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  1. Great, thanks! Looking forward to it! I’d love to be proven wrong here!
  2. Good call, despite my pro ProATC posts. As I said EVERY ATC addon need some time to get into it and indeed, since you spend money on this one already, why not see how far you can get with it! From what I have read the PF3 guys are very helpful so persevere! As I said my first ProATC flights were FAR from perfect... the fact that they are all perfect now clearly shows it was all due to user errors and not the software.
  3. First of all: as I said even ProATC has a learning curve but once learned it’s very easy and that is the main difference with for instance PF3 that keeps on needing a lot of input and work. But also take note that even ProATC is still a work in progress. For instance, every now and then constraints aren’t handled correctly in specific situations, but hey, you are the pilot so if something seems to go wrong you simply have to take action. No ATC addon is perfect. But imho ProATC Is very good. If you get it and if you need help, just post it here. We don’t mind queries about ProATC here. Well, concerning Innsbruck: I fly in Norway all the time and as long as I keep the constraints of the SID and STAR all is fine. As I just said around a certain airport ProATC seems to skip a constraint which might let me touch a mountain side but I am the pilot and it’s my job to note the constraints. But usually ProATC does a fine job. After all it does nothing else than checking if you are flying the right assigned SID, programmed route and right assigned STAR. And yes, of course you can initiate a descent yourself. You can also ask for other altitudes and so on. If I want to descend at my calculated TOD (I fly the Majestic Q400) and ATC says nothing I will ask for a descend clearance. BTW You can also check the ProATC map to see where ATC has planned its TOD. Quite often, so I have found, the ProATC TOD is better than my calculated one. Again, don’t expect perfect ATC but ProATC simply is the ATC addon that, once learned, just does it job by itself. If you buy it I could post my own ‘install.txt’ here because you have to install a few extra freeware addons for it like Makerwys and Lorbi’s manager. That might help making the first steps easier.
  4. Another reason to like ProATC LOL Why does PF3 have a high learning curve? Probably because you have to figure everything out yourself? A good ATC addon does all that for you. But seriously, ATC software can be a bit daunting at first. I doubt if every ProATC user had a completely succesful first flight. I sure didn’t. And the ProATC forum also has posts about lost contact and so on. It is complicated stuff. But that is why I like ProATC so much: it does whatever it can to prevent you from doing too much which would only increase the user error factor. It is the closest thing you can get to real ATC because it uses hardly ANY input for a flight. As I said, after the initial setup of the program you only have to set departure, set destination, click a button and off you go. (You CAN do a lot more though but it’s not mandatory.)
  5. Well... I am fine with checking charts but not in order to get good ATC during my flight. And the approach/landing charts I’d rather check as soon as ATC has assigned me the proper approach/chart, which is somewhere using cruise usually. I don’t want to do all that before I can even start the sim! Do you have to figure ou the SID and STAR and transitions yourself in PF3? And filling out certain boxes for an airport... for EVERY airport...? And again when something has changed in a newer AIRAC? That’s what I mean with having to do too much: in ProATC I don’t have to do anything at all for any airport.
  6. Well, sorry, but what use are up to 8 cloud textures if you can see three instance of the exact same cloud in this one scene...? Pause the video at 20 seconds and you see two copies of clouds and a part of it even three times. Apart from that: all those cloud look like similar clouds to me so... point me the 8 different textures, please! I am not trying to make fun of ASCA: I am sure SF may also show the same textures in places but the point is: I don’t see 8 different textures in that video. Imho the body of a cloud usually has a very basic texture and it is the structure that makes the difference.
  7. +1 Just had a look at those PF3 video and BOY am I happy I went for ProATC! Setting up a flight is done in no time (for a basic flight: set departure, set destination, click a button and you're done) and I also love how it assigns SID and STAR (and transitions), depending on the current weather in the sim (even for saved plans!), at the appropriate time, and how you can enter them in the FMS realistically. It seems in PF3 you have to setup the SID and STAR yourself...? In all ATC programs I have seen it seems you have to set up almost everything, sometimes up to the smallest detail. Yes, I am very happy with ProATC.
  8. Can you actually see the difference in those 8 textures...? And btw you can have up to 8 different textures indeed but that doesn't mean you will always see 8. I always wondered if one really needs that many textures for great clouds. I was very (if not extremely) surprised to read that REX said different textures hardly make a difference and that the structures are far more important. When someone on the REX forum said he couldn't load another cloud set and was stuck with one, wondering how to handpick other textures for different weather, REX responded that it wasn't needed at all to handpick texture sets: one set of textures would be enough for all kinds of clouds. (Take note though that SF offer double the amount of samples.) The main difference are that some textures may have a slightly more fluffy look or softer edges. And well, I tried ALL 22 cloud sets of SF and although I do see difference (when I compare screenshots) I can imagine that every set can create a believable sky... I feel no need at ALL to switch textures sets for clouds. (Skies are a completely different story.) As I said before, you should fly with one set of ASCA cloud textures (not dynamic) for a week, take some screenshots, and then switch to Full dynamic again and take some more screenshots: do you see a noticable difference? BTW This is NOT a rhetorical question! I am genuinly interested and curious. When I see ASCA cloud screenshots I never think: Ah, yes, I see different textures now! I just see clouds... and that's all.
  9. Simple solution: get ProATC. Let it plan the flight or load a (real world) plan into it and it will tell you the SID and STAR at the appropriate time, guide you along the way and it will be completely in sync with the FMS [well, as long as you program the same plan, of course). Default ATC is only fun for VFR but absolutely useless for use with an FMS.
  10. I've been pretty vocal (in a not too positive way, I have to add) about REX's marketing of Sky Force and the problems and lack of support I had to get it running, so well, I think it is only fair then to also be pretty vocal about my appreciation of Sky Force now everything is actually working. I am enjoying my clouds immensely now. Take note that I come from the freeware HDE clouds so I might have taken a greater leap forward than those who have been using other texture addons but anyway, I have never seen such beautiful and varied clouds in my sim as I am seeing now. (I say clouds only because weather and skies are from the competition.) As I am typing this I am doing a flight above Norway with real time weather and the overcast sky looks as overcast as overcast can be and also the broken clouds I saw during cruise looked awesome. Just now I am descending into an overcast sky again and boy, do I like what I see. (Apart from the transparent clouds that I sometimes see but REX is looking into that, so I've read.) So thanks, REX, for this great addon! I can highly recommend it to everyone. (I also posted this on the REX forum. )
  11. Not yet but the weather was quite calm during my last flight and I've only done one flight yet. And yes, I am using DTX5. So far so good, though.
  12. I think indeed that the number you can set is the maximum amount of layers that AS will use for weather. But usually you don't have that many layers. On a clear sky with no clouds you can set AS to 20 layers and you won't notice any performance loss. But if the weather actually calls for 20 layers, your performance will drop like a bomb for sure. I have the impression that usually AS uses just a few layers: having 10 layers or more in the sim won't happen that often, I think. And SF doesn't need anything in this regard: it uses whatever is there in the sim. BTW I moved up from my usualy 512 to 1024 and I have to say those clouds look wonderful out there...! I am getting more and more happy with SF (and ASCA/ENVTEX skies)!
  13. I totally get your point. And you are correct in your thinking. And you are doing it the right way. Of course REX says that using their structures with other cloud textures may cause weird effects because only the SF cloud textures are properly linked to all SF structures but still, it will simply work anyway. And if you like what you see, there is no point in not doing it. It won't harm your computer. But it just might happen that some clouds look odd or wrong or whatever. No one actually knows if this is even true or not... However, I tend to agree with REX's opinion that textures are less important than structures... Even REX says that it doesn't really matter what cloud texture set you pick because the differences are minor! (Which made me ask why the heck they added 22 sets and not just one perfect one... I didn't receive an answer yet.) And so I also wonder if ASCA's dynamic clouds really and actually make a NOTICABLE difference...! I know for a FACT that the dynamic sky colors can make a HUGE difference but when it comes to clouds... I have tried ALL 22 REX cloud sets and unless I am comparing screenshots they all look a bit the same to me... they are all clouds... And the same goes (or might go) for ASCA's dynamic clouds. You might want to fly with a static cloud theme for a week or so and then switch to Full dynamics: I wonder if you can really tell whenever new or different cloud textures are being used. I don't think I can. I'd like to see some screenshots of ASCA's dynamic cloud textures being obviously different and obviously more approapriate for specific weather conditions. I think one SF cloud texture set can do it just as well. (And in the end it's also a matter of personal taste, of course.)
  14. Exactly. Now SF of course also has sky colors but not dynamic ones and I personally love to see the sky colors change automatically and quite appropriately without having to do anything for it. The 10 day cycle skies from SF do give some variation of course, but it's completely random and has no relationship with the current weather, let alone with the latitude, as is the case with AS.
  15. Nice! Would you mind sharing the texture sets you are using ? Clouds, sun, sky, etc.