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  1. Thanks for the tip. It would help me if he would stick to the same name. Thanks jerrycwo4
  2. The other day I downloaded a great FSX scenery of Kauai Hawaii by Richard Sorochak. It was beautiful and had the best frame rates of any other FSX scenery I had. I was wondering if he might have made other sceneries so I typed "Richard Sorochak" in the search space and up came a scenery named, Nihau Hawaii and no others....not even the Kauai Hawaii that I had downloaded a few days ago. What did I do wrong ? jerrycwo4
  3. I use FS9 Gepro in FS 2004. What is the HDR program and where can I get it? Thanks jerrycwo4
  4. I started out FSX with Ground Environment X. Like this quote, "If you're flying outside a non-FTX area, GEX textures will take over. FTX covers FTX areas whereas GEX covers the USA/Canada (and Europe if you buy the Europe) " Is this ALSO true when mixing Maga Scenery Earth (from Aviator PC) with FTX? Will areas outside of the FTX still show the Maga Scenery Earth textures as normal? Thanks jerrycwo4
  5. WOW !! Thanks a million... that was some GREAT info. Where in the world did you find this info? jerrycwo4
  6. In 12 years of Flight Simming I never had a OOM untill after installing Ultimate Terrain USA/Canada/Alaska. I like so much what is added to my FS2004 that so far I have left it installed and just "bite the bullet" when after about a 50 minutes I get the OOM msg. I can reset my flight in about 3 minutes, which is not too bad.1. Is there any way to gauge or watch the amount of memory that is used up so that you can tell that a OOM is about to happen?2. Is there any "work around" to keep the OOM from happening, like pausing the flight or "minerterizing" the flight ?I'm using a screen res of 2010 x 1080 ( I think). Would reducing the screen res help to keep the OOM from happening?This is all way over my head. Thanks jerrycwo4
  7. I get OOM sometimes after installing Ultimate Terrain USA/Canada/Alaska. How do you check for "duplicate AFCAD"?jerrycwo4
  8. In your opion, what is the best ( Looks best visually / eyecandy) MESH for FSX. Would it be FS Global X 2010, FS Genesis or some other I dont know about?How about the best looking scenery to show off this new mesh? Thanks jerrycwo4
  9. Wow ! Thanks a lot of info in your tweeks. It'll take a long time to go thru all of that. THANKS jerrycwo4
  10. I just installed FSX and my "hat switch" pans my scenery too fast. I could NOT find a setting to control the panning speed in the FSX.cfg. Where is it? I need to slow it down. Thanks jerrycwo4
  11. I'm assuming that your talking about FS2004? If so, it's my opinion that this "problem" can not be fixed. I have been fighting this problem ever since Fs2004 came out, and so has everybody else. After all of this time I JUST bought and installed FSX and I'm trying to tweek it to bring this problem to a minimum. Have not gotton there yet. jerrycwo4
  12. I sent you a PM. I'd like any or everything that you have left. jerrycwo4
  13. Thanks for the info. To be perfectly honesy, I forgot there was even a FSX fourm. :( jerrycwo4
  14. After all of this time, yesterday I installed FSX. The reason I purchased and installed it was to try to decide if I wanted to take the time and spend the money for a NEW CUSTOM COMPUTER to run FSX. I've shown my FS2004 , three 26" monitor setup many times and I really love the way that FS2004 looks except for the "blurry scenery at mid to horizon distance". I'm really late getting on to this but I need to try to make ONLY THE SCENERY ( landclass , water, mesh) look as good as possible so that I can make a judgment as to how much better the ground scenery will look in FSX, over my FS2004.This is my starting point..... FSX, right out of the box looks pretty rough ! Can't even come close to the quality of my "tweaked" FS2004, but then FS2004 didn't look that great right out of the box. Would someone who thinks they have their "ground" part of their scenery looking really good either post your FSX.cfg ( display settings) and /or give me a link to one. I'm starting a new journey here. Thanks for your help. jerrycwo4
  15. Thanks to ALL of you for taking the time and making to effort to try to explain all of this. This just might be the most complex subject that I have ever tried to get a handle on ! I love Ultimate Terrain but what a price to pay for it. I'm sure a person with a Masters or Doctorite in Computer Science might even have trouble understanding all of this. There is lots and lots of info here and I'm going to try to use as much of it as I can. I really like my Fs2004 to run smooth, BUT, I can "fix" a CTD from a OOM lose within about 90 SECONDS ( I have to reset the views on my three monitors and use the "saved" flights from FS2004 and RD4) and be flying again. I might just have to settle for this "workaround". My OOM problem only happens when I make an hour plus flight. Thanks for the help. jerrycwo4
  16. I just read with great interest the below post on this subject, but alas, it's just too complicated for me to understand and to try to use. I get the part about moving all (but maybe a few) aircraft out of FS into a stand by folder and I've read before about "unchecking" most of the scenerys in the scenery library that you are not using at the time, BUT how about just fixing the PROBLEM that caused all of this in the first place? I have been flying Flight Sims for twelve years and NEVER had this OOM error, untill...... I installed the Ultimate Terrain USA/Alaska and Canada "sceneries" a few weeks ago. Yea, I could always delete them and the OOM problem would probably go away, BUT, I love what this program does to my sceneries and I do not want to have to delete it. I just want to fix it. SURELY I am not the 1st and/or only one that has had this problem after installing this "scenery". Please, what did you other people do to fix the problem , or is there a way to fix the problem other than uninstalling it? Thanks jerrycwo4
