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  1. Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    Ah, ok. Plan-G can do that but can't be updated by Navigraph. Afaik (I only used it once and didn't like it at all) Little NavMap, as suggested by Greg, is supported by Navigraph. I don't know though how that works out if you load a plan into the default GPS if the planner knows all kinds of (Navigraph) approaches but the GPS doesn't... Maybe you also need FSAerodata for that then. Hm, this raises more questions than it answers...
  2. Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    Not entirely sure if I understand what you want but there is FSAerodata that will bring P3D up to date with navdata and that updated navdata will also be available in the default GPS. So if Navigraph has some approaches P3D doesn't have by default, FSAerodata will make those available in P3D and also for the default GPS. Again, not really sure if this answers your question but you might want to check out what FSAerodata brings to P3D.
  3. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    That's what I do. I stopped bothering with FFTF and other fancy abbreviations that are related to P3D configs a long, long time ago and I've never been happier with P3D. I settled for some settings (simply using the settings screens in P3D) that gave me a nice and acceptable performance in various situations and never changed a setting ever since. I am happy not having to think about those FSX-related tweaks anymore and I certainly won't spend a dime on any addon that is related to those settings too. Do I sometimes see a stutter or a late loading texture? Sure! But I am too busy flying to bother about that. Obviously I am happy for everyone who is loving this addon and similar ones but I prefer to fly. I just spend an awesome hour and a half in my beloved Majestic Q400 above Norway with AS weather and SF clouds and boy.... the idea of having to waste that time on tweak related stuff... yikes. You simply have to decide not to be bothered with it anymore and from then on you can enjoy flying. As you should. Having a plane that keeps you busy, like the Q400, also helps btw!
  4. GSX Menu

    It is amazing/astounding/unbelievable/annoying/unforgivable that this hasn't been fixed by now already. Shame on LM. Wouldn't surprise me if this won't get fixed until v4.3. I myself use numbers all of the time and I don't like to change my 'workflow' because LM added this bug to P3D. I don't even have P3D installed due to this bug: I am waiting for the fix but never expected it to take this long. Really terrible bad support.
  5. This. Though in addition I'd like to add that all this goes for the original Steam version. If possible, skip the Aerosoft dvd version (which also can be bought as a download from some flightsim stores).
  6. Add ons

    You seem to forget that P3D also is 64 bit. So if Orbx would switch to 64 bit (in whatever way...) that wouldn't automatically make simmers switch to AFS2. After all, AFS2 is still lacking a LOT of very basic fightsim features (out of the box or throught 3rd parties): weather, ATC, study level planes, cold and dark options, a decent planner, etc. As it is now AFS2 is a very simple sim with a limited area to fly in with basic planes and that's it. The ONLY thing it has going for it is the modern graphics engine: in all other aspects it falls (terribly) short. Don't get me wrong: I love AFS2 and it's the only sim I fly right now but that's because it's simplicity suits me fine at this moment. Talking about more revenue: I think the only reason that AFS2 went out of early access was to enable IPACS to sell it on DVD and through other sites so they would get more money. Imho AFS2 wasn't ready for it yet. And seeing that after a few months after getting out of EA we still don't have ATC I am beginning to worry again about the future of AFS2. The VR hands are nice and all (don't use VR myself) but P3D and XP are also making great progress here so AFS2 seems to lose its VR advantage. Yes, the performance of AFS2 is a LOT better than the other sims but users of the others sims don't seem to care about that. There is more to simming than just performance.
  7. Add ons

    It took me some time to realize this topic is positive towards Aerofly FS 2... But yes, the fact that it takes FSX a lot longer to load a flight has nothing to do with the scenery or 32 vs 64 bit. Aerofly FS 2 simply is a more modern system and it does EVERYTHING faster than FSX or P3D, no matter what. The reason that Orbx keeps on developing things for FSX and P3D simply is the market base: there are thousands and thousands of customers using FSX and P3D while only a handful (at least in comparison) of AFS2 users. It could well be that Orbx would love to only develop things for AFS2 because it is the only sim in which their sceneries can truly be enjoyed with great performance (I can imagine it's a drag having to developer beautiful sceneries for a sim that ruins it all due to the way it works with popups and low performance) but well... they need to make money too!
  8. Low and Slow

    Makes me long for the upcoming Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator!
  9. P3D 4.2 - Anything Incompatible?

    ChasePlane works but only if you enable the experimental option.
  10. Someone on the ProATC forum found a workaround that works for me but probably not for the OP. In my case the window for Active Sky wouldn't work. I had changed the shortcut to 7 (the key above the Y and U). After resetting it to the default Control-F11 the window worked again! Turns out the SimConnect window has issues when you use the keys 1 to 0 for shortcuts! Assigning any other key solves this! In my case simply using the menu also works btw. The OP also had problems with this so there might be something else going on with GSX and ProATC but at least for Active Sky it works to either use the menu or to NOT use the 1 to 0 keys!
  11. LM responded to my post. They have made changes to SimConnect and every addon that uses SimConnect needs to be updated to be compatible with 4.2. So addons like ProATC and GSX, that don't need updates according to the developers, actually DO need updates. The beta of AS as it is now does work with 4.2 but they obviously didn't pay attention to the parts that have to do with SimConnect. I posted on their forum if they are planning to look at it. As it is now we are stuck... LM won't fix this because developers need to fix this but some developers say nothing is wrong with their product... Ping-pong.
  12. So far it is giving me only a downside: the SimConnect window, as used by AS, GSX, ProATC, doesn’t work well anymore.
  13. Still having the issue and LM still didn't respond to my post over there...
  14. FSL for V4.2 Tomorrow

    Funny, everytime I see this topic in the forumlist I am reminded of the sign which can be seen hanging on the walls of some pubs:
  15. Later this year Orbx will release FTX Netherlands: it will be the first region from Orbx that has photoreal all over the place and in which ALL buildings will be in the correct spot. Unfortunately it will be released for FSX/P3D first but well, it's nice to know it's coming! It should be at least as good as LOWI and probably a bit better (when it comes to the scenery further out of the airport itself). And yes, P3D can't match AFS2 in performance. Nice to read your enthusiasm about VR. I am one of those who gave up on it because of the low resolution... Loved it at first though. But in 2D AFS2 luckily still shines in some departments (quick to load, quick to setup, the best performance, the light) and in 2D the detail (at least where there is any detail) looks a lot better imho: in VR a lot gets lost. But either way it is a nice sim indeed.