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  1. J van E

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I can read SID and STAR plus approach charts just fine and it is dead easy to find an appropriate one for the region I fly, also thanks to an extremely well done site with all possible real world charts. So no problem there. It’s just that it is ATC’s job to tell me which SID and STAR to use. I shouldn’t have to figure that out myself, easy as it may be. I want ATC to do its job. But as I said, I am flying less SIDs and STARs now, because they are seldom flown where I fly, so PF3 might be interesting for me because of its vectoring options, which seem to be ahead or at least easier to get done with PF3 than with ProATC.
  2. J van E

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    It shouldn’t vector you but it should follow you? Does real life ATC completely forget about planes flying a STAR? If someone leaves the correct path, shouldn’t ATC do something about it? But anyway, I have stopped flying entire STARs so vectors are more of interest to me. ProATC makes it a bit hard to just being vectored.
  3. J van E

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    Thanks for the detailed information. But it seems a bit as if PF3 stops doing what it should do during one of phases in flight where it is needed most...? Where ProATC starts working (assigning a STAR by itself, following you, etc.) PF3 turns off the radio and goes away for a break. At least that’s how it feels to me.
  4. Ah, okay, didn't really know about that. (Or never really thought about that. 😉 ) I seriously doubt that because AFS2 is lacking way too many options. It doesn't come even close to what P3D and XP (can) offer. For now it's mainly good performing photoreal scenery with basic airplanes and that's it. Even out of the box P3D offers a lot more.
  5. J van E

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I have the same question. This quote seems to imply PF3 does assign a SID or STAR to you: But this quote seems to say it doesn't: So which one is it?!? From what I understand you do have to manually put EVERY SID and STAR for EVERY runway into PF3 yourself. Which is quite a daunting task... But from what I also understand this mainly means you have to tell PF3 the NAME of every SID and STAR. You don't have to enter each and every waypoint of the SID and STAR into the program. (And I suppose this also has to be done ONCE...? Or do you have to do this for every flight?) From what I understand furthermore PF3 leaves navigation up to you as soon as you start a SID or STAR, so if you stray away from the path or fly too high or low PF3 won't correct you or anything, unlike ProATC which does know which heading and altitude you should be flying all the time. And I suppose PF3 will only contact you again once you are at the end of the SID or STAR...? (I suppose PF3 does know about all transitions...?) You only have to tell PF3 all names of SIDs and STARs so it can pronounce them properly at the right time: that's it and that's all. PF3 knows nothing about them further. I suppose this also means that unlike ProATC PF3 won't tell you to descend during a STAR...? The randomizer (which decides for you if you are getting a SID/STAR or vectors) sounds really nice though: that's an option I am really missing in ProATC. Sounds like it gives some sort of real life flavor to the flights.
  6. J van E

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    As you may know I use ProATC and am not a fan of PF3 but in all honesty: you can't judge an ATC addon on just one flight... If I had done that I would never liked ProATC as much as I do now. 😉 ATC addons are complicated, perhaps the most complicated flightsim addons you can buy (apart from study level planes obviously 😉 ) and you are bound to make beginner mistakes! My first ProATC flights were utter **** (and I probably complained on various forums about how bug ridden that piece of **** was, blaming the developer for selling pre-alpha **** 😎) but after a week or so things suddenly began to work fine... which made it very clear that not ProATC was utter **** but I was (or at least my knowledge of the addon). So if you really are interested in PF3 give it some time, at least do a few flights with it, use it for a week or two, before you post a 'review' online! 😉
  7. I have to say I am really seriously amazed at how much more popular P3D is here on AVSIM...! At this moment there are 10 times (!) as much users that call P3D their definitive favorite sim compared to XP! Even when looking at users of both sims but prefering one there are 3 times as much P3D users than XP users! Funny detail is that there are 5 times as much users who consider a change although 5 to 1 is hardly worth mentioning. Then again... 5 users who are considering a change while XP only has 6 users... the amount of XP users may double sometime soon. (Or they must be switching to AFS2, which I doubt.) Almost forgot another funny detail: FSX has twice as much dedicated users than XP has...! Wow...! Of course this is just one (limited) poll but it's fun seeing those results. 😉 If you simplify the results by adding up the favorite and 'more time' users and subtracting the upcoming 'switchers' (presuming they will switch to 'the other main sim' and dividing the leaving FSX users over P3D and XP) you get something like this: P3D users: 74 XP users: 17 FSX users: 9 AFS2 users: 2 Quite a surprising list! 🙂 Whatever these numbers may mean, one thing is clear: P3D seems to be the most loved sim on AVSIM.
  8. It suppose it would. But counting somewhere else again would also get interesting results. Any poll will get interesting results but none will reveal the full truth. 😉 Some may grumble a bit that P3D is getting the most votes here and not their favorite other sim but seriously, who cares...?!? I don't! If my favorite sim would get 1 vote (from me alone) and all other votes would go to a sim I wouldn't like, it wouldn't change my mind or stop me from flying my favorite sim. Polls are just fun. Nothing else. Let's keep them fun. There is no need to gloat because of P3D getting the most votes but there also is no need to grumble about it. BTW I don't see anyone wishing the demise of other sims in this thread: you are the first one to bring that up, really. 😉
  9. This indeed. 😉 Every now and then I spend some time in AFS2, specially if I am in the mood for a quick flight with ultra smooth performance over extremely detailed (TE Netherlands) scenery, but most of my time is spend in P3D, simply because of all the addons I like to use. Active Sky, ProATC, UTL, SkyForce and above all the Majestic Q400. Add to that my favorite country (Norway) and ChasePlane and well... AFS2 simply can't touch that. I also found some P3D settings that work absolutely great for my kind of flying so I don't even miss AFS2's performance anymore. I also own XP but apart from the great lighting at night and the awesome roads plus traffic it doesn't offer enough for me. As it is now it's also impossible (imho) to bring it on par with P3D (plus addons). Besides, it would cost me too much and what would I get...? An XP version of P3D? Neither can touch AS2's performance so P3D plus AFS2 is good enough for me right now. Anyway, I did actually vote for 'P3D is definitely my favourite sim and/or i'm too heavily invested to change' because whenever I have to reinstall my PC I might not even reinstall AFS2 for quite some time. So clearly P3D is my favorite sim. Though not because of the investment to change! If something really better comes along I don't mind investing a few 100 bucks in it!
  10. J van E

