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  1. OK, it must be the age thingy, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the TrackIR4 to work with EZDok. I see it active in EZDok, but cannot get TIR to work. The mouse basically substitutes for panning it seems. Btw, I just bought EZDok this afternoon and still familiarizing myself rather slowly with the manual. Any quick short tips, tricks, etc are welcome just to get me off the ground quicker.
    Toktok, You might already have had a look on the instructional video on how to set it up with TrackIR. If you did not, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhofJbEcmFM

  2. Tonight I loaded the shader mod that ******* contributed to the file library. Now when I start FSX I get a message on my FSX window at startup, something like:EABVersion 0.075 GTA: San Andreasboris.voronitsov.narod.ruand then a message about if I'm having low performance read the docs and configure it myself.What's going on with this? I didn't expect this mod to write crap on my FSX startup screen. It makes it look like some Russian virus...And was this shader hacked/stolen from Grand Theft Auto?? Is it redistributable legally?I appreciate all the hard work ******* has put into figuring out all of the tweaks for FSX, but this just seems weird, especially since there's no mention of this text coming up inside FSX in the readme.txt that comes with the mod.--Jim
    A bit harsh in my opinion.When we tweak and try new stuff we always take a bit of a risk for that what we try might not work on our particular systems. If we do not want our boats rocked, we should refrain from trying new stuff. If unsure, why not take the time to do a google search on the enbseries mod? That would have given you all the info you needed.

  3. Doing a quick search on google I came a across the following posting at http://www.fs-force.com/ in the thread http://www.fs-force.com/help2/getting_started.htm

    Multiple JoysticksIf you have multiple force feedback joysticks connected to your system you can specify which one you would like FS Force to control. Simply add an entry to the [General] section of FSForce.cfg similar to the following : [General]Controller=Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Note : the joystick name entered must be an exact match of what appears in Control Panel / Game Controllers.
    Now they do have a demo that works in the Seattle area which you might want to try as it will allow you to set your force device. I used to use this when I still had a force feedback joystick about 8 years ago. It actually does give you better force feedback as well. You can get the demo here: http://www.fs-force.com/download.htmHere's a thread with someone who had a similar problem as you have encountered: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topi...dback_woes.html

  4. Thanks for the information,I think that the DFGT is seen as the preferred force feedback device. We are looking for a way to get your joystick as the preferred force feedback device. At this time I can only share my thoughts as I have no access to my fsx.cfg to see whether a device id is added. It might be worth a try to see if your fsx.cfg has a device id, or maybe two (one for each controller) in the controller section. If so, maybe swap the two around.

  5. If you go to your Game controller settings in windows and have a look at the advanced tab, what is the preferred device set to?Tell us what OS you are running and what brand joystick you are using so that we can give you more specific information.

  6. Which version of the TrackIR software do you need for EZdok? I have TrackIR 3, for which only the version 4 software is available. I understood you need version 5 software for EZdok, so I can't use it with my TrackIR3?Please correct me if I'm wrong...Cheers,Noel.
    Working fine here with TrackIR3 and version4 software.

  7. I can report that I'm running without crashes while using enbseries with *******' mods.As stated before I'm careful in not asking too much of my system.One thing I've found with my ATI is to disable Catalyst AI as well as Adaptive Anti-Aliasing. I do this for all games I play as this gives me the best stability. You might want to try it, it might help.

  8. I'm getting random dll error crashes, at various times. Sitting at the ramp, about to takeoff, in flight, etc. But only with this shader tweak and using bufferpools=0Strange
    Have you tried this shader tweak and using bufferpools=0 without enbseries?Please post your fsx.cfg maybe we can help..

