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  1. Yes, but two very qualified people. I saw on the headlines of a very well known newspaper while waiting in a supermarket check out line that agents Mulder and Sculley will be brought out of retirement to perform this investigation.
  2. Based on some of Rob's racing videos, I'm sure the brakes on his EV received a sufficient workout. Ted
  3. Don't let them up-sell you Noel. Sounds like all you need is one of these: https://cushman.txtsv.com/vehicles/shuttle-4 Electric of course to keep you friends here happy. Ted
  4. I understand Ray. Don't feel bad, I couldn't do either, land in that wind or make a video. Ted
  5. Ray, We are all waiting for the video of you landing the Concorde at Heathrow with real weather during storm Eunice. Ted
  6. This Dash 7 will be fun. I really enjoyed the one that was developed for FS2004. Rocky Mountain Airways flew these for a short period from Denver to the ski resorts in Colorado. I was fortunate to have taken a couple flights into Telluride. It seemed like they approached and departed at a 45 degree pitch angle. After touchdown the reversers on those 4 turboprops slowed the plane immediately. I don't think they used the brakes until coming to a final stop on the ramp. I talked with the pilots after one flight and said that they really enjoyed flying the Dash 7. I think they pushed it close to the limits for kicks and grins. Ted
  7. If my declining memory is serving me correctly (and it has been failing me more often these days) didn't the ORBX support forum used to be on Avsim? Then ORBX started their own so they would have more control. Even if my memory is not correct, sounds like it is time to start up an unofficial ORBX support forum here on Avsim so issues can be discussed. Ted
  8. The banner ads are from Google. Chances are you will not be able to block them with google Chrome. I use Firefox on both my ipad and Pc and am able to block them with just the use of the built in firefox controls. I did not have to install an ad blocker plugin. Before Google got more aggressive with the banner ads I was able to just block the google ads, which I never clicked on anyway, but the static flightsim ads remained, which I did click on sometimes. Unfortunately now to keep the more annoying dynamic google banner ads at bay I've had to increase the restrictions on the browser to where I don't get any ads. I donate to Avsim so I don't feel guilty about blocking the ads. Being that we have only reached half way to the 2020 Avsim donation goal it looks like some more encouragement is needed. I know Avsim has access to a lot of user statistics so here's a thought. If Avsim could calculate and post what it costs to run the site on a per registered user hour basis it might give users a better idea of what their individual cost of maintaining the site is and provide more encouragement. One step further, Avsim could post each users running annual cost based on log in time, like a gas gauge, privately in their profile. Just a thought. Ted
  9. You can buy cables that have display port connection on one end and hdmi on other. I suggest you buy both the monitor and cable from the same local store so you can return them if they don't meet your needs. Ted
  10. As crude as the original ones looked they were still challenging to fly and could keep me at the computer all day if I let them. Ted
  11. I've run into that issue when I had more than one device or control lever assigned to the same axis. Also note that there is an axis for all propellers (throttles, mixture etc.) and others for individual propellers. You shouldn't have the all axis and and individual axes both assigned. Choose one method of control. Eliminating the duplicate assignments cured my throttle, prop, and conditioner lever problems. Ted
  12. Fantastic. Then we can expect another update. Ted
  13. Great to hear Simbol. Do you have current requests in? Ted
  14. I have over 400 hours in light GA rentals and have only experienced a few minor mechanical issues. I'd say you are lucky that something more serious did not occur and suggest you look for another organization with better maintenance policies to rent from. Ted
  15. BOAC, VC-10 TWA, 707 and 747 Pan Am, 707 and 747 PSA, 727 Rocky Mountain Airlines, Dash 7, very impressive STOL commuter aircraft ARAMCO corporate airline (private), DC-3 and DC-6 TAA (Trans American Airlines) 707 with a DC-6 soundset Ted
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