    Inspector needed?

    Some will say Inspector is needed, some will say it isn't. I say it isn't. 😉 I used to use it in the past for better AA but P3D v4 offers great AA from within the sim (I use 4xSSAA) so I don't need Inspector anymore. BTW Nice to see someone who is wanting blurries for a change... 😎😋
  11. J van E

    ProATC and GSX parking

    Define ‘not good’... 😉 I’ve been using PFPX, Simbrief, the ProATC planner and sometimes they all show me a different route and sometimes they don’t. But they ALL get me from A to B, including the ProATC planner. 😉 And btw quite often the various plans may also be quite different from routes I might see in real life. So what’s good?!? And more importantly, what’s bad about ProATC’s planner? One thing is for sure: you would have had a lot less problems if you had simply used the ProATC planner right from the start...! 😉 Adding other options only complicates matters. You might do that later on when you really know how ProATC works. I have to add though that I am not sure if ProATC works with your A319... so that could be a problem. However, you could solve that problem by turning your workflow around: create a plan in ProATC (so you can be sure it will work!) and then copy that plan into Simbrief! From there create the file to load into your A319.
  12. J van E

    Old nav AIRAC cycles?

    Don't think you can download them anywhere. Which is why I always save all manual installers I think I might need whenever I have a Naviograph subscription. (I only subscribe to Navigraph for one month whenever I have a new addon and I need to bring all my AIRACs in sync: I always download and install the manual installers, I never use the manager, and I might use one cycle I buy this way for years.)
  13. Just finished a flight, with a new cfg, RealTemp running and without a lockup. Maximum peak temps of the 4 cores were 67, 72, 74 and 69 so that's perfectly fine! I did make a habit already of using ProATC's excellent Save flight situation option. I simply use that option (when flying my Majestic Q400) at very specific times: 1. after being cleared for take off (check heading - save flight situation - full throttle) 2. when passing 10.000 ft (fasten belts off - landing lights off - save flight situation) 3. at toc (prop at 850 - save flight situation) 4. at tod (set assigned altitude - save flight situation - start descend) 5. when passing 10.000 ft (fasten belts on - landing lights on - save flight situation) It kinda sucks having to do this but it is easy and not too cumbersome now I've added the saving step to my workflow and it eliminates all stress. 😉 And by doing it at specific times I know EXACTLY in what state it will be whenever I have to reload a flight and what I have to do!
  14. J van E

    ProATC and GSX parking

    This isn't needed anymore! The latest version of MakeRwys comes with a utility called LorbySceneryExport which is created by the Lorby guy and MakeRwys will use that utlity automatically if needed. So there is no need to install the Add On Organizer just for this and no need to run the Organizer yourself. The latest zip of MakeRwys contains two exe files: MakeRwys.exe and LorbySceneryExport.exe. Copy them both into the P3D folder and run MakeRwys.exe as admin: that's it!
  15. It never gave me any problems during the last 4 years so I can't imagine that is it. Unless my hardware is going down slowly... Besides, P3D will run like word not allowed at default CPU speeds. ;) How many people here run P3D on a non-oc'd PC...? Haven't been able to fly and test this yet. Maybe tomorrow or the coming weekend. I'll keep you posted. ;)