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  1. NoLonger

    Growing Frustrated

    That's another HUGE advantage of Aerofly FS 2: it has no weather at all... 😜 I wish I could complain like you guys do about the weather options of my current sim,,, LOL I'm jealous!!! First world problems. When we started off with FSX back in 2006 people would have killed for all the options we have now. 😉 But well, I do have to say it would of course be nice if there was ONE addon to rule them all. 😎
  2. NoLonger

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Correct, as the initial quote already stated ('Requires Sky Force or Texture Direct'). 😉 Concerning the API: that's nice but 'allow the opportuinity' means you are giving other developers the opportunity to make use of EF. That is a great idea but do you really think HiFi Simulations will spend time (and money) on making their addons work with the competition and hence make their own product(s) (in this case ASCA) redundant...? I highly doubt it. 😉 So until that happens it's EF plus SF/TD only. Besides, relying on promises of things to come when you buy a new product seldom is a clever thing to do. 😉 I've heard 'we are working on it' enough to know better (not pointing at REX only here, btw!) If your API will eventually get released and makes use of ASCA, ENVTEX, etc. right away, out of the box, without the need for the various developers having to work on it, then it would be a different story, of course: in that case I stand corrected.
  3. NoLonger

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Sorry to correct you once more 😉 but EF does actually inject cloud TEXTURES (and sky textures) dynamically. See the quote in my previous post. This is a NEW option that EF brings. But only in combination with SkyForce! The dynamic injection option SkyForce already had, and which you refer too, only has to do with cloud MODELS. Something different entirely.
  4. NoLonger

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    Indeed. This topic shows there is a quite a bit of confusion about what REX EF actually offers. Take this for instance: Not exactly! The shader options will 'work' with ASCA and ENVTEX (just like PTA will work with ASCA and ENVTEX) but NOT the dynamic loading of textures. From the REX EF site: "Load cloud and sky textures live on the fly or allow full automation dynamics. Requires Sky Force or Texture Direct." So the answer should actually be 'No, REX EF won't WORK with ASCA and ENVTEX', at least not as ASCA and ENVTEX work dynamically with AS. Saying that REX EF 'works' with ASCA and ENVTEX is the same as saying REX EF 'works' with PMDG aircraft or Orbx scenery. Funny thing is that most people won't even notice differences when cloud texture actually are being loaded on the fly... 😉 It sometimes reminds me of the emperor's new clothes tale...
  5. NoLonger

    Rex EnvironmentForce out.

    Wow... in the past we had to tweak in order to get a well running flightsim. Then over time P3D changed all that and we had a more or less tweak free sim. And now, don't you love progress, REX is letting us pay to start tweaking again...? Wow! Those REX guys never stop to amaze me! 😎 (Just kidding, of course. Although er... every recent REX release actually did er... amaze me... 😏) Anyway, a learning curve for automated mode is a novelty, I have to say. REX's marketing department must be really busy figuring out how to promote that one. (Kidding again, of course.)
  6. NoLonger

    Are FSX and P3D becoming step children?

    I wish. JV said that ortho scenery for Norway is way too expensive right now and I remember him saying the same about Germany. (And Australia too.) Pity. Norway is my favorite country by far. I think upcoming TE sceneries will be situated in the US mainly.
  7. NoLonger

    Are FSX and P3D becoming step children?

    Hear hear! 😉 Define acceptable framerates, please. 20, 30, 40...? And is that with enhancement addons like Ultra Weather XP or anything? One of the things I liked about XP (apart from the great lighting engine) were the detailed roads: they make things look so much more real when flying low...! In P3D they usually look bad and don't get me started on AFS2 roads... I am seriously considering installing XP 11 again and to buy TE GB for it but I don't have any addons for XP 11 apart from one GA plane. I think it'll look word not allowed without addons compared to the video's I've seen. And I am afraid fps will hardly reach 20 with TE GB installed. EDIT Had a look as some more XP TE GB video's and I noticed houses aren't placed as extremely dense as in AFS2. Might be a setting in the sim but I wouldn't want to lower the amount of buildings I can have in AFS2 in order to get acceptable fps in XP. I think that when it comes to performance AFS2 is a clear winner and best suited for TE scenery...
  8. NoLonger

