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  1. Please PLEASE tell this to IPACS! I've been asking for weather from day one but they keep on working on ATC as the next big feature. Afaik their main focus during the last 1.5 to 2 years has been on ATC. And it seems it will remain their main objective for another year or so at least. Afaik it is the ONLY "next feature" the core team is working on (I am not talking about new scenery and new planes where others are working on). I've asked for weather numerous times but they won't even acknowledge that weather will be next on their to do list. They haven't even decided on this! Which obviously is driving me nuts. I also like ATC a lot (if done well) but a flight sim without a proper weather engine isn't a flightsim imho. So if you and everybody else keeps on nagging them, we might get some weather withing a few years... (I won't nag them about it anymore because my posts will only get deleted. 😉 )
  2. Ah! Someone who thinks like me! I have the same 'problem'! Which is why I only fly within regions that have the same quality of scenery. It's also why I stopped buying addon airports, really: I don't really like to see some awesome airports and then some awful ones. So I rather have them all mediocre. 😉 Anyway, this is why I only fly in FTX Norway with Airports of Norway (which btw aren't mediocre!). Luckily I like to fly regional flights instead of long ones. We are all wishing the same... which it is such a shame that progress on AFS2 is so terribly slow.
  3. Happy with Orbx, yes. Less so with IPACS and AFS2. ;) At this moment AFS2 is my sightseeing sim: low and slow in the C172 (with the windows removed) over TE Netherlands is a nice thing to do every now and then. For my more serious simming P3D is the way to go for me. Sightseeing bores me pretty quickly: not IPACS's or Orbx's fault, of course, but I notice more and more that low and slow GA flying isn't my thing anymore (even though it has been my favorite way of flying for quite some time). I prefer doing regional flights with a fully functional Q400 through real time weather in a world that is a bit alive (ATC, traffic). I did a flight with the Q400 in AFS2 over TE but within a few minutes already things look a bit like default scenery down there and I can (seriously) almost oversee the entire country at FL160. Everytime I fly over the Netherlands I am amazed how small the country is! Again, not IPACS's or Orbx's fault LOL but the longest flight you can plan in the Netherlands is around 140, 150 nm which isn't much. So it's GREAT for low and slow flying but not so much for high and dry (and more 'deeper') simming. But er... I think I am repeating myself: so much has been said and I forgot what I said where LOL
  4. Then you would be stuck with smaller regions and lower quality. 😉 BTW I never buy addons to support a developer. I only buy addons I want.
  5. Well, he did say he was hilarious...!!! 😋
  6. This topic is the first topic since November 22, 2017 that has reached 3 pages of content (with 39 replies). The topic that reached that amount of replies before that was from February 27, 2017 (also with 39 replies). What does that tell us about AFS2...? 😉 Seems like AFS2 is a very small niche market within a small niche market. I am happy AFS2 gets some more attention now (38 replies already!) but I also wonder how long it will last... 😎😋 I do applaud IPACS anyway for (still) giving it a try!
  7. I think I get your point, sometimes I may get carried away a bit too much LOL but afaik I didn't mislead people...? I didn't say everyone should get AFS2 because it's the best sim out there. On the contrary! It's just my idea that some people here aren't fair when it comes to AFS2. But maybe I am reading too much in some posts. ;) Agreed. There isn't ONE sim I would suggest to everyone. If someone would ask me which (civil) flight sim to get I'd first ask: what would you like to do with it? Depending on the answer my advice could be either P3D, XP, AFS2. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Imho there is no ONE SIM to rule them all. ;)
  8. Which is probably why most topics in the P3D forum are about solving performance problems. Just kidding. 😋 Where would P3D or XP be without addons...? DLC is just another word for addons. No one on this forums flies P3D without addons. Or do you think P3D would be much better off without addons? Yes, AFS2 doesn't offer the entire world by default and is offering DLC for (small) regions but again, who actually flies over the default world of P3D? All basic stuff has been FREE up to now for AFS2. Even the much anticipated R22 helicopter will be free because IPACS thinks it's should be part of the basic sim. But hey, I am not trying to defend AFS2 or IPACS because frankly, I have a big problem with that team: I don't even WANT to defend AFS2. I just like the honest truth. 😉 EDIT Fun objective fact. 😋 When it comes to performance: progress has a cost. AFS2 was well known for it's quick startup. After starting a flight in AFS2 you could be in the cockpit on the runway in 5 seconds or so. I just did a test. It just took me 36 seconds to be in the cockpit on the runway of Soesterberg in TrueEarth Netherlands. That's quite a degradation of perfomance in that regard, isn't it? 6 to 7 times as slow. Maybe someone can do the math and come up with a percentage (I suck at percentages). See? Honest facts! 😎
  9. I know this will sound like a cheap excuse (and in fact I think it is!) but the current clouds in AFS2 are placeholders: they suck in all possible ways. IPACS has always said they are bad for performance and will induce stutters. Imho they never should have added to ugly clouds... They will be replaced whenever a weather engine will be created. Unfortunately (don't get me started) this will probably take a few YEARS.
