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  1. I just tried searching for the issue with the Captain Sim 727 and to my surprise I only got your posts. However searching for aircraft bouncing in FSX provides a lot of threads. Perhaps you can find a clue in those.
  2. They have never been known to provide much but the other users on the CS forums have usually been very helpful. I remember this problem from years ago. Have you tried searching the CS forums for a thread on this? The 200 variant is an expansion pack to the base 100 pack. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 200 pack? Do this in administrator mode and reboot your computer before reinstalling. Ted
  3. I remember this being a common problem years ago but I do not remember the cause. The recollection from my failing memory is that it had something to do with the landing gear contact points in the aircraft config file. I suggest doing a search for this issue on the Avsim and Captain Sim forums as well as Google. Being that this only occurs to one variant of your 727 I'd compare the landing gear contact values of your 100 and 200 variants also. Good Luck, Ted
  4. Not just possible but most likely. I suggest performing internet searches for overclocking guides and forum threads specific to your motherboard. I was in the same position when I overclocked my system. I found that many of the functions existed with different names but some functioned differently and I had to do my own research and testing to determine the optimal settings for some functions. Getting a good stable overclock is not a quick process but you learn a lot about how your system works. Ted
  5. There are a lot of simmers who feel the same way and probably the majority do now with all the new ones that MSFS has attracted. For you, the Captain Sim, Carenado, and default MSFS aircraft are good enough and that is fine. For the simmers that desire more system depth they are not fine. Captain Sim, however, has a history of promising system depth and fixes, updates,and patches that they have repeatedly failed to deliver. The purpose of my post is not to bad mouth Captain Sim but to point out this history to the newer simmers desiring system depth and to be aware of getting lured into a purchase with promises of updates by the Captain Sim marketing. Captain Sim makes great looking aircraft and if that is mostly what is important to you than I highly recommend them. Ted
  6. Bob Scott's description of Captain Sim's support mirrors my memory exactly. I was so excited about their development of the 707 and 727 years ago and then so frustrated over promised simple updates that never arrived. I never bought anything from them again except for a few things from their $9 Christmas sales as that was all their never finished products were worth to me. If they ever develop the 707 or 727 for P3D or MSFS and if, and this is the big if, the reviews are good and represent they are complete, then I may buy them. I have no interest in a Captain Sim glass panel airliner when I can get dependable quality and support of those aircraft from PMDG. Ted
  7. I don't have a 10900K but I am wondering how the overclocked performance of the two will compare if two cores are turned off on the 10900K. Ted
  8. Before you tackle the chore of reinstalling windows you might want to try removing and reinstalling the graphics card and also disconnecting and reconnecting all the video card cables at both ends. I try to do the easier stuff first when troubleshooting. Ted
  9. That is a question for the manufacturer of the pump and your own testing. Consult the manfuacturer and the AIO literature to make sure the pump motor is designed for variable speed. Once confirmed put a load on your machine either with stress test software or a high load situation with your flight sim. Reduce the pump speed 10% and watch the CPU temperatures. After the temperatures are stable record the temp and reduce the speed another 10%. Repeat until temperatures get uncomfortably high. Only your testing will be able to determine how much you can safely reduce your pump speed plus you will learn a lot about the cooling characteristics of your machine. The testing will also give you the knowledge and confidence to create a curve for the pump. You can do the same with the radiator fans also although you need to be careful in testing that only either the fan or pump speed is changing during each test. Ted
  10. I don't know how often you will need to return to windows 7 or whether you just want it as a backup. What I have done with some of the win 7 computers in my house is remove the working win 7 SSD and put in a new SSD for win10. That way I could always put the win 7 drive back in and be up and running if I needed to. After I had win 10, all my other software, and data installed and working on the new drive I still kept my win 7 drive as another backup. The last time I checked SSDs were still reasonably priced and available. Ted
  11. Darn thrilling story there. I can only imagine the stress and anxiety in that cockpit with 130 passengers on board. I wonder what the cockpit PA announcements were before each approach attempt. Many prayers must have been said after that landing followed by an emptying of the base bar's whiskey store. Ted
  12. I'm never going to get my next computer built if you guys keep coming up with great flights like this. How about a series in the arctic for the next few weeks followed by one in the Mongolian desert?
  13. I have a 36" deep desk. I originally had a 55" Sony 4k TV on it. It at times seemed too big and at this size I could see the individual pixels. I only had a 43" 1080P Vizio TV in the living room so I replaced it with the 55" Sony 4k and got a 43" 4k LG monitor for the sim desk. The 43" at times seems too small but I can't see the individual pixels on it as the pixel density is higher. As the others have said, I also think a 49" would be perfect for the desk but would get the 55" or larger if you are going to put it on the wall. Ted
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