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Status Updates posted by Luisdeaf

  1. i' am Special Need Deaf And Blind

  2. My Computer Desktop Alienware And Laptop HP From Windows Vista SP2 Upgrade Windows 7

  3. My Computer Desktop Acer First Internet Dial-Up Slow

  4. New Video Game Super Nintendo 16 BIT

  5. My Facebook New Profile Timeline Account

  6. Me With My Mom Today Amtrak Auto Train At 4:00 PM From Sanford, Fl To Tomorrow At 8:30 AM Lorton, VA To Driver Car 9:30 AM Go To New York, NY At 3:00 Or 4:00 PM My Laptop WIFI Online Thank You

  7. Home First DVD Movie Computer

  8. My First Flight Airline Travel

  9. First Cruise Line Big Ship

  10. What are you up to now? Join me and thousands of others here: http://www.speeddate.com/?k=BTgCiy

  11. Me Luis He From October 29 To November 5, 2011 From The Carnival Cruise Me Luis He I Have Longer Dizzied up To 8 Days.

  12. Today Weather Blizzard Snow Storm In New York, NY Here

  13. synced their Myspace account to Facebook http://lnk.ms/0WBg6

  14. Today Weather Snow/Wind In New York, NY Here

  15. Today Winter Snow Storm In New York, NY Here

  16. yesterday luis with my mom fly come back to home orlando, florida here

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