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    I love flight simulation and have for almost 15 years...Oh, ok, beside that, I make and install vehicle wraps and auto window tinting. I have my own business, I work from my house and have been in business over 10 years.

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  1. signmanbob

    FSLabs A320

    FSLabs A320 is a great simulation. Very accurate (as far as I can see) and very stable.
  2. signmanbob

    Server Update Completed

    Wow! Big difference 🤩
  3. signmanbob

    New Release: Lockheed Vegas Early Acess by wing42

    I just bought the Vega 5. As long as a developer is dedicated to full completion, there is nothing wrong with early access. The developer seems very committed to the completion of a high-quality simulation. It's apparent to me that a lot of work and imagination has gone into it thus far. I like to see a project that is being approached with passion like this one. Bob
  4. signmanbob

    PMDG MD11 FS2Crew for P3D V4

    Not true!! We can cry.....😢
  5. signmanbob

    Nice product

    I agree. Chase Plane is a very nice product that just keeps getting better. Thank you for your hard work and high standards. Bob
  6. signmanbob

    FSL back at it again

    I have the FSLab's A320 and have since it was released. I see no negative effects on my computer what-so-ever. Both P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11 consistently run as smooth as silk on my computer. Until I see solid evidence of problems on my computer from FSLab's beautiful and awesome Airbus A320, I will consider them innocent. I look forward to purchasing their new Concorde for P3Dv4. I'm sorry, I consider this thread to be harmful to a valuable developer for our hobby and just plain unfounded gossip and nonsense. Just my opinion.
  7. signmanbob

    I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

    Alan, it is wonderful to see your back doing well and with a great job too. That has been my experience also. When one door closes (I never panic) because another one will open to an even better future. You have too many skills to worry much about the valleys. Manchester Airport has a good man now. I'll look for you in my UK2000 scenery 😁
  8. signmanbob

    The Golden Eagle Has Landed!

    Great looking pictures! I just bought this but haven't installed it yet. How do you like the aircraft so far? Does everything seem to work ok?
  9. signmanbob

    To Purchase?

    Why choose? Buy both! They are both outstanding aircraft. I wouldn't give up either one.
  10. signmanbob

    Rain at the airport. Animation

    Outstanding. I love it!
  11. signmanbob

    Captainsim 757 or QW 787

    Both aircraft sims are great. Why do you want one or the other? Get both.
  12. signmanbob

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    .....and for X-Plane 11, let me just add "Better Pushback" and "Airport Visual System"...plugins that I just love.
  13. signmanbob

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    Used to be that there were a lot of dedicated XPlane users and the same with (was FSX) now P3Dv4.2. Sometimes I may fly a whole month with XP11, then switch and fly P3Dv4 for a month or so. I love both simulations. Each have their outstanding features and each have awesome and amazing aircraft to fly. My favorite right now is FlightFactor A320. I'm just hooked on it. But next week it may be the TFDi Boeing 717 or Leonardo Maddog or Majestic Dash8 or PMDG NGX that I'm hooked on. Or maybe I might go back to GA and fly JustFlight's new C152 for hours on end. I can't picture myself just using one of these beautiful sims.
  14. signmanbob

    Im SOOOOO sad! ;(

    You'll spend extra money, but you won't be sorry. P3Dv4.2 is awesome and blows old 32bit jalopies away.
  15. signmanbob

    What a Wonderful Surprise!

    Wow!! I'm happy for you Bill. You'll enjoy that radio now even more because winning it makes it special. Congratulations!😄 Bob