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  1. Absolutely agreed on the quality of this stick and throttle combo. I've had the warthog for over a year now and it's the best setup I've ever used. Lovely precision and durability. There is however one potential problem lurking in all of them. They are *very* sensitive to static discharge. I bricked the stick in my first my set accidentally by touching it after walking across some carpet. The shock from my finger killed it instantly and it would no longer be recognized on any computer I plugged it into. I now ground myself on my computer case every time before working with the stick and I've had no problems since. That shiny metal ring at the base of the stick in particular is a real lightning rod, hehe. Other than that, they're awesome in every way, and totally worth the cost. Highly recommended! -Mike
  2. haldir

    Leap Year day for Logbook

    Hehe, just noticed this too. My friends and I just set off on a twelve leg SR-71 round the world tour in multiplayer tonight. When I checked the logbook afterwards and found no date for the flight I figured it was because we'd blown through four time zones in less than two hours at 1800 kts and had simply broken it somehow. ;) Then I realized it was a leap day. Oh well. I'd say that's a pretty minor bug in the grand scheme of things. :)
  3. http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...sg_id=688&page=
  4. Richy, did you try my other fixes?... about 5 threads down from this one.
  5. Well even though I've defeated the issue on my system I'm just trying to help find solutions for those who do still have to deal with it. There isn't going to be an SP3, so depending on how you use the sim, your solution of just saying 'no' to sp2 isn't going to be an option much longer. Given the rate at which new addons are requiring SP2 it's going to be a must have soon, not to mention if you're into multiplayer (it's the only way I fly) then options for sp1 sessions will become progressively more limited over time. The two service packs are not compatible in multi.The only surefire cure at the moment, if none of the discovered causes/fixes apply to you, is to buy an ATI card I guess.
  6. Well I've been running CTD free for quite awhile since disabling C1E and Speedstep, which I mentioned in a previous post. But it came back when I tried something during some video recording. And no, it wasn't fraps causing it.If you're still getting menu CTDs and you use an LCD monitor, maybe check in your nvidia control panel for the "Change Flat Panel Scaling" setting. I normally leave it on 'do not scale' or 'use my display's built-in scaling'.For kicks I tried changing it to 'use nvidia scaling' because I generally record in a lower resolution than native (1920x1200) and was trying to fix the stretching, and boom, CTDs all over again when accessing menus. I changed it back to 'use display's built-in scaling' and no more crashes. Turning off display scaling entirely would have the same effect if you run FSX at the same resolution as your desktop.Odd!Anyway, worth taking a look at. At this point I'm pretty sure you can crash the driver with SP2/Accel just by looking at it funny. ;)Good luck,-mike
  7. Well I just checked the wakes on ships, and they're still working fine for me. The wakes shouldn't be related at all, they're just an extrusion effect. All I can say is don't be surprised at seeing little scenery oddities from time to time with this change. One guy reported seeing a house doing circuits at an airport after trying this, so who knows. :)Myself I've only seen some problems with LODs on port cranes since the change, but my FSX is so shredded from all the testing I did to find a solution to the flashing that it could be anything causing that. As for the fan spin up issue, might be the 171.16 drivers? When I tried those on my 8800 ultra my fan went crazy 90% of the time. However, whenever you have tons of cumulus out to the horizon and you're looking at them edge on your videocard will have to work harder, that's a lot of alpha polys to sort out.Cheers,
  8. haldir

