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  1. >Improving terrain from high altitute has been done. Look at>some high altitute pictures so far!Also what about the square shaped cloud shadows?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/147164.jpg
  2. I wonder if during a flight it will be possible to open the map view and flight planner view without pausing the sim? I think it would be useful.
  3. I have a Gainwood 128MB 6600GT PCIe card and can overclock to core=548Mhz and mem=1200. Will I be able to overclock more if I remove non essential hardware like PCI cards etc, or is my limit an entirely fixed characteristic of the PCIe card (for a given FS9 configuration)?
  4. >We have lots of enhancements to the VCs but that, alas, is>not one of them.Might there be a way for a users charts to appear in the VC view, e.g. perhaps jpegs clipped to the control column or whatever?
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts about these ideas?>Realism:>12) Include a water bomber model for flying fire fighting>missions>13) Include a rocket flight model:>- For rocket powered aircraft>- For flights into Earth orbit and space >General:>07) Integrate combat FS into FS?I guess it might be a bit of a tall order to expect FSX to be a space simulation! But I think orbital flight is within the context.
  6. >Django>>I like your suggestions for the most>part, BUT I assume that the vast majority of them will and>rightly should be left to the 3rd party.Thanks for your reply. Yeah, that may well be the case, however I tend to feel that good enviromental/weather effects should be part of the main sim as they are so fundamental to simulating any kind of flight.
  7. In the VC will there be any enhancement of the zoom view?I thought of a crude but possibly effective way to mimick peripheral vision when the VC view is zoomed. Rather than the whole screen view zooming in which I find distracting, only the centre of the view direction actually fully zooms - enough to give a useful field of view - and the view that is local to the zoom point has a non-linear zoom morph from the zoom to the specified global view zoom (I hope you know what I mean - like if you deform an elastic surface by pointing your finger in it!).This would be most useful when zooming into scenery without loosing a sense of what the aircraft is doing. Perhaps this could be better realised in the Windows Vista environment than in XP?
  8. Hi everyone this is a summary of my own FSX brainstorming
  9. I'm looking to run a PCIe and a PCI card in the same PC but I want to estimate the power requirements as I only have a 300W supply at the moment. Apparently there is a web site that gives this kind of information and allows you to interactively check different hardware setups. I've tried looking but can't find it, has anyone come across this site?
  10. thanks a lot for your replies.I've been finding the following things confusing when looking at various router specs, maybe someone can answer some questions:Q1) 108MBps - I'm not convined that this isn't some kind of a play on words. Aren't these just 54MBps that use MIMO technology?Q2) "PreN" - apparently the new IEEE 802.11n standard won't be officially introduced until 2007 so how will I know if these routers will support the standard?Q3) ADSL2 - whats the difference???Q4) VPN - I don't think anyone needs this for online simming (???) but it seems that you need a special router to do this, why? Q5) I'm tending to think that I will end up getting a MIMO 54MBps and forget all the other bull****! Other than the claimed speed increases (and probably when using the same manufacturers inteface cards), I see no other benefits when simming. What do people think about this?Q6) Which manufacturer would you choose if you wanted to get both a wireless router and interface cards?Q7) When using a non-wireless router is it not (as) important for your networking hardware to be from the same manufacturer?Any answeres/thoughts would be most appreciated.
  11. I have a Quadro2 MXR/EX PCI card that I want to use with my 6600GT PCIe card. The latest drivers for my PCIe card are 84.21 and the products supported for these drivers include the Quadro2 MXR (http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_30454.html). Q1) I am a bit confused as to whether my Quadro2 card is in fact compatible with the 84.21 drivers because of thishttp://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_30454.htmlwhich seems to be suggesting that I use the 81.67 drivers???Q2a) If I was adding a PCI card that did not support the latest version of the Nvidia drivers would that mean that both of my cards would have to use the older driver version?Q2b) Would there be any way of using the most recent drivers for my PCIe card and also using the PCI card in this situation?
  12. Following from my previous questions, what experiences have people had with 300W power supplies and PCIe and PCI graphics cards installed? - I'm kind of desperate for info on this - any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi again people... can anyone offer some advice about ADSL routers as I really don't want to end up with problems when trying to fly on line with FS9. Any thoughts / recommended products would be much appreciated.
