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  1. NotASenator

    Watch this video

    Using the forums for advertising is against our rules.
  2. "Hi Brian,"And it is hard to just brush off all the complaints and ranting we get leveled at us constantly, these volunteers who take their own time to try against all odds to make this a good place for flight simmers to come. "While I have no difficulty understanding your frustration and have tons of respect for anyone volunteering to moderate a public forum I see a bit of a double standard here. On the one hand you lump people like Jay and Nick, who volunteer their time and skills to a commercial project, into the "commercial developers class" yet on the other hand you bring up the "we're just volunteers" card every time someone points a finger at the moderators.AVSIM is not a charitable organization, it's a business just like commercial developers and publishers are. Whether you guys get paid or not is between you and your employer. You represent the public face of this business and thus presenting yourself as unsung heroes while holding other groups of volunteers to different standards isn't helpful, IMO."Holger, I wanted to reply to this because it's a very good point. AVSIM is a profitable business (from what I understand), because it makes money, but I definitely see a difference between a website like AVSIM and commercial add-on developers. AVSIM may make money, but it is not trying to sell anything (other than in the store, which, to be honest, I didn't even knew existed even after I was a mod in the forums). It's not a commercial enterprise in the sense that we are selling a product as much as we are supporting an effort through ad-revenue. If we were going into other forums and telling people that they should come post here instead with the purpose of attracting more advertisers, that would make sense. Commercial devs are trying to sell a product. I wanted to explain why I see them as two separate things. I think it's great that people volunteer their time to support projects that make flight sim better, regardless of what avenue they take to do that. I wish more people were willing to just put their work out there for free to make the flight sim world better, but that's a different topic, and I know all the sides of that debate by heart. But when it comes to the rules, there's no distinction. I don't want to point anyone out by name, but we privately chastised a volunteer here for violating these exact rules recently. So whether it's more public or private, I guarantee that there is not a double standard when enforcing the rules.
  3. You know, what it comes down to is that I'm pretty tired of reading posts or getting emails suggesting that AVSIM is, or is causing the problem in the community. We're not creating the divisiveness and we're not causing the bickering, and we are trying our best to contain or stop it, and for it, we're accused continually of smothering people's rights or playing favorites or whatever. The problem IS the community. We had to split the FS9 and FSX forums because the members here could not stand to act civil to each other in the same forum. I didn't want to do it, I thought it would great expand our workload and that it would create a segregation between users of the two products, but that's apparently what you wanted.That is not our fault. And it is hard to just brush off all the complaints and ranting we get leveled at us constantly, these volunteers who take their own time to try against all odds to make this a good place for flight simmers to come. I've tried to step back some, because I was getting a lot of people telling me that I was the problem with the community, and yet it has still gotten worse.So when people come in here with self-righteous indignation of how we are shutting down their rights as an individual, yeah, people are going to get a bit uppity about that. I can't think of how else we are expected to react to that. Are we supposed to say "I'm sorry, we shouldn't have followed the rules for you since you care so much about the community, we'll let you post as much about these commercial products as you want even though you have a clear association with the developer and this issue has come up before with the rules clearly being explained to you." Is that what is expected of us? There are other forums where the admin makes you convince him that you are a worthy flight sim fan before he lets you in. If we gated the entry, we could probably ensure a nice, homogeneous community where everyone shared the same opinion. Instead, we have tens of thousands of people from all over the world with different cultures, languages and opinions, and the admin staff does their best to just make sure everyone follows the rules. And, as volunteers, the pay here is not worth the abuse the we take sometimes, but we stay and sometimes we speak our minds about it. As long as people follow the rules, we don't care if you do the same. I think it's a fair system.
  4. >Wow, I'll be honest and my post count will tell anyone that I>don't hang out here very much. But I am absolutely astounded>by the arrogance and absolute high an mighty behaviour>displayed by Tom Allensworth and his forum administration>team. I mean I had heard the stories and read numerous>articles and post on other forums (not only VOZ or Orbx) about>how some gracious contributors to FS development have been>treated by AVSIM but I had never seen it first hand. Now I>have, I've had a chance to see it in action and to tell you>all the truth, I am disgusted.>>It's one thing to uphold rules, it's another to be arrogant>sods. Definitely looks like being one of the top flightsim>websites for so long has really gone to the heads of those>high up in the administration team. It is a sad thing to see>what power does to some people. >>And all this talk about bandwidth being used up on forum>posts... give us a break, how cheap is bandwidth these days?You're probably right. The admin team should definitely just smile and ignore it and not get upset when someone basically calls us fascists on our own forum because we followed our own rules.And since you brought up, I was going to get a piece of gum from 7-11 in a few minutes. Since it's pretty cheap, you wouldn't mind paying for it, right? And, of course, you know that old rule from school, if one person gets gum, you have to have enough for everyone else, so while you're out, could you pick up a piece for the other 44,000 members of this forum? Sticks of gum are cheap these days, so you shouldn't mind covering everyone.
  5. >>There was a thread made by someone with a history of>breaking>>the rule, it was deleted because of that, it was all handled>>behind the scenes and now it's been explained to everyone.>>I sincerely hope you were NOT referring to me with that>comment and as far as "handling" behind the scenes goes, I>never even got as much as a private message about it let alone>an explanation. As I have said before, I might be OrbX' and>FTX' administrator, I do not get paid for my services, nor do>I want to, I am an avid simfan and I do it for the love of it.>I actually came on here to tell the community about a product>which I thought the community should know about. I did not>hide my name or create a dummy account ( which I KNOW certain>developers have done over the years gone by & I know because>they have told me so) to advertise something I shouldn't have.>I could have asked one of the forum members to go and post it,>I didn't, I came out here and posted it under my name.>>Do I deserve the post that Mr Allensworth has put up,>crucifying my good name and treating me like a child by>telling me to message him so that he can "spell it out" ? No,>I do not. Messaging him does not help anyway because I have>not had a reply, that is why I have gone public. Mr>Allensworth has a short memory, he forgets that I for 1.5>years a newswriter here and I always got the job done. The>reason I left was because of Mr Allensworth' behaviour towards>news and the censorship towards certain things. So .. sour>grapes Mr Allensworth? If you want an explanation of all of>the above message me and I will "spell it out" to YOU!>>JayKae <-- soon to be banned for having an opinion and being>an individualYeah, yeah, sorry, I'll be sure to include you in all the discussions the admins here have from now on.I like the bit how you bash the guy who runs the whole site here for a paragraph and then claim that if you are banned, it will be some censoring act against your individuality. That's real classy.
  6. >Sorry for posting in the wrong section.>I posted this topic here in the FSX subforum because it's here>where the problems started. >I hope for your understanding.There's no problem.There was a thread made by someone with a history of breaking the rule, it was deleted because of that, it was all handled behind the scenes and now it's been explained to everyone.There isn't a need for anymore discussion about it.
  7. We should start a forum too where people can ask questions to the people who run this site.Oh, wait, that already exists.
  8. NotASenator