  9. The past days I have tested the Shader Mod by *******,My system is fairly old (see my signature for details) and I have to make choices on what to implement while considering the load on the system. It's all a matter of balance and a fine one at that.The performance benefit for ATI, as reported by several users in this thread, is significant. On my system I have particularly noticed it in very smooth texture loading and a performance gain in rendering the clouds.The most significant entries of my fsx.cfg:

    [BufferPools]UsePools=0[GRAPHICS]HIGHMEMFIX=1ALLOW_SHADER_30=1SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=36 (for rebuilding the shader chache by incrementing the number after a change)ForceFullScreenVSync=1TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024[Display]TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0 (I use fps limiter locked to 25 frames)WideViewAspect=True[TERRAIN]MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=200LOD_RADIUS=4.500000

    My FSX settings are as follows:fsx1.jpgfsx2.jpgfsx3.jpgfsx4.jpgfsx5.jpgI have tested Shader Mod v1.2, v1,3 as well as the latest version which I call v1.4.What was I testing in particular?The performance impact of adding the following to my fsx.cfg:[TERRAIN]MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21Why did I have to add them?In Shader Mod version 1.3 ******* added a negative lod bias of -8 to the terrain shaders which sharpens the textures. The drawback I experienced was shimmering terrain textures which I tried to eliminate by running Anisotropic filtering at 16x, but the shimmering remained. The solution was to add MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 to the terrain section of my fsx.cfg.What's the significance of running with a negative lod of -8?Well, here's the surprise. Through my testing I suspect that it is not the negative lod that gives me sharp textures to the horizon, but rather the addition of MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 to the terrain section of my fsx.cfg.*******, is that the reason why you have not used a negative lod of -8 in the latest version?The performance impact of adding MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21:From what I can see the performance impact is negligible. Yes the gpu memory usage is increased a bit but, I could not see detrimental effects on my 512Mb card.Suggestions for next versions:Please keep the naming convention with version numbers intact so that users know which version we work with.If possible keep a change log so that users can see what was changed. Is the Shader Mod worth it?Hell yeah! The performance gain, especially for ATI users, is well worth it. Last of all I want to thank ******* for he keeps pushing the boundaries and spurs us on to keep testing. Yes, I sigh when I start FSX for the umpteenth time but, in the end, hitting that sweet spot is ultimately gratifying and well worth it.landscape.jpg

  10. Thanks for the new version *******!I've been testing the old version the past two days and will report back tomorrow after giving your new version a run.

    ...If you have any questions about it I suggest you ask Gerhard whose been playing with it even more than I have...
    I do believe you actually meant Gerard, aka GSalden, who's been testing the WaterConstants.xml settings. I've only been in the background testing the previous version of the sm. :(

  11. Hi *******,I just switched your first shader mod version that you emailed me to your latest 1.3. I've only done a quick flight and the framerate is still fantastic (60 fps w/ unlimited frames). I don't like the shimmering in terrain and water in the latest version. How can I get rid of that? I read about lod bias on the previous page... Can you explain how to do it?Thanks for work.
    Zork,Add these to your FSX.CFG and then make sure you rebuild your shaders again:[TERRAIN]MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21Rebuild your shaders as instructed by ******* by adding SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=x under the [GRAPHICS] section in your fsx.cfg (replace x with an incrementing number each time you want your shaders rebuild after a change)

  12. Personally, I like the water and would therefore vote for it to part of your next version as well. It was the shimmering that I got on the land textures hat concerned me. I'll revisit neg lod -8. Running it with AF 16x the shimmering still shows and the only way for me to eliminate the shimmering is to run it with MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21. I'll run it with that for a couple of days in different scenario's to check performance and report back

  13. Thank you once more *******!It's talking about and sharing thoughts that deepens one's understanding of FS. Thank you for keeping the ball rolling!I'll revisit neg lod -8. Running it with AF 16x the shimmering still shows and the only way for me to eliminate the shimmering is to run it with MIN_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21 MAX_DETAIL_TEXTURE_LEVEL=21. I'll run it with that for a couple of days in different scenario's to check performance and report back

  14. Hmmm, you got me thinking now....It's the file I backed up before I started out with the shader mods. I do have REX installed and if REX changes that file, it would have been changed from a virgin FSX install... do you have REX installed? If so, it might be a matter of setting the theme you had before changing the files.