  10. I don't think you are getting the point. Or are wanting to get it. 😉 But that's okay. No one is forcing you to use AFS2. There is nothing odd or strange in comparing the same addon in two sims imho. TE Netherlands P3D can be compared to the AFS2 version because in large parts they are the same. I just flew over Amsterdam in AFS2, fps was 140 (with the Insane setting). In P3D, with similar settings (no clouds, no AI, no weather, no shadows, no effects, no nothing, flying the default Maule) I was struggling to maintain an fps of 25. I know, P3D has vector roads and a few other things AFS2 doesn't have so a full comparison is hard but still, it's clear that AFS2 has a lot more headroom than P3D. Don't get me wrong, I know you can't compare both sims: AFS2 is lacking way too many options in order to be even close to a competitor of P3D/XP but it has a huge potential. And it also depends on what you want in a sim: there are enough simmers who abandoned P3D or XP and went for AFS2 completely. And yes, that includes real world pilots. There are a lot of people who simply like to fly around and enjoy the scenery. And don't mistake me for a f a n b o y (word not allowed?!?) of AFS2: I think I have the highest amounts of deleted posts on the official AFS2 forum by far...! 😉 I am not biased in any way. I just think you need to look at things objectively and know the facts. 😎
  11. Yes, really. You clearly didn't read my post well enough. I was talking about the performance and graphics department engine only. ;) Vanilla AFS2 can spit out 600+ frames per second. And not perhaps. And I don't agree that everything above 60 is completely redundant: it's called headroom. ;) AFS2 has loads of it and that's a very nice thing for the future when more options will be added. But anyway, since today we have access to an interesting benchmark: 1. install TrueEarth Netherlands in P3D, turn of ALL settings that are NOT related to it and which aren't available in Aerofly FS 2. 2. install TrueEarth Netherlands in AFS2. 3. run both and compare fps: let's see which of the two has the most headroom to cope with all that scenery. ;)
  12. Could be true but it would be a shame. Unless either of them manages to bring performance of their sim up to AFS2 standards. P3D even has some more catching up to do in the graphics department.
  13. Well, isn't that a coincidence. 😉 Within a day after my remarks here (and two deleted posts on the IPACS forum and Steam) Jeff from IPACS posted a topic on the official forum about how their forum is maintained. Seems like an indirect reply to my posts about this. https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/13338-how-our-forum-is-maintained/ Although I do get his point (that the official forum is mainly there for objective support and promotion and not for subjective opinions) my problem is that you ARE allowed to post subjective opinions but only if they are positive... 😉 Negative opinions are constantly being deleted. I do understand this because the forum is also meant as a promotional device but it makes it a bit confusing. In his post Jeff talks about personal opinions as if they are negative by default, which obviously isn't the case. But well, anyway, I do get the point. Which is why I am posting my 'reply' here and not there. 😉 I think I will refrain myself from posting over there anyway (unless I can give some objective support to anyone): I don't really feel like only posting positive things and having to think twice about every word I type.
  14. The fact that default ATC sucks in FSX/P3D doesn't have to mean 'default' ATC in AFS2 will suck too... 😉 I (seriously) expect IPACS's ATC to be at least as good as ProATC and maybe even better. (If that won't be the case it will have been a waste of time and AFS2 will be totally dead in no time. I think IPACS knows this too which is why it's taking them so much time...) The reason I am waiting for ATC is the fact that IPACS won't even THINK about weather before ATC is finished... I myself prefer weather over ATC too but we first have to get ATC out of the way. Me too but don't forget IPACS has various teams at work. The most important team is working on the core of the sim as we speak. Unfortunately only the other (scenery) team is releasing stuff. Of course it has to be seen how good and 'full fidelity' the helicopter will be. True. South Florida is their best DLC up to now but the area is rather small and large parts have no 'autogen' at all. The parts that do have it look great though. I did enjoy flying over it for a few weeks. TrueEarth Netherlands will be the best 'DLC' up to now though! In case you didn't know: it has just been released and I will give it a try this evening! I think it will blow every other IPACS scenery package out of the (photoreal) water. 😉