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  1. Jetways not showing up at several airports
  2. Thank you for the information
  3. Thanks, I will wait and see if anyone can add to this before I dive in
  4. Does Flight 1 have a refund policy for the 787quality wings Download
  5. I can not input Arrival airport there are no choices on screen also leg page shows no route even though i entered one keypad will not work to put a fix in such as arrival airport and /100 /30 key pad will not work. .I was able to enter route on route page and also able to enter runway on departure airport but nothing is in arrival page to select.Any help would be great . I have no problem with other aircraft fmc
  6. Can the 737 reboot be started at taxie or before takeoff or does it need to start at the beginning?
  7. Try the disconnect bar under auto pilot and see if it works that way
  8. You might also check the books by Captain Mike Ray.Great 737 book for flight sim . Things are explained very well in a fun format.Captain Mike Ray's WEBSITE and STORE
  9. RogerD


    how do I update my airac files
  10. Did you try setting up your keys on your fmc for the pmdg Also just tap the p and release if you are looking to pause.
  11. Just for the hell of it check direct x and turn it on even though everything is to the contrary.I did and it works for me.
  12. My 737 now loads fine but runs a short time and crashes to desktop.Not sure if I should redownload or not.if I do a redownload from my account am I getting the latest with all the updates in it?not sure if this problem is because I am missing something?
  13. Sorry about that . I got the signature in .My fault.
  14. OK did what it said and made the changes but still the same .I am running windows 10 Also fsx. HIGHMEMFIX=1 WIDEVIEW ASPECT =TRUE
  15. OK Thanks if I still have a problem I will advise .It is fsx
  16. is there a easy way to install sim connect?
  17. I have a new computer and a new install of the 737 800/900 with the 600 expansion but my virtual cockpit has all blank guages and nothing works .Also when I go to outside spot I get just a skeleton of the aircraft .Any help on this woul be greatly appreciated .Thank You [.rogerd]
  18. how do i post a topic on here .I am signed in but see no place to post .I know this is not with your topic but do not know what to do
  19. Are there any fictional for US AIR in 737NGX
  20. Looking forward to the southwest livery for the 700 Thanks for the reply. RogerD
  21. Do you think once the 600/700 become available that it will have a south west livery
  22. HI I am having a problem when I try virtual cockpit I have only Blank screens. Any help would be great Thanks.
  23. HI is there a GPS control for the PMDG 737 800/900 series in the cockpit that I have to activate or is it on the ND. This is new to me I always used the the GPS to follow a course.Thanks Roger
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