  15. Anyone can tell me the default values of fWaveBumpUVScale ( FSX root , WaterConstants.xml )?I accidentely deleted the default one and now only have the modified one. Thanks in advance.
    Here's the content of the default WaterConstants.xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SimBase.Document Type="WaterConstantFile" version="1,0">	<Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>	<WaterConsts.ConstantSets>		<ConstantSet>			<Shader20>				<fWaveFresnelFactorMin>0.475</fWaveFresnelFactorMin>				<fWaveFresnelFactorMax>0.588</fWaveFresnelFactorMax>			</Shader20>			<Shader30>			</Shader30>			<Wave>			</Wave>			<Shader40WaterClassSet>				<Shader40>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMin>0.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMin>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMax>1.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMax>					<fSpecularPower>53.384</fSpecularPower>					<fSpecularBoost>1.005</fSpecularBoost>					<fSpecularBlend>0.605</fSpecularBlend>					<fWhiteCapPower>0.844</fWhiteCapPower>					<fWaveBumpUVScale1>3.847</fWaveBumpUVScale1>					<fWaveBumpUVScale2>3.563</fWaveBumpUVScale2>					<fWaveBumpUVScale3>1.822</fWaveBumpUVScale3>					<fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>4.217</fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>					<fWaterBumpRotation1>141.516</fWaterBumpRotation1>					<fWaterBumpRotation2>331.488</fWaterBumpRotation2>					<fWaterBumpRotation3>62.388</fWaterBumpRotation3>					<fWaterBumpBlend1>0.757</fWaterBumpBlend1>					<fWaterBumpBlend2>0.751</fWaterBumpBlend2>					<fWaterBumpBlend3>0.567</fWaterBumpBlend3>					<fWaterBumpBlendDetail>0.616</fWaterBumpBlendDetail>					<fWaterBumpWind3>0.599</fWaterBumpWind3>					<fWaterBumpWindDetail>0.497</fWaterBumpWindDetail>					<fTimeX1>-1.283</fTimeX1>					<fTimeX2>-1.423</fTimeX2>					<fTimeX3>1.074</fTimeX3>					<fTimeXDetail>-2.882</fTimeXDetail>					<fTimeY1>1.004</fTimeY1>					<fTimeY2>1.838</fTimeY2>					<fTimeY3>-0.036</fTimeY3>					<fTimeYDetail>2.740</fTimeYDetail>				</Shader40>			</Shader40WaterClassSet>		</ConstantSet>		<ConstantSet>			<Elevation>MID</Elevation>			<Shader20>				<fTimeX2>-1.000</fTimeX2>				<fTimeY2>1.000</fTimeY2>				<fTimeScale2>0.050</fTimeScale2>			</Shader20>			<Shader30>				<fTimeX2>-1.000</fTimeX2>				<fTimeY2>1.000</fTimeY2>				<fTimeScale2>0.050</fTimeScale2>			</Shader30>			<Wave>			</Wave>			<Shader40WaterClassSet>				<Shader40>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMin>0.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMin>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMax>1.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMax>					<fSpecularPower>69.513</fSpecularPower>					<fSpecularBoost>1.004</fSpecularBoost>					<fSpecularBlend>0.719</fSpecularBlend>					<fWhiteCapPower>0.838</fWhiteCapPower>					<fWaveBumpUVScale1>2.405</fWaveBumpUVScale1>					<fWaveBumpUVScale2>2.405</fWaveBumpUVScale2>					<fWaveBumpUVScale3>1.352</fWaveBumpUVScale3>					<fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>16.527</fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>					<fWaterBumpRotation1>141.516</fWaterBumpRotation1>					<fWaterBumpRotation2>330.804</fWaterBumpRotation2>					<fWaterBumpRotation3>62.388</fWaterBumpRotation3>					