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  1. I agree. I can not afford to make the wrong choices in the fog of uncertainty and without clear direction forward. There is no compelling reason for me to jump just because I have that particular itch. Smarter for me to just scratch it and wait to see what comes next! Kind regards,
  2. I like your thinking and style Dave, as I am waiting for the dust (and/or smoke) to settle too. If for some reason Intel/AMD does not pick you as a tester with your qualifications, I will humbly submit my name as I don't have any whatsoever. Kind regards,
  3. I imagine so! With SLI you have nearly double the noise, heat, and juice running. I bought a reference GTX1080 which easily overclocks with MSI Afterburner that runs the core clock at 2100Mhz and memory at 5500Mhz but temps seldom exceeds mid 60s C. The thing is, when I analyse the 8 (4+4HT) CPU threads (2700K at 4.935Ghz) they are running at or near 100% as is the GPU which is showing 100% fully utilized. I theorize that if I drop in another GTX1080 in SLI I have room for it's output to grow quite a bit. If I had your processor, or some of the new ones coming up I expect that a 2080 (or 2x1080) :) might be needed! Kind regards, PS: What does happen to your FPS and smoothness when you set unlimited? I expect it would be going so fast your watch runs backwards...
  4. Yes, I remember the havoc that ensued with P3Dv3.4 when a particular driver (or two) rendered SLI useless. It was a real showstopper for me since I was trying to make do with two GTX580's in SLI, which made the sim usable. It would hardly move with just one. Never tried it in P3Dv4.0 (or v41) as I bought a GTX1080 with the trimmings. Vic, Did you get an FPS difference between the single 1080Ti and the 1070's in SLI? That seems to me to drill down on the entire SLI/no SLI matter. Kind regards,
  5. Deal! Where is your tutorial Cees? Do you have a link? Yours is the best welcome reply all month! Kindest regards,
  6. That's it then for now! Running at 5Ghz and a really highly clocked 1080 and lots of Fast ram, I am staying put until something else comes along that earns my dollars. Looks like I might even beat that 8700K combination with the extra speed and a better card. Thank you Vali!
  7. That pretty much says it all. One thing for sure current events and political personages have done more to unite "the True North Strong and Free" from Victoria to St. Johns than anything else I have ever seen. Certain people may have mistaken Canadian polite civility for weakness and passivity. We will never take being bullied. We'll see what we will see, but one thing is obvious, we have lots of friends outside the neighborhood who would like to do mutually beneficial business with us, from aircraft to fresh fruit and vegetables. Maybe it's time for a change. Kind regards,
  8. And made real long term enemies to boot. There is a lot of feeling that translate into something like: If it's a Boeing, I ain't going, even among the Canadian public. Between that, and over the top free trade muscle from the US, I am not sure even WestJet is securely in Boeings pocket anymore. We'll see, but it is on a course for getting much worse, not better, at least for a few more years. WestJet already buys Q400s from Bombardier, and with both them and Air Canada wanting Canadian public and government nationalist sentiment on their side, it could get interesting. An air Canada pilot friend of mine told me today "Heck, I would trade a yoke for a side stick any day if that is how they want to act. Bring it on! New A350s with our spanking new free trade deal with Europe! Huge Boeing and political PR nightmare up here!
  9. Far too much money IMHO - pass!
  10. If he has a key legitimately he should have the means to download it directly from P3D at their website. This is something to ask LM wouldn't it?
  11. Hi Rafal, Not sure I can evaluate 4K monitor since I do not have one. My local flight sim friends have them and like them, however they do enjoy coming over to my house and flying this machine! I have a 55 inch 4K Samsung curved smart TV. I have it at 50 refresh rate and set 4K textures in P3Dv4. It runs smooth and fast with an overclocked GTX 1080 with 2700K at 5.0Ghz and 16G 2133 RAM and use Track IR. Altogether it is the next best thing to advanced VR for as real as it gets. Kind regards,
  12. Have a 55 inch curved TV at 4K. Highly recommend it! Kind regards,
  13. , will check back later!! Thanks all! Bruce So which is worse, going to the dentist or having chronic overheating problem so can't overclock? - seems like a tossup!
  14. Bruce, I have to absolutely agree with everything Bob Scott has said here. I have been doing this sort of thing for a long time too with the many units I have owned and have read just about every thread on the subject on here and elsewhere and I know I would not buy from those guys ever again either! (Brilliant about the plastic!) Something wrong here. Kind regards,