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    Problem installing 1.10.6461

    LOL, now I'm on track. Thank you Kyle! Geoff Kent
  2. Papsonline

    Problem installing 1.10.6461

    Thanks for your swift response Kyle, I really appreciate it. As you suggested, I uninstalled NGX completely as per your instructions and ran the latest installation file. Now I have the Operations Centre which is what I was looking for when I had the installation problem. But I still have a strange version number when I click: Add-ons > PMDG > About PMDG... It tells me "Version (App): 10,0,61355,62" Am I looking in the right place to see what version of NGX I'm running? I'm expecting to see 1.10.6461 Thanks Geoff Kent
  3. Papsonline

    Problem installing 1.10.6461

    Duplicate - sorry, can't see how to delete this. Cheers Geoff Kent
  4. Papsonline

    Problem installing 1.10.6461

    Duplicate, sorry - can't see how to delete this. Cheers Geoff Kent
  5. Papsonline

    Problem installing 1.10.6461

    Hi guys, Returning to the NGX after a break. I have SP 1c installed in FSX, Windows 7. I see to install a livery I need the Operations Centre To get that I need SP 1d. So I downloaded the latest installation file from the PMDG site. I extracted the three files in the package: PMDG 737 8900 NGX Base Package FSX and the two readme's The non-Steam readme tells me it's v 1.10.6461 24 March 2105. When I run the installation exe, the InstallShield wizard displays the Repair or Remove window. That doesn't seem right, but I select Repair and continue the installation. When done, I start FSX and load an NGX flight. Now, Add-On > PMDG > About tells me I have v 10,0,61355,62. Any help appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting airborn again. Cheers Geoff Kent
  6. Papsonline

    Carenado GPS map view

    Thanks for the information Matt. My problem was that, like you, I didn't have the Map view at all. But then I found that the Carenado GPS does not have full functionality. And their own version of the Garmin 430 manual tells you how to get the Map view.CheersGeoff
  7. Papsonline

    Carenado GPS map view

    Hey Matt, did you get the Map problem fixed? I'm having the same problem myself.CheersGeoff
  8. Papsonline

    Where Are The SIDS/STARS?

    "DISCO INSRTD AFTER XXXX" is quite normal, Gary. I recommend you read the FMC chapter in the manual - not just about that message but the whole thing. You're going to need a thorough understanding of the FMC anyway and that chapter will solve many problems for you before they arise.Cheers.Geoff
  9. Hi all, I don't have a lot of experience in this aircraft and very little experience flying VOR approaches manually.I understand that the B767 won't track a VOR automatically and it's easy enough to track it manually using HDG SEL, having the mode switch set to one of its VOR positions - easy, that is, when you have NAV1 tuned to the VOR and the navigation display is right in front of you.But what if you have NAV2 tuned to the VOR - in the RW would you lean over to the right seat to view its navigation display? I guess not, so what am I missing?CheersGeoff
  10. Papsonline

    EHAM scenery confuses ILS

    Ok Jim - many thanks for explaining that. There's NL2000 out there for the Netherlands - I'll take a look at that.CheersGeoff
  11. Hi all, after installing EHAM Schiphol V3 ( from the AVSIM library, I find I can no longer capture the localiser on what is now 18C and on the new 18R, and maybe on other rwys, too. Capturing 18C, for example, entering from the right (loc on my left), I see the magenta indicator to the right when it should be to the left. But the loc captures anyway and turns me initially onto the selected course of 184, but then turns me left to seesaw a couple of degrees either side of 162. No sign of a glide slope. Feeling I might be looking at a backcourse, I tried the same runway from the opposite direction. The ILS brought me down perfectly, capturing the LOC and the G/S. I landed right on the threshold - but at the wrong end of the rwy! I uninstalled the scenery and it fixed the problem, except that I no longer have the missing runway. I want to reinstall it but I need some tips for looking for the source of the problem. Appreciate any help. Thanks Geoff
  12. Papsonline

    PMDG 737 Install Fehler

    Not sure why the above entry is in German. Thought I'd help out with a translation..." Topic: Installation errorI'm still around, haven't logged in for a while.Werner has a huge problem with reinstalling the PMDG 600/700.At 'Select flight;PMDG;Quickstart', FS9 in Win2000 loads the 737 at Lippstadt, as previously. After Battery Switch on, though, the instrument panel should come alive, that is, display. It remains dead and the sound gives up. Starting the APU works, but without sound and without effect on the above mentioned.In a different installation on a different hard disk everything works.When uninstalling I also deleted all 737 PMDG in Documents/Settings etc before reinstalling. But still no success.Has anyone any ideas?GDI+ is installed I assume, otherwise the other hard disk wouldn't work.I'm talking about an installation in the normal folder C:...MSgamesFS9Thanks in advance for your help fromWerner from Alfaz "(translated by Geoff Kent)
  13. Papsonline

    Left high and dry at 16000'

    Thank JD, I was at FL 160 and hadn't yet set to local pressure.If I can duplicate the problem I'll send you the log.CheersGeoff
  14. Hi all,I was passed by RC4 to the next controller at which point my copilot informed him we were descending past (say) FL200 with discretion to FL160. The controller replied RGR but having reached 16000' I didn't hear from him again.Anyone understand what might have gone wrong?ThanksGeoff