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I also refuse to fly (or drive) without it. Been using TiR since round 2006. Last year my beloved device broke (my bad) and I immediately ordered a new one (v5): I didn't fly until I had it installed. I really seriously can't imagine flying (or driving) without it...!!! I do own a Rift but it is gathering dust. I hate the low resolution but I also don't like the weight on my head and above all (very personal!!!) it seems to induce migraine (again, that's just me!). I also quite often felt somehow detached from the real world while using it and also after using it. All in all the current gen VR devices aren't my cup of tea. I prefer TiR all the time!!! Another tip for new users: do not place the Track IR device in the middle of your monitor (as most people seem to do at first) but make sure it's placed exactly opposite of your tracker on your head. If you have the TiR in the middle of the monitor you will easily lose connection with it when you look left (if you wear the tracker left). So if you wear (for instance) the Track Clip Pro on the left side of your head, put the TiR also on the left side of the monitor, as directly opposite as possible to each other (or however you say that in English...). Another tip: make sure the Track Clip Pro is positioned as horizontally as possible, so not tilted up or down. I have my Clip on my headphone and every now and I accidentally move it a bit, tilting it up and down: as soon as I do that, the view may start jumping whenever I look up or down. If that happens, be sure to check of your Clip is still positioned as horizontally as possible!
  9. NoLonger

    Texture Filtering and Resolution Question

    I had the same problem a long time ago and in my case the problem was caused by the fact that I created a default flight with an A2A plane. Creating a default flight with one of the default P3D planes instantly cured my problems! Do you perhaps have a self made default flight? If so, delete it and let P3D create the default flight and then see what happens. Default flights with a 3rd party addon plane MIGHT work but to prevent odd things from happening it's always best to use a default plane in the default flight. I created a default flight with the A2A because that was the only plane I flew and I didn't like having to select it every time from the long list of planes: this 'problem' was solved by using the Favorite option the list of planes provides: you can make any plane you want a favorite and then tick the option to only show Favorites: this way you can select the plane you want within no time, without having to search through the entire list.
  10. All these points are okay BTW. User errors. 😉 NAV is gone when a working NAV freq is entered, the AP defaults to ATT mode, and ALT simply does work.
  11. I understand your remark about the Duchess and the Baron but I didn't buy this plane because of the model but because of the features. Compared to the Duchess the Baron is a very basic and boring (and typical default) plane. The Duchess has various features which are new to AFS2 and THAT is why it is a special plane! (For me the real life look (the cockpit is an exact copy of the real world one) is worth the money already. ;)) When it comes to models I am also and more eagerly awaiting the Arrow!!! 🙂 But every planes that is an improvement over the default ones is very welcome in my hangar.
  12. Finally had the time to fly. Few things I noticed: - nice sounds apart from a bug (see below) - a lot of things work, even the circuit breakers! Lots of things to push and turn! - mixture works! - cold and darks works but when starting in cold and dark the COM2, ADF and transponder are on. I think they should be off...? - the manual says you can enable GPS mode for the AP by clicking on CDI but nothing happens: the plane won't follow the flightplan no matter what. Does GPS mode work in this plane or not? - in HDG the HSI still shows NAV in red...? Is that normal? - during cruise setting throttle from 23 MP to 15 MP has an effect on speed but not on altitude... Shouldn't the plane lose altitude too? - ALT on the AP seems to do nothing: the plane keeps on going up or down, no matter what - bug: the engine sound has a terrible tick every 10 seconds: the start/end of the loop is clearly audible. Quite annoying. All in all it's a nice plane and it seems a step forward from what we've got but I think I'll wait with flying it more until we have the tutorial because a few things are unclear to me right now (see above).
  13. The tutorial has been removed because it wasn't updated yet for AFS2: it was the old FSX/P3D/XP tutorial, doing a flight over scenery that's not available in AFS2. Good news: Just Flight is working on a new AFS2 specific tutorial.
  14. A preview of the AVSIM review has been posted on the AFS2 forum: