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  1. J van E

    Which is the best,

    It seems you are not familiar with the concept of emoticons, also called smileys...? 😎 Or with humour...? 😜
  2. J van E

    Which is the best,

    Shame on you for putting the Majestic Q400 in the same list with those others. 😎 The Majestic Q400 is indeed in its own class. It is my personal favorite addon plane ever (though I fly it in P3D). Partially because of the plane itself, partially because it's simulated extremely well. I like the plane because it's great for the rather short domestic flights I like to fly AND it is the kind of plane you can actually learn inside out up to every detail AND it keeps you seriously busy: never a dull moment (apart from cruise). And Majestic did a terrific job on simulating almost everything. Imho it's not the best looking addon (some low res textures, some non-3D buttons, etc.) but nevertheless it's my personal favorite EVER.
  3. J van E

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    No cfg tweaks here either. I'm done with that. Once a year or so I might try a few tweaks but I seldom notice a difference and usually it even screws up something so I always revert to no tweaks. Obviously getting the right settings using the options menu is tweaking already: a lot of the old FSX tweaks aren't needed anymore simply because LM added them to the settings options. I am sure that in time the tweaks of today will have become legal sim settings and I may have a look at them when that has happened. Until then I like to keep life as simple as possible and I simply enjoy what I've got. 😉
  4. J van E

    The dreaded blurries.

    That doesn't sound like a common issue. I do know I myself had to lower quite a few settings in order to get a rather steady 23 fps (...) but I didn't have blurries all over the place. Certainly right from the very beginning. I can't help you with this, sorry, but I just wanted to let you know this isn't common. However, blurry photoreal is rather common with P3D <4.4, so I've read: 4.4 has a few options to solve that. So you might want to update to 4.4 anyway: you don't need to reinstall TrueEarth all over again for that.
  5. J van E

    Vertex website is Live!

    +1 for Navigraph too, mainly because of additional costs that FSAerodata brings. 😉 I can buy a Navigraph cycle once a year or once a decade and keep on using it and reinstalling it. AFAIK FSAerodata needs an active Navigrpah subscription at the moment of install (afaik you can't reinstall FSAerodata later on, after a system reinstall, like you can with Navigraph). So you need to buy BOTH and you need them both active for a reinstall. Hence my preference for Navigraph support. 😉
  6. J van E

    Vertex website is Live!

    Straight from the site: "Third party database updates such as FSAerodata and Aero Sors are supported." In other words, this G1000 reads everything that's installed into your sim. So no Navigraph support (which installs into specific addons and not your sim). I have to say this plane looks good... I also like that everything is saved, even more so than with A2A planes. That will really make it feel like your very own plane!
  7. J van E

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I wouldn't count on it. I'd take all posts about such huge improvements with a grain of salt. I also would like to be able to block all posts from view that contain words like 'seem to be' and 'looks like'... We get remarks about seemingly improved performance after each and every update and up to now they all turned out to be caused by changed settings, different addons or simply placebo effects and wishful thinking. Anyone who says something like 'performance seems to be better' should be banned from this topic and only allowed back in after he or she has done some serious testing and can prove their findings with hard numbers. 😎
  8. What I find interesting is that with this 'move' LM is clearly reaching out to the home flight simmers. Unlike some (or many) over here think we home flight simmers are more important to LM than some (or many) think. We are not just allowed on the side: we also are a target.
  9. As long as the number before the POINT remains a 4 the release will be free. So you won't have to pay anything in order to go from 4.3 to 4.4. The same goes for 4.5, 4,6, 4.7 and so on (if we ever get to see those numbers: probably not). We only have to purchase the sim again when the number before the POINT changes to 5. 😉 And 6. And 7. And 8. And...
  10. I won't have the time to update before January but that's fine with me: by that time I suppose most addons will be made compatible. I will probably do a full reinstall (as I always do). I was wondering though: I suppose PBR will cost quite a few frames per second? I am reading various improvements that have to do with the graphics, like higher res PR options, higher max fps settings, more this, more that, but I hear no one talk about the drop in fps all this will cause... I am struggling with fps already (as is everybody else here) and 4.4 (as was to be expected) won't really help there... so it seems to me. Don't want to spoil the party here but shouldn't people temper their expectations a little? 😉
  11. J van E

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    I'm also not a fan of the Flight1 way of doing things. Almost every time I run into some kind of problem during a (re)install. I already have problems figuring out which option to use form the wrapper and often pick the wrong one. And way too often I have to ask for a reactivation of my key. What I really dislike is the fact the wrapper installs stuff into the root of my C drive: I seriously hate that. So if I can help it I buy my stuff elsewhere: I only buy from Flight1 if there really absolutely definitely is no other way.
  12. J van E

    When you do not sim?

    I always have ups and downs when it comes to flight simming. If I have a new plane to master I might fly everyday (and sometimes a few times a day) but if I am just flying around using addons I know by heart already I might fly once a week. You might say that I fly whenever I feel like it. As it is now I fly once or twice a week: if I fly more often I'll get bored because there is nothing new to learn right now. But after a week at most I just HAVE to do another flight or I'll start missing it too much. In the far away past, let's say before 2006 or so, I could stop flying for months, up to a year, but I can't imagine that happening ever again. Flight simming has become a part of me by now.
  13. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    Yes, you have to pick your clouds: SF doesn't do it at random and you can't have them all. I have to say though that imho one set of textures offers enough variation to keep me entertained for years. It's not that with one set all clouds will look the same all the time. (Which is why imho ASCA's dynamic modes is overrated... but it seems I don't have a good eye for that. 😉 ) Whenever I load another set of cloud textures I really don't notice a difference during regular flight. When I take screenshots of the exact same situation with the exact same weather (and I've actually done this!) I do see a difference but I don't think the difference is worth changing textures for, simply because I see the same differences whenever I fly around: one set of textures seems to give the exact same amount of variation already. Imho. All that dynamic changing of textures (like with ASCA) and all those texture (like all REX products offer) is overkill imho. I never ever understood the need for >20 cloud texture sets. Which is the exact reason why most people prefer AS. (Plus things like historic weather.) The SF weather engine is very basic and not too good. My personal preference is to use AS for weather and SF for clouds (weather disabled) and I think most people use this combination. If you use SF like I do (installing and using one set of cloud textures and then not run SF at ALL anymore, and letting AS control the weather) it feels like using one product (AS) anyway. 😉 BTW I am planning to run SF every time for a while to see if it indeed makes a difference that I myself notice during regular flights.
  14. Agreed. I am thinking about reinstalling XP frequently (specially after seeing the TE GB screenshots) but whenever I think about all the things I will be missing I just can't be bothered. Maybe they don't use something like TrackIR: it's much more annoying when you can easily look around. I am sure Howard isn't thinking about switching to XP just because of this bug. 😉
  15. J van E

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I guess it makes a difference if you know what to look for. ;) To me clouds are clouds and I have no clue at all what kind of clouds I am looking at (or should be looking at!). All I know is my skies look great with SF (and AS). Maybe I'll run SF in the background every now and then to see if I notice a difference.