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  1. I hope that works, I don't have MyTrafficX, but if others confirm, I will get.The only reason I don't activate DX10 Preview is becuase of the taxiways jumping in and out :(
  2. snekgiant

    Microsoft Culture?

    I found this article to be very interesting about IE8; after reading it, it reminded me of some of the discussions that are posted on this forum about FSX. some of the problems that concern the coding and backwards compatibility and what not, be more of a Microsoft Culture of doing things than any particular programmer, team, group or code?
  3. The game randomly crashes and causes the whole computer to freeze necessitating a full reboot. In DX10 mode the runway and taxiway textures jump up and down bleeding into each other at the point where they cross. Occasionally a MSFSX Logo shows instead of the texture of the game, like ground textures and airplane textures. 8800 GTX Video Card. The above mentioned I submitted to Nvidia.
  4. snekgiant

    Driver related or FSX?

    I have the latest Nvidia drivers for my 8800GTX and the latest Nhancer. I am using acceleration with DX10 enabled.The only complaint I have now is the jumping runways, where runways cross with taxiways and in some areas around the world there are some newly introduced dry patches on the ground textures and some strange lines, also on the ground. Is there any new news concerning if these are Nvidia driver related or FSX? If they are FSX related then I will simply either swallow it or simply disable DX10, difficult decision for me as I love using bloom, but if it is a driver issue than I can continue to hope that this will be fixed in later issues by formally complaining to Nvidia.Thanks, any news would be great.
  5. I was reading many news stories about the PS3, I know ACE is Microsoft and this would be absolutely out of the question, but bear with me for a moment. seems that amateur and professional scientist are seriously considering and some are already using several PS3
  6. snekgiant

    How real do we want our FSX?

    Hi Lou Betti,I could not see where anything you said would be offensive. I hope nothing in my original post was offensive to anyone professional, hobbyist or gamer. While living in Mexico, some of my extended family and friends are commercial airline pilots, and all of them have great respect for MSFS and use or used it a lot. It was playing FS98 that got one of my friends so hooked on it, that he is now a professional airline pilot.I believe you to be correct when you said that reality is different for each individual, as one of my friends said (Pilot), MSFS is a lot harder in one respect than real flying because of the limited view and sensitivities of the joystick input.It seems like back in the days we had more options, I even remember instrument only software so you could practice strictly IFR.Always nice to hear from a real pro., I guess FS is so
  7. After much anticipation I remember reading one post that read, no more FS series coming from MS. To some extent, that satisfied me and I was happy with FS9 and so much was still coming out from 3erd parties that made the original FS9 so enjoyable to play.Then there was the official announcement of FSX and of course the whole marketing hype that goes along with any announcement of upcoming products.Then the open policy of MS to the community with the release of FSX BETA, WOW! The promise of DX10 and what it will bring, double WOW! I thought.With the whole guessing game of when the Beta would be released, then when the RTM would be released, then the emotions of the first fix, SP1 and so on. All I can say, is it has been a true roller coaster ride for me and lots of monies spent in hardware, something I have never before invested in to play any FS series in the past. I never knew there was going to be a FS2004 Century of Flight until I saw it on the shelves, once a brought it, it was like a much needed patch to the one before, nothing really fancy but a whole lot smoother and refined, especially with the later released update for the same. Although I like to some extent the constant communication from ACE I believe there are limits and some things are best kept unknown. Recently knowing so much about the inner workings of the game, thanks to very talented people here, it is like when I studied mass media in college; it is hard to enjoy a movie without identifying the flaws. To a great extent it has ruined my ability to enjoy the game! ####, I have spent more time tweaking, reading post then enjoying the freaking game! I guess this is to say, we as humans will never, NEVER be satisfied and it sadly ends in the total annihilation of something that otherwise was not too bad to begin with. Just take a deep breath and look at what we have done to the entire world with what we think as, making it better than it was. Additives, drugs, war, technology, artificial this, artificial that, flavor enhancers, etc. All in the name of Human superior INTELEGENCE! Try it sometimes, go outside, take a deep breath, look at the trees, leaves, plants, sky, animals and use your imagination, WOW it is great, remember putting your hand outside the car window and learning instantly about aero dynamics and drag without even knowing it? Remember playing with a paper airplane, a kite, blocks and imagining whatever you wanted them to be? Remember simple graphics in games that where complimented and enhanced not by a patch but by your imagination? This is not to say that there should not be advancements, but there also exist balance, and for game developers, don
  8. snekgiant

    Acceleration DX10 Quirks

    I am also having the flashing runways and just recently noticed that in my home town Cuernavaca, Mexico, there are barren lines crisscrossing the mountains and patches of dessert throughout the city, none existent prior to installing acceleration DX10 enabled. I am guessing from reading other posts, that there is definitely a driver problem with Nvidia 8800GTX cards with DX10 Enabled in the simulator that is causing some sort of texture corruption.I believe in one of the post Taylor is working with the team and Nvidia concerning these issues, I hope they come up with a solution soon.
  9. snekgiant

    Nvidia ForceWare 169.01

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  10. This is just FYI, I installed beta version 169.01 ForceWare from the Nvidia website for my 8800GTX video card and I still have bleeding/flashing runways but my Frame rate with DX10 enabled and with bloom increased significantly, I would say on average 6 to 7 FPS more.This is what I did; please don
  11. >Request for nVidia:>can we post some saved flights and fsx.cfg files that showcase>these issues?>>that will help with the investigationsBelow are some screens of what is happening with DX10 enabled attached to this post is my FSX.cfg in text form.Thanks, I hope this can be fixed.Intel Core 2duo 6600 2.4GHz, 3Gig Ram, Windows Vista Ultimate, 8800 GTX with Forceware 163.69
  12. Wow thanks a lot!I have been hacking at this exact problem for hours! I uninstalled and reinstalled FSX, SP1, Accelerate with no provail. Also tried every setting with my video card and FSX.At least I know it is not just me. I will post some pics, and my config ASAP.Thanks.Core 2 Duo, 8800GTX, 3 Gigs ram, Windwos Vista Ultimate.
  13. snekgiant

    Jagged Cockpit Shadows

    Is the cockpit shadow supposed to look so jagged, I don
  14. snekgiant

    Acceleration out today or tomorrow?

    With all this talk about release date, ship date and available date etc. I was wandering; I paid for FSX Accelerate at my local GameStop