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  1. I don't think that's likely. It would be suicide for Asobo's future endeavors. Mark
  2. Although I can certainly notice the clarity difference between the monitor and VR headset I'm certainly not missing it. You can't beat being placed IN the cockpit 🙂 Mark
  3. Ok, I'll throw my hat in the ring. It is a simulator. You can argue how good it is at simulating real world flying but it is in fact doing just that 🙂 Mark
  4. It does take a while to load. I have a decently fast machine (I7-11700K @5.1Ghz) and for me it takes between 5-7 min. Mark
  5. Hi... I was hoping you might be able to do me a big favor when you get a chance. I understand you are in the SU10 beta and use PSXT with Realtraffic. Thanks to your posting on the PSXT forum I've been able to use it again. However at RJTT (Tokyo) I get so many planes that PSXT can't inject that after about 3min. It stops with error 81. I use AIG liveries and have downloaded them all. At KORD and CYYZ (2 very busy airports it works like a charm).

    When you get a moment can you please try RJTT and see how it works for you? Thanks in advance.



  6. This looks like an interesting Mesh. It would be nice to see some comparison shots to default scenery. Mark
  7. I'd also add to this that, although it does seem to stop MSFS from immediately crashing it doesn't solve the isuue of loading of FAIB planes (A320, 737, etc). I tried running PSXT and it generates lots of errors stating that your sim can't display certain planes (all are FAIB types). Fingers crossed that Asobo can post a hot fix for this before the official release at the end of August. Mark
  8. I just gave this a try and although it does stop the sim from crashing it still doesn't seem to inject the FAIB models 😞 I tried using PSXT and it was giving constant warnings about being unable to inject them into the sim and after a few minutes gave up and stopped working. Mark
  9. It's unfortunate that there isn't some sort of utility/app that could convert these old model types up to MSFS spec. Mark
  10. Thank you so much Aamir for the update. This bird just keeps getting better and better! Mark
  11. I'll give this a try, thanks. Mark
  12. On a side note I wonder why Airbus decided to set the default altitude so low (100ft) as opposed to say, 1000ft? If a pilot should happen to forget to set it and not catch it initially100ft is dangerously low. And past accidents have shown us that sometimes pilots can make some pretty basic mistakes, like forgetting to set the flaps for takeoff, or not turning on anti-ice when taking off in a snow storm. Perhaps Airbus should have it trip a takeoff config. warning if it's left at it's default setting. Mark
  13. Thanks for sharing that. I've also had a hard time not getting it bounce or land outside the touchdown zone, but I usually don't go to idle throttle until I hear the call for it. Mark
  14. Once in a blue moon I'll encounter this. A reboot of the computer solves it for me. Mark
  15. You can set the number of planes on the ground as high as you like, and yes, as with any atc program the more planes it injects and has to control the more taxing on your system it will be. Mark
  16. I've noticed a few nice updates to the program over the last 10 days or so. The program now injects more AI traffic. I tried at KBOS and went to a tower view and saw about 15 planes at the gates after a few minutes FSHud also gets weather through an online source which should help with runway assignments. The program still has a ways to go but it's definitely moving in the right direction. Mark
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