    GEX question

    The question has been answered and this is not a screenshot forum.
  9. NotASenator

    FS11 - Will the scenery engine improve?

    No offense Jeff, but I think that's terrible. Steam is a fantastic service. The publisher model in games has been screwing small devs for years. Digital distribution services like Steam, with all of its community features, automatically deployed updates, etc is a great step in the right direction for gamers.
  10. NotASenator

    FS11 - Will the scenery engine improve?

    This is a pretty awful idea. Imagine the shake-up if every add-on developer had to go through MS for approval for publishing of their add-on. Also, imagine the cost increases related to that. MS is not going to put a system in one of their programs that allows anyone to just throw some code up for purchase or download without verifying and certifying the code, because then they would be liable for what you download.
  11. NotASenator

    Grounded Never to fly microsoft FSX again.

    Did you call me a punk kid?
  12. NotASenator

    Grounded Never to fly microsoft FSX again.

    I'd love to decipher this and make some sense, but really, it just comes down to this: You said you moved back to FS9, then you're in the wrong forum. This one is for people who fly on FSX.
  13. It is just common sense. If the post is just to throw a bunch of screenshots of a product you like, put it in the screenshot forum.If you are adding to the conversation and a screencap or image helps that, then sure, put it in the thread, just make sure they follow the same size rules as the screenshot forum.If you are a commercial vendor and you think that posting pictures of your products will help promote it, don't do it.
  14. NotASenator

    Conveyor belt controversy put to rest :-)

    This is the part where every single one of you says a silent thank you to me for only locking this thread and not banning all of you.
  15. NotASenator

    A380 Cockpit Panoramic

    I don't see anything about this in here already, so I wanted to show it off:'s a very nice interactive panoramic of the A380 cockpit.