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  1. Bry,
    It will be great to hear from you. We miss your banter and collegiality -- and friendship.
    And it will be terrific to have one our best pilots ever to participate actively - if you get a chance!
    Great news.

  2. Pilot: Bry Simulator(s): P3D V4 Weather engine(s) for each sim: AS P3DV4 Rookie/veteran: Ropey old Veteran
  3. Baton is free at EKSB http://fs-duenna.com/flights/ShowFlight.php?flight=XDpM6JeNz9RHUjMJMXUVGGQkp8
  4. Good luck guys. Looks like I'm not going to be home in time for the race. Currently working in Boston and probably not back till Sunday at the earliest
  5. (Callsign) Bry (Flightsim Version) P3D and FSX Boxed (Experience in Flightsim) Pretty comfortable with anything required (Timezone +/- UTC) Greenwich Mean Time, Londinium Looking forward to meeting up with you all again . Like Harv would have much preferred a week with you all but anything better than nothing
  6. Hoping to be able to join you guys , Bit late, sorry but have just updated the Spreadsheet with my details if anyones interested
  7. You have access to the Private Forums now . Lots going on in there . See you in there soon :)

  8. Hi Nick . You now have acess to the Private Race Forum . Lots of juicy stuff there to Digest :) Welcome

  9. nice flight with DC for company all the way . Wingman PC crashed , no other dramas . Very poor visibility all the way but runway visibility was okay from 2 miles out :)Orientation was a little bit challenged at times :(http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185388.jpg
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