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  1. I am trying to order. Getting a 502 Gateway error. John
  2. Bert, I have no issues with paying full price, but if I can find it cheaper more 100LL for me. 😃 I will pick your brain for the GNS data. PM inbound soon. I see the Easter sale is still going on. I just added it to my cart. John
  3. Is there a discount for people that purchased the GNS530 in the past to upgrade to the newest version? I have the order number and certificate from my prior order. I would love to install in the A2A BE35 so that I can fly in the sim with the same setup that I have real world. Thanks, John
  4. I tried that and it didn't work. If I install the 750 is shows as [Window12]. I don't know how to callup Window12 with FSUIPC. John
  5. I have configure the GTN tool for the DC-3, but I am unable to get it to pop up or show in the cockpit. Any ideas how to do this? I have also tried creating a keyboard shortcut to the GTN750 using the Panel Id Toggle and setting the parameter to 14401 in FSUIPC and that didn't help either. Thanks in advance, John
  6. Is there much work to remove the GTN650 and have the GNS430 in its place? I don't own the 650 so it says off in the panel. John
  7. I am so sorry for bothering you about this. I had the v4.4 client and associated files downloaded and I thought that I had installed. It's working. John
  8. Using P3D v4.4 and the 64 bit version of the software. According to the directions there is nothing I need to install as far as SimConnect software is concerned. SimConnect file moved to the correct location with the correct IP address. Running the program on the same computer. John
  9. Not sure what A2A product you're talking about, but the v4 version was just released the Comanche and the C182 is till being working on. John
  10. EZDok uninstalled from exe.xml and dll.xml files. Attaching screenshots of the errors. I didn't see any updates for ChasePlane when going to VFXCentral. John
  11. I uninstalled EZDok but still getting an error when I start Prepar3D. I see that I should have run the EZDok config program before I uninstalled. I didn't do that. :wink: John
  12. Quick question. When I look at your site where it says "Stock Up Now - Buy Any Continental or Regional Bundle, Get One FREE!", I am not able to select the continent that I want. I had planned to buy North America and get Europe. Am I only able to select the ones offered? John
  13. I should have explained myself a little more. I have Global Base and Vector. Also have several of the regional ORBX sceneries (NorCal, SoCal, PNW) John
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