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  1. Hi Ryan, This is for the new one, but I guess the coordinate pixels will workout at version 10.
  2. @RXP There's any chance you guys given a discount for those who already possess any RPX product? Regards,
  3. Guys, Anybody have Avidyne coordinates? Panel preview doesn't work with it. I'm trying to put a GNS530.
  4. Ow, great news guys! Reality-XP always surprising!
  5. Same problem, but I'm using the C90B XP11 and I've updated my XP11 to version 11.21r2. With RXP GNS 430 my clicklable spots are gone. Without RXP GNS everything works.
  6. Same problem. Nothing works. Just the pop. There's any way to use the RXP bezel over the default GNS?
  7. Hi guys, I lost my config. Anybody have it? Regards,
  8. @whamil77 Any chance to do the same mod for XPL's C90B? Regards,
  9. No problem at all. In fact, I messed up a little. 'Cause I've requested the GTN retrofit and now the GNS. I'll try to put the GNS over the Avidyne. But you know if the bezel and buttons fit? Regards,
  10. Thanks for the answer. Actually I did using the GNS430 over the default one. Now I want to using the GNS530 over the useless Avidyne.
  11. Guys, I'm looking for a mod for C90B Carenado. Anybody make it? Regards,
  12. Hi there, Anyone have or dare to retrofit the GTN 650 on the C90B Carenado? Regards,
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