  14. >>... increased my page file to 500-900MB. The greatest anticipated size I have seen is about 870MB.Just in case this is useful to anyone, I'm now using a page file size of 500-1100MB as the largest anticipated size I've seen in Windows Task Manager is 1.03GB.I don't know if it increased because I was spanning the display over two monitors???Anyway the virtual cockpit is AWESOME when spanned across dsiplays.
  15. Djang0

    Pilot Faces

    By the way if I want to put my face in the cockpit is it as simple as pasting the photo into the bit map?Re 737NG, to be honest I really don't want any politicians flying me anywhere, even if it's a low cost airline! :-lol
  17. Look at the bright side though... more cockpits for us sim builders! ;)
  18. Yeah I'd agree with that. I think it would make the forum more effective with less multiple and repeat posts. At the moment using the search function gives results for all the different planes, and somtimes I just don't have the time to serach through it all and am more tempted to just post.
  19. I also have a similar kind of question (sorry to hijack your thread Ken!).Q1) After you install the 400F is the ISFD display an option for the 400pax or is it only available for the 400F (I haven't yet seen an ISFD in a 400pax flightdeck photo? Q2) Is the opposite to the above true, are the 400pax standby guages available to use in the 400F (or are there no 400F's with the 400pax standby flight guages)?
  20. Thanks a lot for your reply Ryan.>Simulation of circuit breakers... Would take an inordinate amount of time... something that 1/10 of 1% would use.I think many simmers would benefit from such functionality, even though rarely used - the "knowing it's there" mentality makes a difference. of course a huge task for the development team.>Look in the manual for the difference between advisory, caution, and warning messages (white, yellow, red).I've searched the manual but I'm uncertain about whether the yellow cautions themselves are prioritised. E.g. if I have more yellow cautions than can even be displayed at the same time on th EICAS, then should I assume the ones at the top are potentially more important?>The rudder isn't purposefully deflected on the groundI've read somewhere that the rudders on large aircraft are sometimes recommended to be in a deflected position when the aircraft is not in use. Are you sure this doesn't apply to the 747?
  21. Some general questions I have about the 747 pax after recently installing it.Q01) The cargo doors open with the cockpit cold and dark - is this realistic, shouldn't we need electrical or hydraulic power?Q02) From the VC you can't see the wing tips but I thought that the wing tips could just be viewed i.e. for taxiing - is this a limit of the visual model? Q03) From the VC you can't open the cockpit emergency roof hatch! On the real plane doesn't the hatch have its status displayed on the EICAS Doors page?Q04) Why is the top edge of the overhead panel cut off (see below)?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/145768.jpgQ05) Why no circuit breaker panel (even if not all functions could be simulated)?Q06) I notice that there are few switches for testing warning lights e.g. GPWS warnings and there is no master warning light test switch - am I missing something, how are the warning lights tested?Q07) What is the logic behind the priority of the EICAS warning messages, e.g. are the warnings at the top more important?Q08) Does it make a difference to the accuracy of data displayed if panels such as the lower display are opened from the VC and then viewed in the 2D view?Q09) How do I stowe the rudder in a deflected position for a complete complete shutdown, and does it matter in which direction the rudder is stowed?Q10) I've noticed that sometimes the corners of the main displays appear on top of the display trim in the panel (see the top left hand corner below), can I prevent this?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/145765.jpg
  22. >My pagefile max and min are 768 and 384 MBI have a similar spec PC and previously had my pagefile set to 500-800MB. After I installed the 747 pax version I used the Windows Task Manager to check the memeory usage (with the FMC actively following a route) and have since increased my page file to 500-900MB. The greatest anticipated size I have seen is about 870MB.If you use the 747F (I don't have it) then it might be worth checking again the page file usage as judging by many peoples graphics experiences, it's system requirements might be greater thatn the 747 pax.
  23. >It wont be any Airbus until they start being a bit more>coopertative with information.I've heared similar things on various message boards, though no one is ever specific about how Airbus is "uncooperative" with sim developers. Perhaps they would be more willing to involve themseleves with a no failures simulation, e.g. like ATR did with Flight1?>It sounds excellent "PMDG A340" don
  24. I'm in the UK and would like to know if anyone can reccommend car seats that have similar characteristics to airline cockpit seats. I haven't decided which airliner cockpit to build yet so I'm intereted in any Aibus, Boeing, regional etc cockpits.
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