<fWaterBumpRotationDetail>156.024</fWaterBumpRotationDetail>					<fWaterBumpBlend1>0.751</fWaterBumpBlend1>					<fWaterBumpBlend2>0.746</fWaterBumpBlend2>					<fWaterBumpBlend3>0.723</fWaterBumpBlend3>					<fWaterBumpBlendDetail>0.000</fWaterBumpBlendDetail>					<fWaterBumpWind3>0.595</fWaterBumpWind3>					<fWaterBumpWindDetail>0.000</fWaterBumpWindDetail>					<fTimeX1>-0.869</fTimeX1>					<fTimeX2>-1.006</fTimeX2>					<fTimeX3>0.727</fTimeX3>					<fTimeXDetail>0.659</fTimeXDetail>					<fTimeY1>0.727</fTimeY1>					<fTimeY2>1.214</fTimeY2>					<fTimeY3>-0.036</fTimeY3>					<fTimeYDetail>-2.185</fTimeYDetail>				</Shader40>			</Shader40WaterClassSet>		</ConstantSet>		<ConstantSet>			<Elevation>HIGH</Elevation>			<Shader20>				<fTimeX2>-1.000</fTimeX2>				<fTimeY2>1.000</fTimeY2>				<fTimeScale2>0.050</fTimeScale2>			</Shader20>			<Shader30>				<fTimeX2>-1.000</fTimeX2>				<fTimeY2>1.000</fTimeY2>				<fTimeScale2>0.050</fTimeScale2>			</Shader30>			<Wave>			</Wave>			<Shader40WaterClassSet>				<Shader40>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMin>0.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMin>					<fWaveFresnelFactorMax>1.000</fWaveFresnelFactorMax>					<fSpecularPower>69.513</fSpecularPower>					<fSpecularBoost>1.004</fSpecularBoost>					<fSpecularBlend>0.719</fSpecularBlend>					<fWhiteCapPower>0.844</fWhiteCapPower>					<fWaveBumpUVScale1>1.248</fWaveBumpUVScale1>					<fWaveBumpUVScale2>1.248</fWaveBumpUVScale2>					<fWaveBumpUVScale3>0.674</fWaveBumpUVScale3>					<fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>0.100</fWaveBumpUVScaleDetail>					<fWaterBumpRotation1>141.516</fWaterBumpRotation1>					<fWaterBumpRotation2>328.752</fWaterBumpRotation2>					<fWaterBumpRotation3>62.388</fWaterBumpRotation3>					<fWaterBumpRotationDetail>0.000</fWaterBumpRotationDetail>					<fWaterBumpBlend1>0.746</fWaterBumpBlend1>					<fWaterBumpBlend2>0.746</fWaterBumpBlend2>					<fWaterBumpBlend3>0.682</fWaterBumpBlend3>					<fWaterBumpBlendDetail>0.000</fWaterBumpBlendDetail>					<fWaterBumpWind3>0.595</fWaterBumpWind3>					<fWaterBumpWindDetail>0.023</fWaterBumpWindDetail>					<fTimeX1>-0.728</fTimeX1>					<fTimeX2>-0.798</fTimeX2>					<fTimeX3>0.589</fTimeX3>					<fTimeXDetail>-1.000</fTimeXDetail>					<fTimeY1>0.312</fTimeY1>					<fTimeY2>0.935</fTimeY2>					<fTimeY3>-0.036</fTimeY3>					<fTimeYDetail>1.000</fTimeYDetail>				</Shader40>			</Shader40WaterClassSet>		</ConstantSet>	</WaterConsts.ConstantSets></SimBase.Document>

  16. I tried several diffrent settings , amongst them the default settings, but the sandy effect did not go away....
    Gerard, did you rebuild your shaders after applying the changes?If I do not rebuild after changing, the previous effect remains.I rebuild them as instructed by ******* with SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=x under the [GRAPHICS] section in your fsx.cfg (replace x with an incrementing number each time you want your shaders rebuild after a change)

  17. Gerahrd, doing it in the Shaders allow for greater control, I can decide 'where' to apply specific filters and/or Negative LOD bias, any other way means a 'general' setting, whcih affets other things such as water reflections on runways
    Thanks, your choice makes perfect sense now.
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