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  1. It looks like Asobo has a version of this airport. Perhaps it's interfering with the LVFR one? If you haven't already I would try deleting it
  2. Isn't that what every new iteration of MSFS is? What were you expecting?
  3. Flightsim.to is back up. Hopefully a good sign.
  4. I used to have a similar problem. I would get a one second freeze then my VR headset would go black for a few seconds before returning to normal. Since upgrading my system last month (13900K, 4090, MB and RAM) it hasn't happened since ...knock on wood. I hope you find a solution (that's less expensive!! ..lol)
  5. Hmm... I think there may be something else in play here. My specs are almost identical and I'm get about 10 fps more with V2
  6. I'm also seeing a nice increase of 8-10 fps.
  7. I was a Boeing 737 man for the longest time. When MSFS 2020 was released I was so disappointed to learn it didn't come with one. I patiently waited for one to come along. I started with the FBWA320 and then switched to the Fenix when it became available. For me there is no going back. I think you'll enjoy it.
  8. Wooo Hoooo!! Can't wait to try out the new version. Just got it un/reinstalled. Time to go flying!!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoy flying in South America and this will be a great addition.
  10. Thanks, I just noticed that and updated my post
  11. Flight Beam make a version SEQM. I'm not sure how good it is though. edit: Disregard I just noticed it's not MSFS2020 compatible
  12. Thanks for the info on PACX. I almost bought it but if They have given up on developing it further I think I'll pass.
  13. I really enjoyed using it when it first came out. But now that I fly exclusively in VR I'm going to wait for the VR menu version. I think it's on the to do list down the road.
  14. Are you overclocking in the BIOS? If so try disabling it. Edit: I noticed you have another system too. You might want to try swapping out the GPU. to rule it out as being an issue.
  15. Well after a very long wait version 1.6 has been released. I haven't tried it yet but noticed it on their web site.
  16. No it's not greyed out but thanks for the suggestion
  17. when I start a flight the fenix app does load up as part of the process if that's what you mean?
  18. I have tried running it with the firewall disabled all together with no joy. I think it is added as an exclusion too but I'll double check. Thanks
  19. Yes, I am able to access the programdata folder but there is no fenix folder there. Note I have msfs installed on my D (data) drive. don't know if that makes a difference
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