  17. The other day I wrote a short post about a neat little scenery of Sky King's Flying Crown Ranch and through a POOR choice of words I labeled it, "A Free Emma Field". Someone else wanted some pictures of Emma Field so I entered "FS 2004 Emma Field" into Google, to locate it's commercial site, to add a link for the photos and was very surprised that Google had picked up and listed my Avsim Forum thread as a Emma Field link. I need to be more careful ! jerrycwo4
  18. Sorry about "stealing your thunder" about your Emma Field problem but at the time I thought that you had already advised everyone that you had found the answer to your problem and that part of the thread was completed. jerrycwo4
  19. I think your talking about the situation when you use that Matric "Triple Display Program" and you have to multiply the native resolution by 3 when your using 3 monitors. I do NOT have this. I have three differant monitor being run with 3 DIFFERANT video cards so I don't have that problem. The "blurry" problem I'm refering to is the same one that everybody has when flying on FS2004 from a mid point to the distant horizon. That's why I'm going to give FSX a try. I hear it doesn't have this problem, or at least as bad as FS2004. jerrycwo4
  20. Sorry to stir up a ant hill. I have Emma Field and I love it too and still go there quite often. I guess that was just a poor choice of words. Sky King's Flying Crown Ranch(KR1) is a nice little scenery but the MAIN thing I was trying to get everyone attention on was the two AUTOMATIC programs of"ez1.zip" and "rwy121.zip." that will automatically fill in a lot of missing scenery parts in a lot of free sceneries. Many, many times I'd see a nice little scenery and then when I went to download it, it would also say, "yea, to make this work correctly, you have to download and install 15 items from either EZ Scenery or RWY12..... and I'd say, "thanks but no thanks". With these two programs installed as "sceneries" though the scenery library you don't have to do that anymore. :( jerrycwo4Here's a link of a review with pictures: http://www.flightsim.com/main/review/emma/emma.htmhttp://secure.simmarket.com/lago-emma-field-2004.phtmljerrycwo4
  21. A very special thanks to all that replied. That was just the type of information that I was looking for. I'm going to go ahead and give it a try and of course I'll make a good back-up of the "C" drive before I include the FSX.Here's the specs for my FS2004 computer:XJETT 780 SLI- Windows XP Professional SP2C- XJETT Windtunnel ATX Tower Chassis- 1000 Watt Corsair SLI Power Supply- EVGA nForce 780i SLI Mainboard 1600MHz FSB- Intel E8500 Dual Core Processor (4.0GHz Factory OC, 1600MHz)- Jetline HyperThrust! CPU Liquid Cooling Unit- Arctic Cooling MX-2 CPU Thermal Compound- 4GB Corsair XMS2 Dominator SDRAM @ 1066MHz- Triple (3) 512MB GeForce 9800 GTX, PCIe 2.0 (SLI Disable)- 300GB VelociRaptor 10,000 RPM SATA Hard Drive, 16MB Cache- 500GB SATA II, 7200RPM Secondary HDD, 16MB Cache- Dual (2) DVD+/-RW Optical Drives with Lightscribe - 1.44MB 3.5
  22. THIS IS FOR FS2004 ONLYWell, it's really not Emma Field, but it is free! I'm old enough to remember listening to the radio( no such thing as a TV) when I was a young boy and every Saturday morning I would listen to a program named, SKY KING. He had a ranch in central Arizona and he also had a Cessna 310 named the song bird. It looks a lot like FS2004's Emma Field and its free. All of these files might be here on Avsim, but the first reference had me go to Flight Sim.com and so that's what I did.1. Go to Flight Sim.com and go to their "search". Under "search for text" type skyking. This will bring you to a file named, "skykingv2.zip". Download and install it. It installs to your ADD-ON Scenery file and installs through the "add area" in the scenery library like most other sceneries. When this installs you are only party finished. You will only have a house and a barn at the "airport".2. Go back to the file search of Flight Sim.com and under, "search for text", type David Grindele. He has put out a LOT of work and has made the scenery object programs of EZ Scenery and RWY Object two auto loading programs. It takes these two programs to put the rest of the eye-candy into the scenery. They are auto exe programs. Their file names are: ez1.zip and rwy121.zip. Download and install these and your all done. If I can do it, anybody can do it. A big thanks to Bill Lyons , Ed Moore and others for the Flying Crown Ranch and to David Grindele for making the two scenery add-on programs so easy to use.3. After you finish installing the Flying Crown Ranch the author lists about 10-12 EXTRA files that are required to fully complete the scenery. When you install the EZ Scenery and RWY12 programs by David Grindele these 10-12 listed files are NOT needed. The two .exe programs take their place. You can do all of this in about 25-30 minutes and it's all FREE. jerrycwo4
  23. Since I think I have FS2004 "tweeked" about as good as it can get and my really only complaint with it is that the mid to distant scenery (ground) is not clear enough for me , I'm thinking of trying FSX. A couple of questions:1. I have an extra harddrive that is not being used on my main flight computer. Should I install FSX on it (drive D) or can you have Fs2004 and FSX on the SAME harddrive running both with no problems?2. From Amazon.com I see three difrerant versions for sale.A. FSX Gold $31.80B. FSX Deluxe $49.99C. FSX Aceleration Exspansion $40.00What's the differance and/or advantage between these three differant versions? Thanks jerrycwo4
  24. I remember the last time I tried an add-on contrails program it had a heavy FPS hit. jerrycwo4
  25. When I first bought Radar Contact 4 I thought I had to have a flight planner (?), and I bought FS Build to "import" my flight plan into RD4. I bought an updated version of RD4 a few months ago and have learned to use it without using FS Build at all. Now I dont use FS Build for anything and I'm thinking of uninstalling it from my computer. Am I missing something? jerrycwo4PS Later down on this link a lot of uses were given. I probably still will not use it but it's there if I ever want to.
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