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  1. Well, I read about the crew driving up to the plane, stepping out of the car, walking into the plane... and it made me wonder... wasn't I supposed to be the pilot?!? How come I am already in the cockpit?!? Who is that pilot out there?!? Who am I?!? Is this the twilight zone?!? This dangerous addon may lead to psychological and existential problems for us sim pilots... 😜 😎😉
  2. J van E

    REX Environment Force

    Not really. I also use Discord but never installed an app. I would never have used it if I was forced to install an app for it. I simply use Discord using my browser. And btw I don't understand why people and specially companies would want to use Discord: I prefer a good old forum at all times. With just a few people around already those chats become a mess pretty quickly and are hard to follow.
  3. J van E

    P3d v4.3

    Everyone is always hoping that the next update will be THE UPDATE to rule them all. The fact that in the past this has never happened doesn't make a difference. I also don't expect anything extraordinary from 4.3: I am just waiting for it so I can reinstall P3D (after my recent reinstall of my PC). People need hope. Hope is the anchor of the soul. Wait, come to think of it... the addition of cloud shadows came with a point release if I recall correctly. And that was a very nice surprise! So sometimes LM does actually surprise us. Hm... what was the release date of 4.3 again...? 😎
  4. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    LOL You are clearly not getting my point because you're post is only making it worse and proving my point, but well, too bad indeed. Let's leave it at this and enjoy whatever we like ourselves. 😉 LOL again. Yes, something obviously went wrong in the meantime but in all fairness: that can happen. You can change your point of view on things. The cause can be the software that didn't turn out the way you thought but it can also be due to relational problems. It happens to me all the time. As most of you here know. 😎 For instance, during my first days with SkyForce I was bashing it all over the place, giving it a bad name, but after a few days I turned (the usual) 180 degrees and now SkyForce rocks imho, at least when it comes to the cloud structures and textures (not the weather engine!). Confronting people with posts they made a few months or longer ago probably isn't a fun thing for anyone here... 😉
  5. J van E

    My P3D is loading up extremely slow

    Well, depending on the AI addon in use. UTL for instance doesn't work with bgl's and doesn't have this problem. Another idea for Aaron: did you by any chance use the TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP tweak and have it at 10? That will make P3D load for ages. EDIT Oops, I see Zeljko already suggested that.
  6. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    So now you also accuse me of reading with a negative attitude and assumptions. 😋 I never do that. I read your post unbiased as I read every post and what you said simply came across quite odd. That's all. Even after a re-read, with a positive attitude and no assumptions (don't even know what to assume here), saying "and every high-end simmer i know" is not needed and condescending. It puts yourself above the rest, above the apparently simple low-end simmers. "If you are a real high-end simmer (like I am) you obviously share my viewpoint." Makes me wonder who your low-end simmer friends are (if you have any) and what combo they use. But anyway LOL it just striked me as odd, that's all. 😉 If you don't understand what I am saying that's totally okay.
  7. Agreed. The idea is nice though. But ground ops aren't my thing. I own GSX but for me it's a waste of time. I seriously don't want to wait for all those zombies to get on board. It's fun for a few times but after that I'm done with it. I bought GSX mainly for the pushback feature but I don't even us it for that anymore. I think I called for all possible cars once but after that it was back to the cockpit for me. 😉 Loading the pax during setting up the FMC was kinda fun but it got repetitive pretty soon. As I said, not my kind of thing. But again, the idea is nice and for those who have enough time on their hands and who like everything around the plane to be alive too this must be a really awesome development!
  8. Maybe I missed it but another advantage of UTL and the way it works (without bgl's) is the initial loading time of the sim. I use UTL and absolutely love. Install it and you are done. Nothing left to do other than set AI in P3D to zero and AI in UTL at the amount you want to: you can even change that setting on the fly (seperately for GA and airliners). I don't really notice a loss of performance, there are planes everywhere, including GA, loading times don't seem to be affected at all, etc. Very happy with it. It's one of the few addons I install everytime I reinstall P3D.
  9. J van E

    REX Environment Force

    Now things would get REALLY interesting if presets would be automatically loaded and smoothly applied depending on time of day, weather, etc... 😉
  10. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    That's a bit of an odd and remark imho. As if everyone who doesn't use your preferred combination of addons probably is a low-end simmer...? What's a high-end simmer anyway? You probably didn't mean it like that but it sounds a bit condescending.
  11. J van E

    REX Environment Force

    Here you will find the complete press release: https://fselite.net/news/flight-sim-expo-2018-introducing-rex-environment-force/ Sounds nice. As usual with REX. Let's see if they can deliver the goods. I won't be buying this on release day, that's for sure.
  12. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3d confusion

    I myself prefer AS with REX SkyForce clouds. Take note that you can't use the dynamic texture loading feature of AS+ASCA when you use REX SkyForce, so the textures you load before starting a flight (or the once you loaded months ago: you do not have to load new textures every time) are the once that are being used and that's it until you manually load new textures. I myself prefer the look of the SF clouds over the dynamic clouds of ASCA though: never quite liked the look of the ASCA clouds and never really noticed an obvious difference with the dynamic texture changes. As with every texture addon it's a very personal choice. Neither is better: they are all good and all a bit different. However, 95% of the users here will agree that the AS weather engine is a lot better than the SF one...! Check out a few possible combinations of these addons here:
  13. Saanen has been released. You need to add it to your account using the Orbxdirect site before you can see and install it in FTX Central. https://orbxdirect.com/product/lsgk-afs2
  14. J van E

    Looking for Sweden photoscenery....

    Afaik it's pretty hard to get decent photoreal textures for the Scandinavian countries. I looked at photoreal textures for Norway when I was using XP, even tried to create stuff myself, but the source material is just bad. Orbx also already said they won't be making TrueEarth for Norway because there is no good (or payable) source material. I am afraid the same goes for Sweden.
  15. J van E

    Textures for FS Global Real Weather

    FSGRW simply uses what is available in the sim. So if you install ASCA and/or ENVTEX textures they will be used by FSGRW. However, FSGRW won't load textures from those addons on the fly in real time: that's something only AS can do with ASCA (and ENVTEX sky textures if you enabled the option in ENVTEX to let ASCA do that). So for FSGRW you simply have to pick texture sets in ASCA and/or ENVTEX yourself before starting the sim. BTW No need to do that everytime! In this case a set you install into P3D stays active indefenitely and won't be changed or altered until you decide to do so yourself.