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  1. Here is Rob’s Performance comparison includes both TrueEarth and JF VFR next gen...what is immediately apparent is you can adjust autogen levels for trees and buidling in JF VFR and not ‘fully adjustable’ in TEGB...
  2. Hi David, see my earlier post in this thread...I am using it with NGX/AS airbus/Vertx etc etc...runs smooth (am locked as always at 26 fps), loads normally and is great for views on approach to Southend, Southampton, Cardiff, Exeter etc etc...all UK2000 airports blend in lovely and even Orbx airports are fine with it... I have been flying in it all evening and am more and more impressed with it...I also have TrueEarth GB South, but it is hangered until they fix performance issues. Seriously, JF VFR next Gen is great for tube flyers and also vfr flyers who fly above 3000ft in my opinion...can’t wait for the next one, so it covers East Mids and Brum 😎
  3. I have uninstalled TrueEarth GB for now and after seeing Robs great comparison video...I purchased the Just Flight VFR Next Gen South...I was not expecting miracles from it, but within a few mins I was flying my PMDG over it with no problems, fast/normal load times instead of 12 minutes! & absolutely no fps hit and interestingly the roads looked better/sharper than TrueEarth GB... I then tried it vfr from Shoreham to Goodwood and onto Orbx Southampton airport and yet gain, no stutters & stable fps. To summerise my thoughts... TrueEarth Gb is very detailed and colours / water masks far better than JF next gen...but...I like the JF next gen as it is a very good ‘halfway house’ that allows me to do vfr in UK in proper and also allows me to use my PMDG kit with no issues....also it blends with all my UK2000 & Orbx airports perfectly… I do hope P3DV4.5 helps with the performance issues in TEGB, but until then I will keep it, but not use it. JF vfr next gen is probably what I will use for the time being, it has a configurator panel and all the autogen levels are also scalable/usable as you need them to be via P3D settings, which is not currently the case with my TEGB, it’s all or nothing with autogen currently. Just my 2 cents chaps...Got fed up tweaking again and jumped on the JF VFR Next Gen out of shear frustration, glad I did, its far from perfect, and I know it’s not at Orbx True Earth’s level of detail but at least it’s flyable with high end airliners and very vfr usable without crashing the sim 👍
  4. Hi all, I have just downloded the new 747 Queen of the Skies, I noticed that you need a minimum of P3DV3.3 to run the new 'Queen'. I have all the Orbx sceneries etc plus UK2000 airports...its been a while since I did a P3D update and I just wanted to double check before I proceeded... I do not want to do a full reinstall, just an update from P3DV3.2 to latest P3DV3.4... do I just update my client.msi? or can I update the content.msi as well without screwing up my existing sceneries / setup?
  5. Capt Pugwash

    P3dv3.2 to v3.4 for the new Queen to run?

    We are like buses mate, Rocky the other day and now me :-)My memory finally kicked in and I got it sorted. As I type this I am on my first flight at EGCC UK2000 Manchester v2 with the Queen in Virgin livery, fond memories of this flight to Florida with the kids when they were younger...good to here from you, are you flying her as well yet?
  6. Capt Pugwash

    P3D and my initial thoughts

    Hi Howard, some of these chaps are right, you need a beefier graphics card, to run stuff like ORBX, UK2000, NGX & a weather program in tandem as we like to do... I opted for the GTX1070 and it certainly made a difference to the stutters...just be aware that the latest drivers from nvidia are causing some stutter and other issues currently that appear to affect P3D...But as always you can use an older driver...good look and have a great Crimbo...PS: get a new graphics card under that tree!
  7. Capt Pugwash

    Just Flight BAC 1-11 Released

    VC looking far better in that 360 viewer... Stupid question...has it got reverse thrust capability? How quickly can you stop her? thinking of some rather small airports for her, if she has the capability.
  8. Capt Pugwash

    Future of the J41?

    Would also pay for P3D compatability...really miss flying the Eastern Air J41 to & from Scotland
  9. Capt Pugwash

    Aberdeen Airport

    I have been doing UK2000 Aberdeen to Orbx Sumburgh in heli as well as flybe Q400
  10. Just built a new Skylake rig and have Win10 and P3Dv2.5 freshly installed. This is my first time with P3D, do I need Simconnect & FSUIPC for it to function correctly with aircraft addons? I read on the Aerosoft forum that you need Simconnect for their Airbus package & Twin Otter to function correctly... Not had much luck installing my P3D compatible aircraft yet, many have missing textures, panels etc...
  11. Looking to purchase this now it has v3 Compatable installer... How is the fps and flight model in P3Dv3.2?
  12. Capt Pugwash

    Works in P3Dv3.2?

    Version 2 is now available and apparently installs into v3.2...
  13. Will this work in P3Dv3.2? Got a lot of Carenado / Alabeo birds, anybody know which ones install / work without issue in P3Dv3.2? Many thanks, Capt P
  14. Capt Pugwash

    Adding a civilian livery to the PMDG P-8

    Had a bit of fun creating 'Snow Force One'. Should I release it to the public? Fixing a few small things (like putting reg specs back on) and removing the IDG Panel door texture on the left side of each engine and a few small other adjustments.. Yes, what a superb idea & paint... will this paint work ok on my NGX-P8 in P3Dv3.2?
  15. Capt Pugwash

    P3D v3 new PC spec.

    I have pretty much the same specs apart from a GTX970, I am currently running a 4.9 overclock. Make sure they fit a 'closed loop water cooler' from corsair for the I7 6700, especially when overclocked. Also I have an LG 34 Widescreen curved monitor running highest resolution via 'display port' no problem Mine is superb with P3Dv3.2, NGX, REX 4 at UK2000 Airports & Orbx.... enjoy
  16. Capt Pugwash

    P3D V3 support

    I keep seeing guys flying the Alabeo DA42 in P3Dv3.2... is this possible? if please?
  17. Capt Pugwash

    GTN 750 for P3d v3 not working for me

    Does the F1 GTN750 install & work without issue in P3Dv3.2? Planning on it going into my Duke Turbine, Flysimware Mitsi MU-2 & A2A Comanche... Edit: checking it out on Simforums.
  18. Does anybody know if the 777 freighter expansion works with the latest 777 v1.7 in P3Dv3?... My 777 v1.7 base pack works great in P3Dv3, just wanting to puchase the freighter expansion now...but not sure if it will work with v1.7 in P3Dv3...many thanks
  19. Capt Pugwash

    Captain Sim Sale!

    I also plan to purchase the P3D version T7 today...did you get it sorted? what do you think about her...
  20. Capt Pugwash

    Uk2000 Airports sale - min 25% off

    Are the UK2000 VFR Airfields Version 2 volumes 1& 2 fully P3DV3/3.1 Compatable? I recently purchased Southend, Birmingham and the superb Prestwick... to add to my xtreme collection...great airports!, but really would like to add vfr airfields to the mix...I use Orbx Eng, Wales & looking for reasonable integration...
  21. Just about to purchase Active Sky Next SP3 from this version P3Dv3 compatible? Is there anything I need to know before updating? bar reading the manual...
  22. Many thanks for good you know if Sp4 when released will be a free update? otherwise I might as well wait for sp4...but if free update from SP3 to SP4 I will buy now...
  23. Capt Pugwash

    Prepar3d Version 3

    Alabeo, when will you update the C404 Titan to P3Dv3?