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  1. HI BryanThats solved the the problemThanks for your HelpSteve
  2. Ok ill give that a go and let you know how it wentsteve
  3. I cant even do the tutorial flight, i can't get the aircraft settle to commence a flight
  4. Hi ByI'm not running any other 3rd party add-ons apart from FS2crew A320 & 767 FSX.The bouncing is more like a rocking onto its tail and subsequently jumping into the air, and at times the aircraft is on its fuselage with the under carriage extended into the scenery below. hope the more detail might be able to give you an insite into the problem. Also to run FS2crew i had to disbale DEP in vista, as described in a post in this forummany regardssteve
  5. HiA Small problem: when i load the A320 it starts bouncing around, with calls of being too low and flap warning. when it finally settles down and i try to slew the aircraft back into its orginal position, the bouncing starts all over again. i don't have this problem with the other airbus aircraft, or on the A320 before i install FS2crew.steve
  6. HI guysthanks for you help!hollister you info was great, the livery now stands out from a mile!cheers
  7. hi therecreating the items in adobe photoshop, i save them as a jpeg file, then load them in BXTBmp and resave them as DXT3
  8. sorry to say, but no ill affect,the only major thing i have noticed is that when i load each file into DXTBmp for corverting, the quality on display is poor aswell, and image size is miniscual
  9. Hello everyone and happy new yeari am new to painting liveries, and my first attempt has left me confused, i am trying to create a livery for the PMDG 737-700 in Astraeus colours and after creating a reasonable replica using Adobe photoshop, when coverting the images using DXTBmp, the image appears on the aircarft blurry on the main fuselage. could anybody help me improve the image qualitlycheersstevehttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/138370.jpg
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