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  1. yes have the same 78- fps down and more stutters- I`m started to give up with this Asobo skills..... look at night- looks now like a day almost... after su 5 was beatifull dark....
  2. yes have the same 78- fps down and more stutters- I`m started to give up with this Asobo skills..... look at night- looks now like a day almost... after su 5 was beatifull dark.... sorry not for this topic...
  3. yes, and that 1:1 movement is missing in MSFS - so why native profile is needed.. brds
  4. Why this is so problematic for them.... Asobo is still a real mystery for me... 🙂 Please dont give them a break from mailing... 🙂 brds Martin
  5. Hi Chris, some updates in this topic? brds
  6. This is example of these broken reflections on water....
  7. Here you are.... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cloud-reflections-on-water-look-absolute-aweful-like-some-128x128-pixel-texuture/389348 it is the same problem.. no this shadows doesn`t look ok !! brds
  8. Clouds shadows on water are really broken after su5.. they look like spots and are not reflections of clouds, few friends of mine is agree with me, so this is not my problem only... When it will be fixed ? nobody ask about it for coming q&a on 6 october... I just missed the question to ask... they close it..
  9. E3 2019 ... Nothing surprised me like that, tears appeared immediately 🙂
  10. What Asobo did by introducing su5 is a drama ... bugs, visual deterioration, ctd etc, you can find a problem in every aspect ..... I`am asksing why there was no Q @ A for the first time, like after every release update ... We have too many questions, don't be afraid of us 🙂 🙂
  11. For yours information... I`w got few BSOD after 690 update..... first time in my PC history.... deinstaled it quicky and now all seems looking good again....
  12. this plane is just incredible... sounds, look, so real.... touchdown sounds...., engine vibrations, .... lighting... etc.... love it now !! PMDG you made it...
  13. we will see XBOX Trailer for 6-7 hours more in development Thursday... and with date launch for sure...
  14. Please make a vote on MSFS - Amd FidelityFx they ask what games should get this technology... thx https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution?utm_campaign=fsr&utm_medium=redirect&utm_source=301
  15. Hi, Saitek panels are about 8.5 cm high, Fulcrum case about 10 cm .. for me the whole set sticks because they are connected together and rest directly on the Fulcrum casing. I have to put a little filling under the bottom panels for better stabilization. All my setup is build on Next level GT Track I recommend it for everyone- its very strong, well build and very comfortable Hope this help.. Martin
  16. thx for replay... so will waiting for anything... My Saitek quadrant doesn`t fit well to magnificent Fulcrum Yoke ! - Chris do something with this !!! 😂😂 brds Martin
  17. Hi Chris, can you share some graphics, fotos, concepts or something else how Throttle Quadrants can look ? brds Martin
  18. Hi, Thx for this, will wait..
  19. Hi, Chris some update on MSfs profile to Fulcrum ? It already working great under msfs, but you know that something is missing.. brds
  20. Hello, would you be able to combine both these mods? I have the impression that Pauls Mod- is only good as flight mode alone, and Mixmugz are far better in engine relations?
  21. Where is source of this information, that shows from 27 cm in depth? brds
  22. yes clouds are far worse after patch 5.... you have to fly often and on different levels to see differences
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