - any comments?So, to summarize, this is the greatest experience I've had in the long time and the PMDG team created a brilliant 737NG product (like noone knows that) :-)Cheers,Dmitriy.

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