    Weird problem with views

    Try hitting Backspace to reset your 'active' control to your zoom. Your plus and minus keys also control most of your radios and knobs if they were the last thing you touched, even with the mouse. Hitting Backspace will force your view to 1x zoom and restore + and - to zoom control immediately.Hope that helps.
  9. Hey Tom, yeah this 'fix' (albeit not perfect) is only for SP2 clouds, they worked perfectly in SP1 so there's no need to try it with that. The SP1 cloud shader is *very* different from the SP2 one.Cheers,-mike
  10. Kevin you might be right about some side effects.I've noticed two small things that may be drawbacks to my tonic haha. After some further testing on my machine I've noticed that some global scenery objects are coming into view in their highest LOD, things like port cranes etc, so in places like seattle with lots of those the fps may tank a bit. That may explain some of the oddities you mentioned with your mission scenery, stuff from the global folder.Also when multiple layers of cumulus clouds are close together there seems to be a bit more 'bleed through' than usual, not that FSX was particularly good at this to start with haha. ASX users who try this change will probably notice that more.If anyone can confirm those possible side effects I'd appreciate it.I'll keep on messing with it, but at least for me those are pretty minor drawbacks compared to swaths of clouds flashing in and out of the scene.Cheers,-mike
  11. Hey Kevin, yup that's where they would be. I haven't noticed any scenery issues since at all after the change and I've flown all over the place checking my default and addon stuff. If you let me know which scenery objects are complaining I could drop them in with the mission editor myself and have a look. Can send me a pm here if you like. Either way I hope it works out.Cheers,-mike
  12. Kevin, might want to just double check which Appdata folder you were looking in. There are two. One of them is Docs&settings/username/application data, where the fsx.cfg is located etc, and the other one is Docs&settings/username/local settings/application data. That second one is where the shader cache is stored. A bit confusing I know.EDIT: Now that I think about it, if you installed FSX for "all users" then that user folder is where the shader cache would probably be.Cheers,-mike
  13. Haha! The visibility layer issues probably are best addressed by the master himself, Pete Dowson, but I might have a look at that as well. I just attack any problem that gets in my way, and this one's been in it for months. :)Glad it worked for you guys!(PS: PPSFA, I'm allergic to shellfish unfortunately but I'll happily accept the steak! :-))Cheers guys,-mike
  14. There are several options the host has to enable in their advanced host options when starting a session to allow this:Players can change realism settingsPlayers can change location after joiningPlayers can pause their sessionIf those aren't enabled by the host then most of your associated menu options will be greyed out. I find it somewhat inconsiderate when hosts don't enable these things myself as the necessity to change scenery settings crops up quite often. Also if the host doesn't let players change realism settings then all players are flying on the lowest possible realism.Hope that helps.
  15. Hey guys. I know a lot of people have been experiencing flashing clouds since SP2 and Accel came along, where entire sections of clouds will just blink out for a few frames and then return, particularly around cities or airports. It's pretty annoying and has put an enormous dent in my FSX video work, ruining shot after shot.So after an *insane* amount of investigation and testing I figured out that this was caused whenever high polygon objects come into view, such as unique buildings, jetways, aircraft carriers, marinas etc, especially those contained in the files that make up the global scenery layer. This occurs primarily with Nvidia hardware but on older ATI cards as well.Anyway if you are experiencing flashing clouds and they have been driving you as nuts as they have me (equivalent to two pieces of styrofoam being rubbed together :)) then read on, I found a fix:The ultimate culprit lies in the material handling of the cloud shader.Go to this folder:FSXShadersHLSLmiscThere you will find a file called SwarmCloud.fx. Make a backup copy of this file somewhere. (as always no crying if you don't do this step) :)Open the original SwarmCloud.fx in notepad or wordpad and then look down about 20 lines down from the top. You will see this entry:bool NewMaterialUsage = true;Change its value from true to false. Make sure to keep the semi-colon.Save and close the file.Now, go to C:documents & settingsLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftFSX(If you can't get to this folder make sure that "show hidden & system files/folders" is turned on in your windows folder options.)(This is the XP path by the way, Vista users will have to hunt for their equivlalent in the users folder.)You will see a folder there called: Shaders.Either move that folder out of there or delete it. Don't worry, FSX will build a new one the next time you run it. It contains a cache of the compiled shaders. This folder must be removed to ensure that the change you made to the cloud shader file above will be compiled and used on FSX's next run.That's it. Run FSX and enjoy very solid and reliable clouds! I haven't seen any other bugs or oddities crop up from this change. I've had a few friends who were also experiencing flashing clouds test it as well, one on nvidia, the other on ATI, and their clouds stay perfectly put now.Six days of work to come up with this simple solution, ugh. I mistakenly came at it from the scenery angle thinking it was some kind of texture conflict, guess I enjoy taking the long way around, hehe. On the upside I now know a ton more about FSX's scenery and memory management than I ever wanted to. :) I've also seen a big reduction in the stupid black square thing on the beacon lights and vasi etc, could be related, not sure. Eradicating that is my next challenge.Disclaimer: I have only tested this on DX9 under XP pro 32. I have no idea if there will be any difference in behaviour on Vista or under DX10, hence the backup. ;)Cheers,-mike